In this episode I will share some insight and experiences I've had around time jumping and how it relates to parallel lives. What is a parallel life and why does it matter? I know I had so many questions about this topic and I have meditated and asked for clarification which is the wisdom I am sharing with you. I will explain how you can merge or jump to a parallel life and what happens when you do.

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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension podcast, your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick. This podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift, we'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic Records, and so much more. It's time to raise your vibe.
Hi everyone! I am so excited because today we're going to talk about timelines and parallel realities or parallel lives. I will be honest with you; I don't feel like I am an expert at this. I'm more interested in time jumping, but in order to explain time jumping, you kind of have to know a little bit about quantum mechanics and also a little bit about past lives and parallel lives.
So let's just dive right in. Now let's talk first about parallel lives. So, there's something called Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and that is all about the understanding that the universe splits into these different realities or experiences. And both of those experiences can exist in the same time and space. Now there is no time in space. I mean, sages and gurus and mystics have been talking about that forever. And because there's no time in space, it's absolutely possible that you are living multiple experiences right now. Now, to be honest with you, this always blows my mind a little bit, and there's always this part of me that's a little skeptical about parallel lives and it's because I connect with all these multi-dimensional energies. And when I've seen the possibilities of what I could choose in my life, I never thought about it being a different life, but it absolutely can be a different life.
And it is hard for me to wrap my head around it a little bit, but I'm always open to allowing this concept to be part of my awareness, because when I'm doing my time jumping work, I could be jumping to a different timeline, which could be a parallel reality or a parallel lifetime. So, this Many Worlds interpretation and understanding in quantum mechanics means that our Cosmo is only one world in many, many, many different, infinite actually, other worlds. So there's an infinite amount of other worlds. And another piece to this is that we're not living past or future lifetimes. We're living all of our lifetimes in a blink of an eye. So even if you have a lifetime experience from the 900 BC, you got that lifetime, is it being experienced in this lifetime? So there is no time in space. So let's look at it like this right now, you're experiencing a lifetime.
And in this lifetime, there's a past a present and a future because you're seeing it in this linear experience. But when you start to recognize the multi-layered multi-dimensional energies that are possible, you have choices in your life. And the question is, did you jump a timeline or collapse time, or did you move into a parallel lifetime? And I think all theories are all correct. There isn't one theory that is more correct than the other. But as we're talking about this, I may actually say something like, maybe you just jumped a timeline, but it's a parallel reality. So you jumped into a new reality or a new possibility. If your soul is experiencing many lifetimes in one moment, it can be experiencing you as a six-year-old child. And you as a 90 year old man, it is all in the same moment. Part of this theory is every time you make a choice, it splits into a new experience or a new timeline.
And that happens through our own inner push desire. It's because there's this intense energy behind it. You won't jump a timeline if you're just having a mundane experience. So if you're just driving to work and going through the motions at work, coming home, making dinner, kissing your family good night and going to bed, that's not going to make you jump a timeline. What we mean by jumping a timeline, there is an emotional component. There is an energy push or imprint behind the shift in reality. So let's say you have someone in your life who leaves you, a partner of sorts leaves you. And now you're in this devastated space and you're really evaluating, what do you want to do in your life? Who do you want to be? And as you're doing that evaluation, you make this really clear decision to start following your dream of creating a sanctuary for elephants, and you decide to do it.
And in that moment, it is a split in the timeline and you move forward in the timeline of when you do the elephant sanctuary. Now, the other timeline that you are on, that timeline keeps on progressing forward and you break down for two years and you have a lot of difficulty holding a job or developing good intimate relationships because you're still holding onto your old partner. Notice that there are two timelines happening simultaneously. One timeline you are working to create this elephant sanctuary and the other timeline you're going through a very clear dark night of the soul. And through both of those, you are learning. The soul is expressing itself. Now you may not have infinite lifetimes in these parallel realities, maybe five or six or maybe 3000. I don't know what that would be. I'm just giving you examples of what that could be.
