What's been happening energetically for the last few weeks? Have you been experiencing some upheavals and emotional jolts? Yup, if 2020 hasn't been crazy enough let's throw some transformational light codes and eclipses in the mix.
In this episode you will also get my first hand account into my personal experience with Covid-19 and what has changed for me after having this virus. You may be surprised at what I reveal.

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In this episode, I'm going to tell you a little bit about 2020, 2021, and my personal experience, having the COVID virus. Of course, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know 2020 has been a wild ride, so crazy that people are all over the place with fear, with anger, with uncertainty. And it's understandable. There's a lot going on this year has been the most tumultuous that we've seen and a very long time. And it is because of the frequency that is hitting the earth. Look, there are some really wild, crazy light coats hitting the earth for the Ascension. This isn't a sit back and wait to see what happens. It's get up and do something about who you are, your life, your emotional, mental, physical selves. Now 2020 has really brought up a lot of our shadow aspects and especially within the last like month or so with all the eclipses that's happened through November and December.


This eclipse energy has really rocked a lot of people off center. And I'm not just talking about regular humans like the mundane per people. I'm talking about spiritual people, especially because we're the ones who are really sensitive to the shift in energy. These eclipses are bringing up our shadow and bringing up some lower chakras stuff. It's all about survival and, um, old torn up energy within our gut, within our solar plexus, within our root chakra. And also it's bringing up some heart issues and it's really pushing out. It's bringing up and pushing out this energy. I've been doing this a long time and I've never felt such a powerful energy before. And it is because part of 2020 is about pushing out the old energies. The lower frequencies 2021 is also going to like that. Let's not freak out because this is about the energy of change and change does not mean it's all going to be lollipops and rainbows change means that you are going inside, looking at yourself honestly, and not keep on focusing on your future or focusing on your past.


What's happening right now. Where are you right now? And that is what 2020 was really supposed to bring us to was awareness of the now the perpetual understanding of the present moment. Now there is a full moon lunar eclipse happening on Monday the 14th. And you'll probably get this episode after that, but I want you to understand this eclipse, a new moon. It's not just fun and games. It is a powerful source of transformation and transmutation. There's a lot happening, energetically around transformation. That's happening to our planetary system and to us puny little humans, trying to figure it all out. I know that this, um, eclipse season through November and December has rocked a lot of people off their center and that's okay. But if you have emotions that are coming up or you're feeling a little unhappy or unsure, sure about things, this energy's coming up for you to do some deep, deep, inner section deep shadow work to look at something that is been hidden inside of you.


It is a time of major change. We can't sit back and wait for things to happen to us anymore. You can't wait for the radical shift within it's your opportunity for major change. So as we draw near to the end of 2020 people like woo 2020s almost over, but that means there is a new beginning happening, and that is 2021. And the winter solstice is a big part of the shift of energy. That's moving into 2021. One thing you want to know about what's going to be happening with the 2021 energy is that there's more energy shifts and the light codes are good. Going to be more conducive to bringing you into a unity consciousness. Now, this doesn't mean that we're going to flip the switch and we're all going to be unity consciousness. Everybody's going to be loving light. It's more of a gradual experience.


2020 is an energy moving from the lower shockers into the, but this is a slow gradual process from 2020 until about 2030 will be the shift of that consciousness of those light codes. And that time period is just the beginning. We're just hitting the precipice of the Ascension process, which is why it's so difficult for not just Lightworkers, but all of us it's because we are in a state of perpetual shift and change. And the little bit of respites that we get here and there take them. If you have a few minutes to chill, take it. If you have a few minutes to go for a walk, do it. If you have some time to spend with loved ones, go for it. It doesn't mean that every second of every day, you're going to have all this tumultuous feelings and energy and everything else. The key is to meditate more on your heart energy, to open up your heart a lot more.


And remember, I do have a meditation called the divine love of meditation. You definitely want to download that. I'll put that in the show notes, but it's all because we're moving from those lower fearful energies into our heart. And the heart is the place of balance because the heart is the go-between of your lower as your higher chakras. Your heart is the opening, but only way for you to stay in your heart energy is to be more present in the moment. But if you're thinking about your future or always focusing on your past, you're not able to be in the present. And I know I've heard this so many times and I get it, but what I want you to think about through the 2021 craziness is to meditate, to bring your awareness to yourself, your inner process, and recognize how your inner process is a reflection of your world, of everything that you create around you.


