I don't decide what I am going to share with you in each podcast I allow spirit to tell me what to share. Sometimes it's not what I would normally talk about but I share it any way. When you channel you want to do your best not to get caught up in what spirit is saying.  When you channel it comes through as telepathic communication. You will also see how I channel information without getting my ego involved.

My personal story of hw also give you some amazing real life examples of duality and perspectives which will help you learn more about your own shadow.

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Hi, everyone. I am so excited to talk to you today about channeling, but before I do, I want to give you a little bit of a background story. When I get up in the morning that I'm going to record this podcast, I open up my energy and spirit tells me what to talk about or what to do and I don't really question what that's going to be. I just allow that to come through. And I usually follow through on that. I don't plan my podcasts like a lot of people do because I want to follow the energy. And what spirit shows me will be important. And when spirit came to me a few weeks ago and said, “Hey, let's talk about this controversial thing that's going on in the world,” I hesitated because I am not political. I see things at a different perspective, and it's hard for me to get involved with the humanity of control, politics, needing to be right and wrong.
But of course, I followed through. And the other thing you want to understand about when I do podcasts or teaching classes or anything else really, I'm channeling a portion of the information. And then the other part is things that spirit has already shown me. So I already understand these concepts. So, I just dive in and do it and I don't think a lot about it except for that particular podcast. And I knew it would trigger some people and I knew it would make some people feel uncomfortable. Heck, I felt uncomfortable to be honest with you. But I also recognized that I could allow my ego to take over or just be in presence and just see what happened. And if my ego would be all weird about it and want to defend itself, then that's a problem of my own shadow. And if you want to know what episode I am talking about, it's episode 12 and the title is “Clarity About Protests, Our Leadership and Consciousness Into Oneness.”
Now, since my podcast is new, a lot of people don't listen to it and they don't download it. Most of the people that probably hear my podcasts are people who have known me for a long time or are current clients. And I understand that people are going to have different perspectives and understanding about what I said. And I completely honor that, and I'm not going to defend anything that I said, because part of it wasn't even from me, but I get it. I can feel the understanding around this, but one person actually said something that I'd like to share with you to help you understand things for your own self. Now, I just want to be really, really clear. I get that this person wasn't trying to be mean or hurt me, or they were just coming from their own place, which is totally understandable and cool and important for this person to do that.
But I wanted to show you different perspectives of what I said. So, this is what, @MLM0828 from the US said, “I've been a fan of Melissa's work for some time. And really like many of her spiritual perspectives. I feel that her episode about current events was still coming from a place of judgment. She labels the BLM and Me Too movements as being only about love and non-judgment in nature. These movements have caused division and separation in the US. As someone trying to find hope and spiritual guidance. during these diverse times, your message of Trump being the picture of our shadow, sexist self is further division and a time that people are looking for healing on both sides of the political spectrum. Please address ways for healing people on all sides.” That's really interesting. And I fully embrace everything this person is saying.
Now I am going to make the assumption that this person is a supporter of Trump, which is totally cool. But now I'm going to give you a different comment that somebody did. Now, the other one that I just said from MLM, that person reviewed on Apple podcasts. Now, someone also did a comment in my blog where I put my podcasts. This person said, “OMG, what a beautiful way of putting it, Melissa. I never realized how divided and egotistical I really am. See, I feel our correct president is truthful. And the presidential elect has cheated since Italy has admitted to rigging the election in Biden's favor and how unfair everyone has been to Trump. And don't judge this person, right? Because this is this person's perspective. And it's okay. I listened to LJ psychic and all her predictions have come true. And she did mention that she had a dream that answered her questions regarding Trump She. said she didn't like him in the beginning, but God told her he is here for important reasons.
And is the only one that can lead this country, and he does care for this country and people like Reagan did. And he is the only one that can bring us more to the new earth and the awakening. So I believe Trump is here for a good reason. But you said it so elegantly and made me realize that we shouldn't be judging no matter what side we are on. We should love everyone and see us as one. It really is so very, very difficult though, when no one will listen to Trump, though, he doesn't say things as well as he should, but Trump is truthful and it's hard not to see the others that don't like him and hard to love them. But I learned so much from your podcast and I appreciate you and all that you woke me up to Melissa. Thank you for waking me up and to learn how to be less divided and less ego and more as one, as you so elegantly stated.”
