In the Real Law of Attraction episode you will learn that manifestation and creation is important for your spiritual growth and how to use the law of expansion to support your manifestations. I share the things you do in your manifestations that make them backfire and how to shift the energy so you can create the things you do want. I also share the two ways the Law of Attraction work and which one is better for manifesting.

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In this episode, I'm going to talk about the real law of attraction and the purpose of the law of attraction. Let's start with healing. People don't assume that healing has anything to do with manifesting or creating anything in your life. But at 100% does because when you are in a state of fear, you're not going to be able to manifest love. You're going to manifest fear. Now, I'm sure you've heard this many times. You only manifest what you are a match to and what you harmonize with, what you connect with. And that is because you're creating from within. That means that the energy, the thoughts, the feelings, the focus that you have subconsciously is what's creating your life. It has nothing to do with the conscious mind. The conscious mind only rules 5%. I'll repeat 5% of your waking life. That means most of your focus comes from your sub conscious mind.


Your subconscious mind is the program. And when you are programmed to fear or feel lack, that's what you're going to experience in your life. And let's be honest. Your subconscious is filled is to the rim with old issues. All the programs that you received from your family at a young age is all integrated in your subconscious, which is why we react before a thought can actually come in. We're reacting to our thoughts because we're in fear or you become angry about something. And that is why a lot of times the law of attraction doesn't work for you because you're trying to use the 5% of your mind to create what you desire. And that's not going to work because you do have to work on your issues. If you came from a family who has a lot of lack, mentality was afraid that people would take things from them, or maybe they lived in a lot of lack and struggle in their life.


That will all go into your subconscious programming. And if you're trying to create abundance, you're going to sit in this place of wanting it chasing after it, but not able to receive it because in order to receive it, the subconscious has to be in alignment or harmonize with the energy of abundance. But your subconscious programming is sitting in the place of lack and fear. The other part of this, you have to understand that you are the creator. You create your experience and it's different than creating your life, your creating your perception of the world, around you, of how things work of the abundance or lack of abundance that you receive. That is 100% your perception. And when I've worked with clients in the past, they'll say, well, I haven't manifested anything this week. And then I've said to them, well, you have manifested some things.


Did you manifest any connections or phone calls with friends or family? Maybe you manifested your project. That was going a little wonky into a smoother ride and into a flow. You're always manifesting and creating literally every moment of your life. Every moment is creating your next moment. So you are creating your experience and your experience comes from your subconscious programming. Can't come from anywhere else. You can't have an experience of something. If your subconscious program says, everyone hates me, you're going to have trouble experiencing love. And if you don't work on those subconscious programmings, you're going to have this internal fight, this internal push, pull energy, this internal resistance. Because if I say, okay, I want to manifest a new place to live, but inside, I'm always afraid that I might have roommates that I don't like, or I have an experience with a neighbor that's difficult, or I don't want to live here.


I don't want to live there. So what am I actually saying to the universe? I don't want, I don't really want to find a place to live because I'm afraid of all of these negative things from happening, but then somebody will say to me, Oh, no, I don't think that way. Yes. Maybe the 5% of your mind does not think that way, but I'm telling you right now, the other 95% has something in there. That's wonky. That is not in harmonious frequency with what you're trying to create. So here you are trying to create a home, a place to live, but your subconscious is creating a resistance to it, or you'll find the place to live. And it will be really negative. And you'll hate it because that's what you are attracting. You were attracting neighbors who would steal your mail. And this is because it's your subconscious programming.


I've seen so many spiritual people or law of attraction. People work in the dualistic energy to create, and they're not working on their issues. And that's considered spiritual, bypassing, spiritual bypassing is I'm going to be all happy and all positive. And I'm not going to worry about anything that's bad. And I'm only going to focus on what I want now. Yes, you should focus on what you want, but you don't want to bypass your old programming, your old issues, your old anger, fear, lower vibrational feelings, because that's just another form of resistance. Basically what's happening is you're fighting yourself. So let's take the example of finding a new place to live. Your subconscious programming has all these negative things attached to a place to live. And your 5% of your mind and your ego has another idea and they contradict each other. And that means that there is a resistance.