Because every moment you're creating your next moment, and that creation happens through the emotional, mental, physical selves, those energies. And if you're focused on your lower chakras, it's going to become more difficult because you're going to be in fear and anger and hurt and pain. And all of that is understandable because we're human and you're going to have feelings. That's normal, don't think, Oh, I have to always be loving light. And I can't have any lower feelings you want to be present with how you feel, because to deny that is a spiritual bypass. And when you spiritual bypass, you you're disconnecting from your humanness and you're disconnecting to your experience here. And it's not about only focusing on love and light. Although, of course, I mean, always focus on love, always focus on positivity, but also be really present with anything else that's going on.


So 2021 is an opening. There's this opening of energy. The veil is slowly dissipating and we are more inter related interconnected and we're becoming multidimensional beings. And this doesn't mean it's going to happen overnight. It is a process, but the process happens within to reflect without remember everything that you experience within reflects in the world, around you. The matrix shows up in that reflection. So be open to that reflection because that will show you who you are and what's going on within. So my personal life has had some really weird energies and weird upheavals in the last few weeks, right around Thanksgiving was the eclipse. And right after Thanksgiving, I felt it, it was powerful. And then I got sick and I don't mean a little sick. I got COVID-19 now. I thought there's no way I'd get COVID-19. First of all, I work from home.


I don't see many people when I am out and about. I do all the things that they tell you to do with a mask. Believe in mass, don't believe a mass. It's not about that. This is about a journey that I experienced because I actually know that virus so much more intimately than I ever had before. As much as I try to look at the collective consciousness of that virus, of the COVID-19 virus, I did not understand it at all. Boy was I ignorant about it? Now, let me tell you a few things. Of course, I thought never would I get it? I'm not around a lot of people. I'm pretty safe, but I let somebody live with me and she contracted the virus. Now, then she gave it to me. There's two things about this. I never thought the virus was in an energetic match with me.


To be honest, I kind of felt a little, not above the virus, but disconnected from the energy of that virus. I was allowing someone to live in my house. I was helping this person out when she started to get sick. I said, you should get tested for COVID. She said, Oh no, it's all energetic. And when I looked, I was like, yeah, I don't think so. And then got sick. And I don't mean a little sick. I got very sick. Of course I tested for COVID 19. And she now is aware that she had it too, because she gave it to me. I have to say, I'm very grateful because my guides told me not to do anything over the weekend. After Thanksgiving, I was going to go to a meditation. I heard, Nope, don't go to that meditation. And then I was going to go to a different meditation.


They said, Nope, don't go to that meditation. And I know now that I did not want to infect anyone else. And I'm so grateful for my guidance to keep me away from people. I would never want anybody to experience COVID-19 and in the spiritual community, there's this weird thing of, Oh, I'm a sovereign being. So there's no way I'd ever get COVID. But what I've realized is that there is something interesting with the energy of this virus. When I would tap in energetically, before I got the virus, I would see all this fear and this weird entanglement, but I also saw this energy system of Ascension. And I thought, of course, the virus is part of the Ascension process because it's changing our DNA. And I assumed it meant as a energy was changing our DNA and the virus itself is also changing our DNA, not good or bad, right?


There's nothing in this world that's good or bad. It's only our perception that we have about something that makes it good quote or bad. That's the duality of our world. And since I've had that virus and it's been in my body, I've asked myself, what is it shifting within me? What is it bringing up? And I keep on feeling that it was burning away. Some old viruses. I believe that it actually shifted some of my Epstein BARR that has been dormant and flares up every once in a while through stress or emotional turmoil in my life. Something shifted within that Epstein BARR virus. It's really interesting. I don't feel that virus in my body anymore. The other part of this is something shifted and are genetically within me. And I'm not talking about just a raising consciousness. I'm talking about physically, mentally, emotionally, something has energetically clicked in my body.