Your soul is utilizing the experiences on the earth plane, because it's such a different experience to have such a concrete environment and a very dense, grounded environment where used to just energy and moving energy. And the soul has all these opportunities to make choices. And that choice creates your experience or creates your reality. Now, remember your soul's experiencing both ways in this split in lifetimes. The soul is experiencing both of those experiences. One where you're developing an elephant sanctuary and the other one where you're just going through the dark night of the soul. Now the question here can those two parallel lifetimes merge back together. And that is possible too, because maybe after going through the dark night of the soul, you decide that you're going to follow your dream and create an animal sanctuary. And here you are, instead of going couple years, trying to get all the money together and the place and everything falls together,
and within nine months you have your animal sanctuary. And maybe at that moment, you merged with your other self, your other timeline, and it merged back into the same timeline. So that's the crazy wacky world of parallel lifetimes, because it doesn't mean that one is split and can't merge back together because there's no such thing as time and space. And we are experiencing this all at the same time. And both of those are legitimate ways for the soul to experience this worldly experience or its lifetimes. And the funny thing is you have all this potential of all these different things that you can experience at every moment. Now, again, it won't just happen automatically. So when I'm teaching people to do time jumping, you can't time jump just by the sheer will of wanting it to happen. It has to be a very emotional push or a complete surrender experience.
You can also be experiencing different facets of your own self of your own awareness, and that helps the soul experience. Now the soul doesn't need to learn any lessons, bad lessons, or negative lessons to be here on the earth plane. What is experiencing is what does it mean to be a human? What does a soul experience and learn through connecting with the animal body and to have this matrix of illusion that it can choose all sorts of possibilities and experiences in. And the soul wants the opportunity to do many different things at once because the soul's experience isn't that this is all happening in a linear way. The soul's experience is that it's all happening at once and it's learning all sorts of things. So in that moment, the soul's learning what it feels like to give birth to a child, and then it feels the heartbreak of someone passing away.
And then it also experiences a euphoric experience as it's climbing a mountain all at the same time. And that soul is gaining so much wisdom and opportunity to create in a different way, to create its world in many multi-layered, multi-dimensional ways. And now we're coming in. So, we are the soul, and we are the ego. So the ego part of us is also experiencing all these things. And as we move past and let go of parts of our egoic self, we embody more of our soul-being and our soul or higher consciousness has the availability to bring forward that wisdom to the human and experience life in a whole other way. We also have the opportunity to connect to our parallel lives and receive the wisdom from those parallel lives or maybe a gift or a talent from those parallel lives. And this is because we are energetically entangled with all the experiences that our higher consciousness has had past, present, future,
if you want to go through timelines, parallel lifetimes. The higher consciousness is in this with us. We're all in it together. So anytime that you make those really deep, important choices in your life, like marrying someone, divorcing someone, having a child, they can be parts of us that have split into a different reality, into a different experience or even a different future. Now let's kind of talk about illusion and how our world is this matrix that we're putting energy into and receiving experiences and energy back from. So if we look at the illusionary matrix, we can place different parts of our experiences or our consciousness into different opportunities or scenarios to help us evolve or experience this world. And the crazy part is, is it's an illusion. It's all happening at the same time. All of that's hard to wrap our brain around because we see where we get up from our chair,
we go make a pot of tea… We watch ourselves move through this time and space experience, and then we're going, “Oh, no, it's just an illusion! Oh no, there's no time and space!” And I know for me, the only time I really, really can understand and get it is when I completely surrender in meditation, and I lose my sense of self and that will help me disengage from the illusion and the matrix. And of course, unattachment also helps you disengage. And since everything is an illusion and our matrix that we are creating, we have this opportunity to choose all sorts of different, interesting possibilities. So, with these parallel lives, there's this you and this you is alive now, but there's another you, and it's a parallel you. So, there are two yous experiencing this experience, but they're separate because they're on two different timelines.