So what you're think you want is being resisted by your subconscious programming. So this fight energy, it's fighting each other. And you know, when you are resisting on both ends, nothing moves and that's what happens. And then you do manifest something. And it's not what you really would like to have in your life. If you're trying to manifest something, you really want to go inside and ask yourself, what would I be resisting? So you want to close your eyes and go inside and ask yourself if I had this, what feels off or resistant to it. And that might help you understand your own subconscious programming. And this is because you can't manifest or create. If you're not in alignment on all levels, with what you're trying to attract, it just won't happen that way. And what you really want in your life is love connection and healing.


And this is because we came here to experience this world, this duality, that's the purpose that we're here just to experience, and to have that understanding of this dualistic, this very extreme energy and your soul of course is part of this. And it wants you to transcend those lower negative patterns, especially during the Ascension process. So we're here to create on a whole new level, but you have to deal with your own issues that are working under the radar that you're not fully aware of, because you do want healing. You do want to expand your consciousness. And I've seen this so many times when you heal those subconscious programmings, those karmic patterns, your personal law of attraction changes. It transforms that can't help, but transform because the law attraction is really part of the law of expansion. And the law of expansion is that the universe is constantly expanding and we are part of the universe.


So we are also expanding and you want to expand your consciousness. You expand your consciousness through letting go of old karmic patterns, karmic issues, and you expand your ability to create because you no longer sit in those lower vibrations are lower subconscious energies, but of course you can't have that expansive creative energy. If you haven't healed your inner wounds. So think about this, your energy emanates, right? So your own physical energy call it, shakras call it ORIC field, whatever you want to call it. But you have an energy field around you and that energy field vibrates at a certain frequency. And it vibrates the thoughts and feelings that you have inside. Not the 5%. It's usually the 95%. So it's your energy. That's attracting the things in your life, your experiences. And that's what I want you to understand. You're not just attracting the things in your life.


You're attracting all the experiences and interactions as well. And even though you think you want this thing or that thing, your energy isn't attracting that it's not in a vibrational match. And that's because it's ruled so much from your subconscious programming and from your lower emotions attached to that programming. But as we said before, you're always creating your experiences. There can never be a moment that you're not, but what happens is when you embody what you want to create in your life, that means you live it. That means you are being that energy. You embody the energy of what you want, and you don't have to think about it because you're already vibrating at that level. But most of us vibrated a lower frequency of lack or fear. And when you want to create or manifest, you have to embody the energy. That means you want to think, feel, and be the energy of what you want to create.


Let's go back to the law of expansion, meaning you're expanding your energy, expand your, your consciousness. So the universe has so many possibilities and potentials available to you. And what happens is these possibilities and potentials are open, but only if you are a vibrational match, which is why you want to work on your issues and your subconscious programming. So you are a vibrational match, but most of us create haphazardly through the egos, thoughts, ideas, feelings, desires, and the subconscious programs that is connected to the ego's wants. We're creating in this very haphazard way. Meaning there is no alignment with what we create. So if we're creating all of our experiences, we're creating from the subconscious programming, it's very haphazard because our energy scattered all over the place. When you are more in alignment and your thoughts and feelings are at a higher vibration, then there's more opportunities for your creations to happen or for you to experience your own new creations.


And what happens when you make that internal shift, you raise your frequency, you raise your emotional and mental consciousness to a higher level. Then you are in alignment with what you want to create, and you're making this inner and outer change or shift. And you're more likely to attract what is in alignment with your higher consciousness. And the problem is that most of us manifest from the ego's desires, but that's just a way for the ego to feel better about itself. It wants something to make that ego feel better, and it looks outside of itself. Oh, if I have this, or if I have a partner, if I have love, if I have a better job, if I make more money, then everything will be okay. But what it's really saying is I'm broken. I'm sad, helped me. That's really what the ego is trying to relate to you.