Now let me tell you I was pretty sick and I consider myself fairly healthy. I eat pretty well. I exercise. I get vitamin D I take good supplements. I'm I'm positive. I meditate every day. I'm pretty highly vibrationally and energetically at a pretty healthy level. So I thought, even if I get hit with this virus, it wouldn't hit me very hard. Well, it did. And what I recognized is that it was burning away. Some old consciousness belief systems and the what it changed within me. I'm still discovering. I have never experienced the depth of meditation that I've had over the last week. It has been profoundly deep and so connected. Multidimensionally now I don't believe you have to have the virus in order to experience this shift of consciousness. I actually don't think anyone needs it, but I know for myself, when this came in, this was about a few things.


It was about my judgment of viruses, about disease, about physical ailments. I had some weird judgements around that. Meaning I felt kind of like, Oh, people who aren't energetically in a certain way, they attract that virus. And that is true because all viruses and all bacteria is a consciousness. It has a consciousness, a very clear consciousness. COVID-19 has a few conscious energies connected to it. The first one is all the fear and anger around COVID-19 and that is an external consciousness. That's the collective consciousness of all the people who put energy into not liking the virus, being afraid of the virus, being energetically, repelled by the virus, or thinking that they're above the virus. And then that's the collective consciousness. And then there's the consciousness of the virus itself. Now, whether you believe this is man-made or human made or whatever made whom, you know, because it doesn't matter if a human made it or energetically came into being really, it's not about that because there's always some truth to everything.


We think there's these ultimate truth. There is no such thing as ultimate truth, especially in the world of duality, because there can't be absolute truth in this experience, there just can't, it's always just our, the energy you put into it is your truth. That doesn't mean it's the truth. It's just a perception. And that's also a spiritual ego belief system that we have, Oh, this is the ultimate truth, because this is the truth, because that's what I believe, but that's not true. And that is the same thing with the COVID-19 virus. There is no ultimate truth around this virus. There is a shift of consciousness that is happening and it's happening regardless of who we are as humans, it's happening to our collective consciousness. It's happening energetically through the multi dimensions. This is the Ascension babes. This is what's happening. We are not ideally experiencing this.


We are participating in it. The COVID-19 is our way to participate in this energetic consciousness shift of the Ascension. And part of this is the light codes that are coming in and it shifting the energetic, Kundalini energy, it's shifting our cellular structure. And I thought so much of this energetic shift that would be happening would be more emotional and mental. And then the physical would kind of follow suit. And this is the craziest part. That's not what's happening. And that is my BS truth because that was not the truth. I thought, Oh, if everybody works emotionally and mentally we'll shift the light body, but it also has to be a physical experience. Now that doesn't mean you're going to get sick or you're going to get cancer, or you're going to get COVID or you're going to get any sort of diseases or anything like that.


You don't need those things to shift. I'm just saying there is a physical shift too. And even if you are completely vegan and you are at a higher caliber than everyone else in the world, you are still going to experience some physical shifts. That is just part of our experience. Here. We are mental, emotional, physical, spiritual beings, and it is the integration that's what's happening. So personally my body needed some energetic chefs, and that is how I chose. Of course not consciously believe me, not consciously. Um, but that's how my experience and my consciousness chose to make some inner shifts physically. I feel so different energetically. It's like my whole body recalibrated itself and the energy, the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual energy of me is different than it was three weeks ago. It feels like a whole new body. And my body is still actually recuperating.


And of course I'm taking vitamin C zinc, but mostly vitamin B 12 shots that has really helped me within the last couple of days, taking those shots because I asked my body, what do you really need? And they were, it was screaming, B12. We need some B12, but energetically, I feel that my body has shifted. And the virus, the collective consciousness of that virus in my body is slowly dissipating out and it is recalibrating itself. So there's this new click of energy. I don't know how to explain it. It's almost like click, click, click, click. It's perfectly aligning within my mental, emotional, physical bodies, my DNA itself. It's like, I'm becoming a whole new energy system. Now. I'm not saying that I've ascended. Believe me. I still have my issues, but something has shifted. And it's hard for me to explain what it means to me, energetically.