Now, the reason I read both of these reviews, wasn't to talk about Trump and it certainly wasn't to put one person against the other, but I wanted you to see the perspectives. Both of these people are probably coming from a very similar state of awareness for themselves, right? Their own inner truth. And it is their truth because there is no ultimate truth. Truth is 100% percent perspective. And to me there's only one real truth. And that is that everything is one and we are oneness. That's the only truth. Everything else that we feel is true for us is our own perspective comes from within both of these people are coming from the same place. Most likely I'm not stating that they are. I'm just saying that they could be. And because they're both coming from the same place, they're seeing what I said just a little bit different.
And I love that. I think it's really important to question yourself to go inside. And I did. I asked, “Was my podcast judgmental,” and yeah, it could be seen that way. I get that. I am seeing it from a different perspective. When I channeled information many years ago, when Trump was elected, I knew I get a lot of negative feedback over what I said and believe me, if it came from me directly, I wouldn't have said it. I would've just shut my mouth and not said anything because for me talking about anything, that's super controversial and very triggery for people isn't my favorite thing to do. But if spirit guides me, then I go ahead and I do it. And I recognize that my ego may get bruised from what I say, and I have to be okay with that because it's really not about my human self.
This is about how I serve others. And people may or may not understand that someone who is very religious and believes Jesus is their savior would see me as a very bad negative person. And that's okay. I understand that. And I feel compassion and love for that person just as I feel compassion and love for me and my ego self. I actually went back and re-listened to the podcast about this matter. And I did this because the statement from MLM said, “She labels the BLM and Me Too movements as being only about love and non-judgment in nature. These movements have caused division and separation in the US.” I thought about that. I was like, did I say that those things were all about love and non-judgment? And I thought, “Well, I'm going to go listen, because that's not what I thought I understood from spirit about this.”
So I wanted to go back and relisten. I actually did not say that. And spirit did not relay that information.
What I did say was that those two movements were showing us our shadow, and it was also bringing us
into an awareness that we can no longer be divided. Yes, it still caused division. And I’m not discounting
that part, but it also showed a unity that I had never seen before in my lifetime. The only other time that
I had seen that was after 9/11. And that unity to me was what the purpose of that was. Now,
Everybody’s going to see what I say in a different way, because they’re coming from their own
perspective and that’s totally cool. And I’m not defending myself. And maybe you think I am and that’s
cool. Like, you know, go for it. But it’s more that I wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean that every riot was a form of love and light.
It was a way of us understanding that division and seeing everyone in a divided perspective, was pulling away from the Ascension, not toward the Ascension. And I believe, and that's my perspective and the way spirit showed me, the BLM and Me Too movements helped us see the division. It helped us recognize that there's a huge divide and people came together who had not come together before. And I want to have full disclosure. I did not participate in any Me Too movements or BLM movements. I didn't do that in the physical form, in the physical location, because for me getting involved in the way of external energy just isn't who I am. I'm not somebody who screams in the streets. I am more the type of person who will send a lot of love to both sides, who will sit in a contemplative state and really recognize the pain and suffering of both sides of the fence.
That's who I am. And if anybody, and at least that's the way I see myself, maybe that's ego, who knows, but I don't get involved because politically, I don't feel that that is my place. For me, it's more about energy. I'm more interested in seeing the energy, connecting to the energy, loving the energy into its own place and trying to stay out of non-judgment. And I'm going to be really honest with you. I'm not saying that I never have judgment. That would be a lie because I'm still human. And I still sometimes see things in judgment, but I have always worked on this. And there are times in my life where I would judge someone. And to be honest with you, when I saw the review from MLM, I actually went inside because it hit me really hard because I'm sensitive. And I felt the person's discontent and kind of anger toward me.
And it hurt me because I do feel. I'm a Clairsentient. I'm an empath. So, I feel things really deeply. And when I went inside, I asked, “What is this really about? Because I feel this person, and my ego feels bruised. But in reality, from a higher perspective, what's really going on here? What is this showing for me? What part of me do I need to heal? Because if it triggered me, then it's my shit. It 100% has nothing to do with this person.” And then I thought, “Oh, I should do a podcast on it. And I said, Oh, no, no, no, I am not here for rebuttal. I am not here to debate. That's just not how I work.” Now. I know this is a one-sided conversation. And I completely understand that. I can just share my perspective and you don't have any say in the matter.
