People assume a purpose means that they are doing something really important in their life, whether it is a purpose of a job or spiritual community, or doing readings or healings. they assume a purpose means that they are  contributing to the spiritual awakening or their own desire to do spiritual things or to help others. I share lots of information on what you can do to feel more on purpose and how to discover how to “be” your purpose. I don't want you to struggle trying to figure out your purpose so you will hear some advice on what you can do to experience inspired action and align more with your purpose.

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kids or raising children or anything around family or children, she lights up and she is a mother of four.
She has a bunch of grandchildren. She loves kids. She also works in a school. Of course, her passion and
purpose is children, but she doesn't see that as a big enough purpose. And now her kids are kind of
grown and out of the house. So now what, what, what she's missing is that she is looking for something
outside of herself to feel fulfilled within nothing outside of you can make you feel purposeful in your life.
( 29:15 ):
And this person really is on her purpose because she has married. What she's good at, which is dealing
with children and connecting with children. And it's what she loves. So another way to find your purpose
is to marry what you're good at and what you love to do. For instance, I had a client a couple of weeks
ago and she was talking about how she's done this nutritional coaching and how much she enjoyed it.
And I noticed that, yeah, she seems pretty happy and excited about it. But then she started talking about
shakras and healing and she was really animated and passionate about chakras. And I asked her, why did
you get the certification in nutrition? If you really like doing energy work and Shakur work? And she said,
well, I felt it was more marketable to actually do nutrition. And I said, well, everybody needs a knish.
( 30:20 ):
Why don't you marry the nutritional side? That it sounds like you're really good at, she was a personal
trainer. She seemed really knowledgeable about the body and nutrition and take your shock, WRA love
and put them together author and make a package where you're working with neutral nutrition to
support each chakra, how they interact. And she loved the idea. So what we did in that moment was we
married what she loved, which was more of the spiritual Shakara stuff and what she knew and what she
was good at and combine the two and created unique niche just for her. Now, what you want to do is
take inventory. What do you love and what are you good at and see how that can be the combined or
integrated to create something that's more in alignment with your feeling of fulfillment, love, and joy,
because I'm going to be honest with you.
( 31:27 ):
We don't, I'm here with this divine purpose. Now a lot of spiritual seekers do feel that they're here for a
purpose, but they think it has to be just in the box of spiritual energy, but it may or may not be don't put
yourself in a box. I don't like boxes, not my, I'm not a fan of any box situation at all. I like my freedom
and I like expansive energy and possibilities. So I just let the universe show up for me. I'll say to the
universe, like you just show me, show me what's next. And I'm just open to what that might be. The
other part of discovering your purpose is you have to take inspired action. And what that means is that
you are actually doing something in alignment with what you think might be your purpose, or what sings
to you or what feels in alignment with who you are at the moment.
( 32:27 ):
If I feel inspired to do something, I start doing little things to see if it's in alignment. And once the ball
starts rolling and the energy feels palpable and it just is moving. And all of a sudden people are calling
me saying, Hey, did you know about such and such? And I'm like, Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about
that the other day. So I'm waiting for the universe to show me synchronicities energy, alignments to
have me move forward. But what I do is I do take action. I don't sit back and wait for this huge, huge
message. Like Noah build an Ark. No, it's never that overt. It's usually subtle little messages. And I always
say, where am I breadcrumbs? Where am I looking? Show me to show me and open up to allow the ​
universe to show up for me. Now this has a lot to do with my surrender energy and how I surrender to
( 33:33 ):
And that's a whole nother podcast. Um, but initially what I'm talking about is for you to just take some
sort of action. So let's say you've always loved writing. And four years ago you started this blog about
cooking and how you cook for your family of five, but it didn't really take off you or was she washy about
it? That's because you didn't take your passion and your love to create the blog. And now you're
thinking, Oh, do I have to do another blog? Oh, well the other one failed. So I really shouldn't do
anything about that. And that is the ego sabotaging you living on purpose. Now I'm going to leave you
with this every moment you are creating your next moment. What energy are you putting out toward
your purpose? Are you looking at your purpose as this grandiose thing that you have to strive and
struggle to have in your life?
( 34:38 ):
Or are you open and your hearts open and you love things in your life already. And you're open to
receiving divine inspiration. If you notice that's two different energies and one is going to bring you one
experience and the other is going to bring you a different experience. I feel like I gave you some great
insight and inspiration of what to do next to help you feel more in alignment with our higher
consciousness. So if you love this podcast, please subscribe and I'd love for you to leave a review. It
would mean so much to me and have amazing beautiful day.