And I think it's still unfolding. But what I've recognized is that energetically, I don't feel so bogged down by the physicality of this world. I'm seeing beyond the veil into this multi layered multi-dimensional experience, which I've had before. But now I feel like my body is shifted into a light frequency. That is so different than it was a few weeks ago. Now, again, I want you to understand that my body chose to experience it through this virus. Now I know it is hurting a lot of people. It is killing a lot of people. I was very blessed that I did not have to go to the hospital, but what I did experience was a huge dark night of the soul within those few weeks, because I am isolated right now. I don't have any friends or family that live near me. I'm alone. When I needed groceries, there was nobody to come and bring me groceries.


I was rationing my poor dogs food. Luckily I had a bunch of goats milk for him, but let me tell you, he dragged more goat's milk because I was rushing his food because I couldn't go out to get him more food. And I also was rationing my own food, because again, I didn't have anyone to help me, but let me tell you, Milo is fine. He did not start if he's still a little pudgy. So he's great. Um, nobody starved through this process, but what I recognized is that I was alone and yes, family was calling me and checking up on me, but I felt so disconnected from other humans. And it was really weird. I was not well still trying to work as much as I could working with clients, but I was isolated and alone. And it really forced me to go inside more and to burn away some more old energies around love around needing to be accepted, loved part of a community, part of a group. It really helped me understand my own feeling of disconnection and my own feeling of isolation because here I am, I just moved across the country, away from everything and everyone I know, and it was scary. There were points during this experience that I thought, am I going


To survive this?


Or is this it for me? And I surrendered into it because I thought whatever happens happens. But what I didn't know at the time when I was really, really sick was that something inside of me was changing. And then I check in on my body and it would say, we're great. We're doing well. This is good. We're really accepting this. And I would surrender into it and I slept a lot. So that helped my body calibrate. But also I tried to meditate as much as possible to really go inside and say, I love you. I am grateful for this experience. I'm grateful for this opportunity of shift and change. I'm not saying every moment I felt that way because there were times that it was difficult physically. Um, it was definitely difficult emotionally and mentally as well. And I feel obligated to my clients, to my students.


And that was also really difficult because I don't like to cancel anything, any classes, nothing. I don't want to hurt anyone. I want to make sure I'm being of service. And I had to cancel some things, but I just thought, okay, it's all good. It's all perfect. Because everything that's happening is happening for a reason. Personally, I feel blessed. I feel grateful, but I also recognize the difficulty that so many other people have experienced through this virus and all the difficult financial, mental, emotional stress it's putting on everyone. There's not too many people who are having experienced something through friends, family loved ones. And it's a physical, mental, emotional shift of consciousness. That doesn't mean that that's going to be all great. You know, I always say lollipops and rainbows and unicorns. No, this is a major shift of energy and of consciousness. And it's going to push our boundaries.


It's forcing us to be aware of our own consciousness. What are we putting out there? What energy are we as Lightworkers shifting and changing? What are we doing? And I recognize that I did attract this virus and I take full ownership of that. And I'm not disappointed or upset about it at all. I am so grateful that I did not expose one person. No one was exposed. The only being that was exposed was my little puppy and he is fine. So we are good. This is all part of the Ascension process. We are changing. We are shifting, we are vibrating at different frequencies. We're moving into a whole new consciousness and there's nothing that we should be resisting about it, including illnesses, difficulties, emotional stuff, coming up, shadow issues. None of it. We are at this precipice of this great awakening and it is not always easy, but it is worth it.


And the vibrational frequencies and the lay codes that are shifting our energies are part of this as a collective and as individuals, I've recognized that I have jumped many timelines in the last two weeks, and this is for my own personal evolutionary experience. And of course, if I'm shifting, we're all shifting, right? Because we're all in this together. And we're a collective consciousness. It's not like it's only happening to one person. If it happens to one, it happens to all of us because especially Lightworkers and star seeds, we are at a vibrational frequency of collective consciousness, energy, especially through this Ascension process, through our own vibrational leadership. The timeline that I've moved into is very palpable for me because I can feel this integration of the mental, emotional, physical bodies in a way that I've never experienced before and an energetic shift in a way that is really hard to explain. And hopefully I can unpack it and unpack it a little bit more and share a little bit more about that. This is just my personal Ascension experience, but I also know that we're all in this together. I send you so much love and grace and have a beautiful, blessed day.