And that's why it's so easy to spiritually bypass because looking deeply at your own issues and triggers can be really annoying and difficult and frustrating when you make those internal changes, your manifestations and creations automatically change. Because now it's in a different alignment. It's coming more from your higher consciousness than from your ego consciousness. When you hold higher vibrations and you raise your frequency, you're holding a different energy. And you're creating things from a higher perspective than from the dualistic energy and vibration of the ego. Now, remember you're not manifesting a person place or thing. You only can manifest energy that shows up as a person place or thing or experience. So you're really only manifesting energy because that's the only thing that is real. Everything else is just a projection of our belief systems of our inner thoughts and feelings. So really you're only manifesting energy and it's who you are being, what you are embodying within.


That creates your experiences and your life around you. So who are you being in your life? How do you react? And what energy are you embodying? That is what is creating your experiences. That's, what's manifesting in your life. Your projections are your creations. Everything you see and experience is your creation, which is really empowering when you stop being the victim and you say, wow, I'm empowered enough that I can create something. I created this crappy thing for me. What else can I create? That might be a little bit more in alignment with my higher consciousness. The crappy thing was in alignment with your subconscious programming or your egoic energy. Now you can start looking at those things within those shadow parts of you and taking a different perspective, start to create from your higher consciousness. Most people assume they're embodying a certain energy, but this really comes from the ego saying, yes, see, you've got this down.


You're smart, or you're not so smart, but because we come from these subconscious programming, you experienced more resistance. And why would you resist some good things in your life? Because the ego has a whole different way to experience this world. The experiences am I safe? That's all the ego wants to know. Am I safe? There's this internal resistance or struggle. And I look at this way, the universe is always in flow. There's always a consistent and constant flow in the universe. Either you're in the flow or you're resisting it, there's really no other way. And that resistance blocks what you think you want in your life. And that's why it's so important to embody the energy and become the frequency that you are trying to attract in your life. And of course, I don't mean become a dog because you want attract a dog in your life.


Embodying the energy means that I am vibrating at the frequency that is in direct alignment with the potential or possibility of what is in the energetic match for me. So when you are in resistance, you're literally chasing your tail in circles and looking outside of yourself. Most of us want happiness. We want to be happy. We want to feel fulfilled. We want to feel purposeful. Happiness and purpose are probably the biggest things that most people desire, but looking outside of ourselves, if I have that thing or this thing, it will make me happy. I'll feel more on purpose. If I know what my purpose is, then I'll feel more purposeful. But you have to embody the energy of alignment of your purpose before your purpose will show up for you. You have to embody the energy, become the frequency you desire. So if you're looking outside of yourself for your happiness, you're going to miss the boat.


When you embody happiness and gratitude and abundance, that's what shows up in your life. But so many of us are chasing this desire and running around in circle because the law of attraction is showing you your lack. If you're not receiving what you're asking for, that's a great way for you to go inside and look at what the subconscious programming is. That's creating that lack energy. You think you have these desires. And remember I said, it's not about the person place or thing that you think you want, or what you are chasing in your life. Your higher consciousness, desires, love, and connection, but the ego projects, all of its issues into the world. And it's creating that instead of what your higher consciousness is in alignment with all you really desire and everything you really want is already available within you. If I feel the essence of what I want, then it's drawn to me.


I embody it. And in quantum mechanics, there are infinite probabilities and all these probabilities are in the flow. There is no resistance to the possibilities and probabilities and manifestation happens only in the flow of the universe. And you're either allowing the flow or resisting it. If you emanate or embody the energy of lack, that's, what's going to be attracted to you is lack. I'm using lack as an example, because lack is usually the energy that is resisting, what you want to create from your higher consciousness. I lack freedom. I lack love. I lack a good job. I lack abundance. I lack a relationship, a friendship. All this energy of lack is it's not enough. Either is not enough for me. I don't receive because I lack in my life. When you can transcend your energies and subconscious programmings of lack, you will see a whole new energy frequency of abundance and creation in your life because lack energy comes from fear.