It's been split. Now, It's not a literal parallel because you're only experiencing this in time, but not space. You're not occupying the same space with the parallel you. And this you may not even look like you because it's a piece of your higher consciousness, but there is a possibility that there's a you that has made a different choice that does connect to that possibility of the other you. And if you have not seen the show Dark on Netflix, and don't let the name scare you, it's actually a really interesting take on parallel realities and parallel lifetimes. I thought the movie was spectacular for that. So definitely go watch Dark on Netflix if you're interested. The other crazy part of this is that your higher consciousness or soul can actually have parallel lifetimes where they overlap lifetimes. So I'm here right now. It's 2021. And maybe my higher consciousness is a brand new baby being born right now, but I'm still alive.
There's still a part of me here, but that higher consciousness wanted to learn this experience as well because the soul doesn't need to experience this experience in a linear fashion. It's only humans who experienced this time and space, not our higher consciousness.
Now let's go a little bit into time jumping and how time works in our experience. So you can use parallel lives and you can use time jumping to shift the frequency of where you're headed. There are times when I've done readings for people. And I will say to them, if you keep on this path, this is where you're headed. But if you make a different choice, this is where you're headed. And I'll give you a quick example that I had in my book. And that was when I was making a decision, whether to leave my husband at the time or not.
And I asked if I did what would happen with this, if I did what would happen with that? So, I was looking at all the possible choices and timeline possibilities, and I could do that in the Akashic Records. And by doing that, I was going to make a choice of which timeline I was going to go forward with. Time seems to move around the clock, tick, tick, tick, right? It just moves ahead. Now we understand that sometimes our perception is that time is slower, or time is faster, because we sit in this illusion that there is time. We sit in the illusion in this matrix that there is space. And if you get good at this, you can actually collapse a timeline and jump into a whole different frequency or experience. So also in quantum mechanics, a particle, which is a piece of matter, can occupy the same space and time.
So if it can happen in the quantum realm, it absolutely happens here, although that can be argued, but as spiritual people, dude, yes, it absolutely can. You can occupy the same space and time, which is why you can have a parallel lifetime. But when you start mastering the energy of time and space, disengaging from the linear experience, when you can collapse timelines, make jumps in timelines, recognize your parallel experiences and utilize that wisdom and that understanding from your parallel lives that you're experiencing right now, you are accelerating your Ascension process because that means that you are becoming more whole, more holistic, more connected to your higher consciousness, because that's your higher consciousness. It sees this big picture of parallel lifetimes. That you're a man in this lifetime in your parallel life. And you're a transgender. So you're actually experiencing both at the same time.
So basically you want to utilize this understanding to create the life you desire. Now you cannot force timeline jumping. People have tried to do it for a long time. They try to force it. The reason you don't want to force the energy is because then it's coming from the ego and jumping timelines or pulling in parallel realities is all about the ego’s need to control. And there's this fine dance of allowing and control. And when I've experienced this collapsing of time, cause that's how I see it. It's almost like time collapses in on itself. And I've jumped to a new level or a new experience. Every time that's happened to me, a few things have been the catalyst. One has been that I completely let go and I'm so unattached that I jump really quickly to a whole other experience or opportunity. The second one has been emotional turmoil has jumped me to a new level or a new experience.
Now you can't really tell, “Oh, I was this person yesterday. I'm this person today.” Sometimes it's such a subtle energy, but you know, something feels different and I'll explain it this way: I've had experiences where a couple intense weeks go by and after this experience, I feel different. And I don't feel like the same person that I was a month ago. And I know in that moment, I've either pulled in a parallel life or I've jumped a timeline. And to me, they're kind of similar. I don't really differentiate between which one is happening. I believe that they're both possible to happen. So it doesn't matter what terminology I use. I just know that's what I'm experiencing. Now, the thing with time jumping, people try to control it. And I've heard people say that they're making a choice and they'll look and say, “What parallel life is this?