And I completely understand that. So, I said, “Hell no, am I going to do that! Ego, shush be quiet.” And then I received the other feedback. And I thought, that's so interesting, these different perspectives. “Show me what that means,” because I wanted to understand this on a bigger scale, in a bigger way through the Ascension. And I'm trying to evolve just like you all. I'm trying to evolve as well. Now I want you to understand, I did not do that podcast for any decisive reasons. Yes, it did sound like I was talking about Trump in a negative way, but he is our shadow. And if you don't see that, that's okay. He is our shadow. Just like, I'm your shadow and you are my shadow. We are all in this together. We are all mirroring each other, but I don't have any skin in the game.
I don't love Trump. And I don't hate Trump. I don't love Biden. And I don't hate Biden. I feel very neutral about both of them. If you asked me, I feel nothing for either one and my friend who keeps up with certain things in society, politically, and that type of thing, she always laughs at me because she's like, Melissa, you don't know anything that's going on. And I know that a lot of people would hate that about me. They would say, how come you don't know anything? Who are you to not know anything? You should be up on all the current events. But I see this in the way that I learned history many, many years ago. And that was that history is written by the winners. History is just a perspective. And I remember learning that sometime in middle school and high school. I don't exactly remember when.
And that really stuck with me because I thought no matter what anybody is saying, it's really about what they want you to think about it. Not what is the bigger picture and Hey, I'm not telling you what's right or wrong. I think you should go in and decide that for yourself through your own heart, through your own higher consciousness. I was just giving a perspective and take it or leave it, do what you want with it. Now, the other part of this is that it wasn't something that I wanted to talk about because I thought I don't know enough about BLM. I don't know enough about the Me Too movement to feel like I'm an authority on either one. But what I do feel that I do know a lot about is shadow work and healing work. And I do know a lot about that.
And I said, okay, spirit, you show me what I should relay and how I should talk about it so that I am serving others. Because what you may not know about me is my constant and consistent motto is love boldly, serve wisely. That doesn't always mean that you're going to feel my love when I serve boldly because serving boldly means stepping outside of a comfort zone and serving wisely also means stepping outside of what other people may want me to say or may want me to believe, because I don't want to come from the duality and separateness. Well, you also may not know during a lot of my podcasts is I have my eyes closed, I am really connecting to spirit and asking, what way can I serve others? What words can I use? And how can I express them in a loving kind way that will really help people move outside of their comfort zone because we're not going to Institute change from staying in our boxes, from staying in the divisive energy of the lower three chakras.
The only way we're going to do that is to move into our heart, into oneness and into love. Now, let me talk about channeling. I've said enough about the other thing. And what I want you to know about channeling is that when you receive information and you filter it through your ego, you're going to see it in a right or wrong way. And honestly, anything that I talked about today or in that podcast episode, number 12, I really did not feel, and this is my sense of understanding of it. I did not feel either way about it. I didn't have any care about whether it was right or wrong. It was just what I shared. And I shared it in a way that I felt spirit wanted me to share it, how I channeled it. Now, other people may not recognize that, but that's how I see it.
And that's why I think a lot of channeled information about Trump makes him into this being who is going to save our world. But I was shown that it's more about our shadow selves. And Biden also shows us part of our shadow self. So does Elon Musk, so does any other leader, thought leader, etc. They're all showing us our shadow. I wasn't just saying Trump's the only one who's showing us our shadow. That would be a lie because I'm showing you my shadow. You're showing me my shadow. I'm showing you that so-and-so is showing their shadow, right? We're all in this together. And if you saw me saying, or perceived me saying, that only one person was showing us a shadow self, that would be incorrect because everyone around us, whether we know them intimately, or we only know them from TV shows us our shadow.
And that is our gift. Now I'm going to be honest. Trump showed us our shadow in a way that was so in our face that we could not deny it. We couldn't deny the diversity, the ‘us against them’ energy around that. It doesn't mean some of the things he said were wrong or right. I did not mean that. Just like everyone else. What I want you to see is that what is the shadow? What part of you is being triggered by any of this on any side of the fence? Doesn't matter because when you look inside, it's all about you transforming and transmuting within and nothing about anyone else really, really matters. It's so funny because I was already to talk about channeling and spirit just went again into a whole other place. That I wasn't expecting. And then that's what channeling is. It's taking things and not filtering it as best as you can now, am I possibly filtering parts of it through my ego? Sure.