And the higher frequency of fear is love. If your heart is closed and you live in fear, you're in lack energy. And that's why gratitude and love is so important. So basically there are two ways to look at the law of attraction from the human perspective, which is all about duality and separation. I don't have this or that. That is from the human perspective. And that's always this up and down, right? Wrong love, hate duality of extreme energies. The second way is from your true or sole perspective. And that comes from a place of non-duality without separation, because we're all one energy system. We come from one source. And because we come from one source, we're all one together. And from this perspective, you can never be separate from what you want to create in your life. You aren't separate from a compatible partner, from a great job or a healthy relationship.


You are in alignment with that, and you are one with that. And since everything is energy and energy can transformed and shifted, then it sits in the energy of potential. What is possible in your life. And when you sit with an open heart in love and gratitude, a whole new possibility shows up for you because you're sitting in the energy of alignment with your higher consciousness, and you are no longer aligned with the lower frequencies or shadow issues that you have. In other words, you're embodying the energy. And that is what is attracted to you. I'd like to give you an example of creating from a lack of energy or creating from your higher consciousness and how that works. What I'm going to use is the energy of trying to attract a soulmate or a partner or a romantic relationship, because I've had so many clients and friends who have done this.


I know a lot about that. And for this example, I'm going to use a heterosexual woman. She wants the man of her dreams and she desires this so strongly. She wants to have children and a family. And it's her main focus. She thinks about it. And she works on it all the time. And she says, Oh, I'm working on my issues around it. But what you recognize is that our subconscious programming is all about abuse and hatred toward men. Now, if you asked her, do you hate men? She would say, Oh, absolutely not. I love men. Love him, love him. But really she still holding onto old abuse from her father. And she never really worked on the trauma, still stuck in our cellular memory or the emotions that are attached to any trouble. Mom was from her father. So all that abuse G is all wrapped up in a masculine relationship.


And until you clear some of that, you're not going to attract the same energy. The other part of this is she thinks she's attracting the man of her dreams, but what she's really attracting is someone to, to help her deal with her shadow issues or her subconscious process. And that is more in alignment with what her soul wants her to do because our soul wants to expand and grow in consciousness. And the best way to do that is to have a relationship that projects that back to us. So the last 10 years, all she has done is desired this romantic relationship, dated some men who have abused her or not treated her well. And she is unwilling to look at the depth of the lack that she feels in connection to a romantic relationship with a man. Now that doesn't mean that she only has daddy issues, because remember you inherit your mitochondria area from your mother and her subconscious programming, programmed by her mother and her father.


Now, she also grew up with a lot of lack in her family. So there was no never enough of anything. Never enough love, never enough companionship, never enough food or love. So subconsciously she's holding onto this lack that it will never be enough. Even if I did get something, it wouldn't be enough of it to all she's doing is trying to manifest this man, her dreams, quote unquote. And she's only excited. [inaudible] the lack of energy. And she's like, okay, I do know what I want. I want a man who does this, this and this who doesn't do this, this and this. So she has her list. She has all the things she desires in a man. But what she is missing is the alignment. She's not embodying love. She's embodying fear and lack. She's not embodying connection. She's embodying separation. And what energy she's embodying is what's trait directed to her.


What's being attractive, acted in her. Life is the energy of lack and in alignment with her family's belief systems and energy and their own karmic patterns. So she's a track getting a relationship with someone who'd be abusive, just like her mother. And now this woman has gone through some healing and she's had a lot of Reiki and she says, okay, now I've got it. Now I'm going to manifest the person that I desire. She's energetically chasing it. She thinks about it all the time. She talks about it all the time and it's an energetic desire and need. And it's so strong that she doesn't even know what to do with herself because it's so powerful within her. But this desire comes from her energy of lack. The reason she wants this soulmate man in her life is because inside she's lacking love inside. She lacks companionship inside.