I want that one or that one. This person will give me exactly what I want them to give me.” And it's a control ego sense. So what I would tell people is go into the Akashic Records and ask which parallel experience is my optimal experience for me right now. And you may see that your loved one leaves, or you may witness yourself get sick. And that may actually be the optimal experience. Don't assume it's all lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns. Sometimes the optimal experience isn't love and light. It is a dark night of the soul or a difficult experience that catapults you, or is the catalyst, to help you make a major change and then go back into a parallel life and merge the two timelines together. Now people always assume that they want something amazing all the time, but sometimes the difficult parts of our lives are what made those major changes or helped
you really love yourself more or feel more on purpose. You lost your job and now all of a sudden you feel on purpose because things are happening in a whole other way. If you hadn't lost that job, things would not be going in that direction. So just because it seems difficult or maybe even negative doesn't mean it is the wrong experience that you should be having to help you expand your own consciousness and to connect multidimensionally to who you truly are. So think about it this way. And these parallel realities or time jumping, you have infinite, and I mean infinite, potential opportunities. They could go all over the place. Now, am I going to be a linebacker for the Ravens? Yeah, not in this lifetime. That's not who I'm supposed to be, but maybe in a parallel life, I'm living as a professional athlete and I can take that wisdom and utilize it in my life
now, even as this chick who is a woo-woo type of person. I can actually take that discipline and dedication and use it in my life now because we're all just energy. And we have the potential to tap into any experience through any time and space that we have had. I want to share with you a profound experience that I had. Now, I'm not saying this was parallel lives, I don't know, but I'm going to give you an example of bringing the energy from either other lifetimes or parallel lives and utilizing it in your life. So I was in a meditation once and I was really deeply involved in the meditation. And all of a sudden I felt my energy being pulled in this direction. And I see myself as another being. I wasn't human at the time, and my guides told me, or maybe even my higher consciousness, or maybe even this being told me, that I was a leader and that this leadership skill I can take with me.
And it's very important to utilize this energy of leadership that's already part of my soul essence or of my higher consciousness wisdom. And then I was brought to another lifetime or parallel life where I was a leader in another galactic-like species. And they showed me what it meant to be a very powerful leader. So the other leader was a little bit more compassionate and this leader was huge and powerful and strong. The strength was amazing and how to utilize that type of wisdom in your leadership. And then I was brought to a lifetime as Native American, and I remember being this Native American and I was the leader of the tribe. And what I was shown is how I can pull in all the experiences from these lifetimes and utilize them and use the wisdom and the strength and the availability of these experiences to be the leader that I'm meant to be.
Now, does that mean that I have to lead people in a certain way? No. It is really about how I'm choosing to use this energy as a leader. Now, to be honest, that was really hard for me to take on because I didn't really see myself as a leader, even though I was a leader in many ways, but the thought of actually being a leader and claiming that energy was really hard. So what I would do is I would connect to these other parts of me. And I would just say, “Just show me how to lead in the way that is in alignment with my soul essence.” Now that experience was so profound for me because it really helped me claim something that I was avoiding. But I know now that my higher consciousness was all about creating this experience so that I could step into the next phase.
I believe that in that moment of those experiences of all those lifetimes, that propelled me to either jump a timeline or move into a parallel reality. That was the catalyst that changed almost everything in my life. But it didn't change it in an instant. It changed it over a course of a few years, but it really shifted some major things for me. Now, you don't have to have this profound, crazy experience in order to jump a timeline or experience a parallel reality. What you want to do is start going inside and asking yourself, “Am I making this choice or this choice? And what is the reason behind it? Why am I doing it? What is that choice going to help me understand about myself? And what wisdom can I gain from making those choices or what wisdom have I gained throughout my lifetime to help me accelerate who I truly am and be more connected to that part of me?”
And I'd also like you to start asking yourself, “What is my potential?” I think a lot of people want to know what their life purpose is, but I'm more interested in what is your potential. Meaning, where can you jump to the next level? What possibility is there, or opportunity is there, for you to shift and change something within yourself.
So, I want to leave you with this. Everything in our life is all about experiences. It's about what you're experiencing and how you are gaining understanding and wisdom from those experiences. There's not one moment in your life that you have experienced something that you have not gained wisdom. But maybe you've poo-pooed it or put it aside because you haven't really allowed yourself this full immersion into what are you gaining through every experience that you have.
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