I'm not going to tell you that I may not be because I'm not going to say anything like that, because that would mean that I felt I was better, or at this heightened state or that I was this pure being. And I don't believe that's true for me because that's not true. But what I am saying is that I am trying to relay the information as best I can. Now, I've been a channel for a long, long time, and I'm doing the best I can. And I hope that you understand that this is not about decisiveness or separateness. It's about love. It's about unity. It's about oneness. And yeah, even talking about that can be decisive because my perspective of oneness, maybe different from yours. And we are all in this together though, this isn't a game just for certain people. Everyone is part of this experience and what a fantastic, amazing experience it has been.
So channeling, if it comes from a place of light, love and love, light, it comes from a place of a higher perspective, something that we would never understand or experience except through the perception of higher frequency beings. And we can't see that because you can't see the forest through the trees. The reason I use editors and people who edit my content, not this stuff, but my written content is because sometimes I don't see the mistakes. I don't see that this sentence didn't quite make sense. It gives a different perspective. And that's also why we channel because I can only see the way that my perception is, how I understand it. And if I want to understand it from a higher level, I can only do that through channeling, through connecting to the sixth density beings, because we're moving from those lower chakras, into the higher heart, into the oneness.
And to me, channeling is all about telepathy and communicating with these higher beings. I actually have to be in a very high frequency. I can't be angry. I can't be judgmental. I can't be in fear because if I have those lower frequencies, there's no way I'm going to raise my vibration enough for these beings to communicate with me because they're communicating in a dimensional frequency, that's in a different realm. All channelings help everyone involved to take a deeper and clearer understanding of themselves and spiritual matters so that they can evolve and transcend that information. And when you are doing that, you are being of service. Now everyone's going to come from their own perspective. And I get that and I'm telling you, I know I have, but I also want you to be aware that I have done a lot of inner work. I'm not perfect.
Don't even go there with that, but I've probably done more inner work than most people. So, although I know I still have some shadow, I've also worked on a good portion of it to help me channel information that may be a little controversial. So, when you channel in a telepathic way, you are connecting to different levels of beings, depending on where your own vibration is. So, if you sit in a little bit of fear and you hold onto fear in your life, you'll be able to channel a certain frequency. You won't be able to get to a higher-level frequency if you're still angry at your mother, if you're still holding onto your childhood traumas, if you've been in a place of discontent and disassociation from your higher self. So, all channeling comes through your consciousness and mostly your higher consciousness. And then it can be filtered through the ego self.
When you are expanding your consciousness and connecting multidimensionally, you're going to be more in a place of receptivity. Then if you keep your consciousness in a smaller energy field, when you channel, you want to make sure your energy is clear. Your home is clear, where you're channeling is clear and that you have cleared any emotional or mental issues or complications that have come up before you're channeling. You want to clear that out and come into a more centered space. You also want to make sure that you're raising your frequency, opening up your heart and coming from a place of love, light, light love, because that will help the information to come through in that manner. And you also want to raise the frequency of the space that you're in. And I personally use, FLFE for raising my consciousness in my home and around me.
And it also clears out any lower negative energies or clears the land. I mean, it is phenomenal. If you want to know more about it, I would really appreciate if you went through my link, my affiliate link, I don't usually do anything that has affiliate links, but I believe so much in this technology. And it's not something you have to put in your house. It's an energetic technology. I believe in it so much that I share it with my clients all the time. I actually encourage them to use the subscription to clear out their energy. And they've noticed a huge difference in their life and their consciousness and the people who live in their home. And it clears the land, which we need some land clearing in a lot of different locations. So, I'll definitely leave that link in the show notes below, and you can also find it on my website, under the tab Raise Vibe.
Anyway. I really want to make sure that you understand that channeling is all about frequency and vibration and opening up to your own higher consciousness. And once you can open to your own higher consciousness, you have more availability to your guides, angels, ascended masters, and beyond, and extraterrestrial beings, and any beings that use telepathy because channeling is 100% telepathic. And what telepathy is, is combining all of your ‘clairs’ clairvoyance, Clairsentience, claircognizance and Clairaudience. When you combine all your clairs, you are telepathic. When I receive information, I get a quick, clear download of information and I relay it as it comes in without filtering it. And sometimes that's why I talk so fast because I'm trying to get the words out quickly in order to make sure that the information is clear and concise as possible without going through any filters of my own mind. I really hope that this helped you and that you feel more in alignment with your own higher consciousness. And if you loved this episode, please leave a review and rate the podcast, especially on Apple podcasts. I really appreciate it. Share it with your friends, sending you so much love.