She lacks a fullness or a wholeness, and she's looking for that wholeness and love outside of herself. She thinks she'll find it in this man, but the man or the car or the job or the money isn't going to make you fulfilled ask anyone who can buy anything in their life. Does having 10 cars completely fill you and make you feel whole. And if they're introspective, they will say, no, I feel whole already. And having the extra fun is just a different experience, but I'm whole inside. I feel love inside. I've heard this many, many times, okay. I'm just going to love myself. So I'm going to love myself in order to attract the man I desire, but what's wrong with that. She still looking for a man. Now, I'm not saying, don't look for a man. Don't look for a job. What I'm saying is she still grasping and desiring it and that desire and need and chasing this energy comes from the ego's energy of lack.


It does not come from a wholeness from love. She spent the last 10 years chasing this belief, this feeling that she wanted, that she thought she could only get from her soulmate. And what she's missing is what's going on within her. What energy is she embodying? Remember you only embody the energy that's already there. The frequency that's already inside of you. You don't embody love. If you feel unlovable, you can't embody abundance. If you feel lack. So here she is chasing after this idealistic possibility and not really looking at what is she missing inside because she's looking outside of herself for something that's missing within her. And what I mean is, if you are looking outside of yourself from love, then you are missing love within. If you're looking for abundance outside of yourself, then you're missing that abundance energy within because it's the embodiment of that energy.


It's the frequency that you're holding that emanates out to the universe and the universe brings that possibility and potential to you. And that's what shows up for you. It's already in alignment with you and the frequency that you're holding. And that's how you're going to attract what you desire in your life. The law of attraction is in alignment with the desire for you to raise your frequency. Because if you are raising your vibration and you're living from a place of higher consciousness and higher frequency feelings and energy, then you are more likely to attract higher vibrational things and experiences in your life. Because if you feel the essence of what you desire in your life, and you have that higher state of consciousness of peace, of love, of connection, those higher States of consciousness will be the energy that you emanate outward. And that energy is then attracted to you.


And the potential is limitless. So we live in a limitless frequency, and I know you think it's limited. You know, you hit the end of the road and that's the end of the road, but really our universe. And they've proven this, our universe is consistently expanding and expanding and expanding. And that is us. We are also expanding, but what's expanding. Hopefully not our bodies. What's expanding is our consciousness, our ability to see beyond the limitations of this reality. And when we expand our consciousness and raise our vibration, see beyond the limitations, then we're open to infinite possibilities and infinite potentials. And when you're open to the infinite possibility and potential, all sorts of interesting things will show up for you. Things that you never even thought you wanted, or you even thought about. I always ask the universe, show me what's best for me, show me what to do next.


And I also tell the universe, I'm open to opportunities, bring them on. I'm open to opportunities. I'd love to see what those are. And that energy is to me is more of an expansive energy. Then I want this, I want that. I want this. I'm vibrating at the frequency of expansion and of love and of possibilities. And when I vibrate at that energy, all sorts of opportunities and possibilities come my way because I'm holding an expansive energy. When you manifest in the human way, remember we said there are two ways to manifest. And one is from the human perspective, which is duality. And one is from the soul perspective of expansion. So when you sit and then expansive energy, your manifestations are open and available, and there are more possibilities that can come your way. When we manifest from the human perspective, there's so many limitations and resistance, energy attached to that, but the expansive energy comes from your higher consciousness.


Your higher consciousness understands expansion. Your ego consciousness understands fear, lack and lack of safety. And that is why you want to manifest from a more expansive perspective, expansive experience, and not from the energy of lack, which is very limiting and in a box of duality. The easiest thing for you to do is to look at some of your belief systems around lack, and that will help with abundance. And I find that if we work on lack first, then the energy of expansion is more available to us. Now over the next few days, take a look and observe your lack feelings, your lack, thoughts, where do they come from? Do they come from your family? Do they come from your experiences? And maybe that will help you understand the difference between that very limited energy of ego and the expansive energy of higher consciousness, and start to create more from your higher consciousness then from your lower egoic self. I just love talking about the energy of creation and how we create. So if you love this podcast, I would be so grateful for you to leave a review and to subscribe, have a beautiful, amazing abundant day, much love.