This is part 1 to a two-part series on Intuition. After teaching thousands of people intuitive development, I have heard every reason someone can’t connect to their intuition. When you sabotage your connection to your intuition you are disconnecting with the best GPS available to you. In this episode I help you discover how you get in your own way when it comes to your intuition.

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Hello, and welcome to the spiritual expansion and Ascension podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick, this podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift, we'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic records, and so much more it's time to raise your vibe.


I'm sorry. So appreciative of everyone who's left reviews and subscribed to the podcast. I wanted to read a special review.  This person says “hits the mark. I've been doing extra reading and searching the past year. And I luckily found Melissa Fike. I've just got around to reading her book, tried some of her recorded meditations and listened to this podcast regularly. I love episode 26. It really spoke to me. Yes, things are changing and this helps make sense of it all. I'll keep listening and really enjoy the material. Everything comes right at the perfect time.”  I'm so grateful for this amazing review. Thank you so much. And I'd be super grateful if you would leave a review and subscribe to this podcast and definitely share it with your friends. Welcome to Spiritual Expansion and Ascension. I'm Melissa Feick, and in this episode, we're going to be discussing surprising ways that you sabotage your intuition.


Now I'm going to read a little quote. Albert Einstein said that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Yes, we have forgotten that intuition is really our way that we should be communicating with everything and everyone around us, because it's an exchange of energy. So we're moving from one awareness to another awareness because we're exchanging vibrational frequencies back and forth, and guess how you figure out how to do that? Yep, you're right. It's through your intuition. That's the only way that you're going to be able to connect to those subtle energies because it's very subtle. And I know this because I'm an advanced intuitive. I've been intuitive for most of my life, but I've watched people sabotage their own intuition. I've taught thousands of people, intuitive development and mediumship and all sorts of spiritual classes.


I have seen and heard it all. They desire to activate their intuition. Everybody wants that so much. I want you to live a more intuitive life. And I want you to see this as an important part of your own spiritual awakening, but because so many people sabotage their intuition, they don't recognize what they're doing. And most of the time it's because it's really stealthy. It's under the radar. You don't recognize it because it's not upfront. Most people don't even know that they're actually sabotaging their own intuition. So let's talk about “what is intuition”. Intuition is your connection with your own higher connection, higher guidance, higher wisdom, higher consciousness, higher self, whatever that is. So it's that guidance that is disconnected from the ego's guidance. And what is the ego? The ego's guiding you in ways that will distract you and sabotage your intuition.


Biggest saboteur is your ego. Now what happens is many of us didn't grow up in a world or society or a family that nurtured our intuition. It wasn't nurtured. It wasn't spoken about, it wasn't even understood. So because it was not something that we were taught. We weren't taught in school. Most of us either. We don't recognize the difference between our intuition and our higher consciousness. And I feel that that's a fallacy now more and more people are being raised in environments where there is more connection to intuition. But even then I found that sometimes they think it's their intuition, but it's really their spiritual ego. So they've developed this need to prove to everyone that they're intuitive. And then they developed more of a spiritual ego and that's what they're using for their intuition. So it goes in so many directions. Now, the reason our society doesn't connect to intuition and doesn't really honor intuitive gifts is because we now worship the intellect.


We worship the brain. We worship the mind. We are learning all these great things about the brain and how smart the brain is. And we worship that part. So we're worshiping that 3d experience, but we're not recognizing that there's this other piece in our own brain and our oneness mind, that's connected to this higher wisdom. And that's what I want to help you understand how you sabotage that higher wisdom. So your connection with your guidance is very important. It's your own air GPS system. Think about this. Most of us are like, oh, what should I do? Should I do this? Or should I do that? Should I go there? Should I go here? And they're so confused about what to do, and they don't understand or know what to do. So they're looking for some guidance, but they're looking a lot of times outside of themselves for that guidance, they're not looking inside into what is in and what your whole body says your body, mind spirit says.


So you're not really connected to the awareness of the whole collective. So what also happens? We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for our answers. And many of us will ask a lot of people. What do you think? What do you think? We'll research the heck out of it on Google. Maybe I should do this. Maybe I should do that. And we'll be researching for six months before we do anything. And then we don't even know what to do because we're confused. Yup. That's that intellect. That's taking this outside information and trying to make it our own without being really clear and connected that we have the answers inside of us. But we don't know that we don't trust that. So you're not trusting your inner GPS. Now, the other thing that Intuition is, it's a knowledge and understanding of pure wisdom. That's not in the thoughts that come from your subconscious.


And that's where we also get tripped up. Because many times people work in their subconscious energies. And when they're working in their subconscious, they're just reacting. They're just pulling up thoughts and reactions without being really aware of what's going on. So they are using those subconscious thoughts. And then we're trying to create our intuition through our subconscious thoughts. And again, that is a sabotage to your intuition. The other thing is that actually intuition can be a very gut or a visceral feeling. So you walk in and maybe you're not nervous. You're just feeling excited about going to see some friends. And before you walk in, you're kind of to the restaurant, you kind of feel a little tight in your gut. You find, feel a little tense and you're not really sure what that is. Something doesn't feel right. And you walk in, you meet your friends, you're having dinner.


And then someone says something that really stresses you out. Well, your intuition was warning you, but you didn't even recognize it because you were too busy looking to the future and not being in the present moment. So sometimes it's very visceral. It feels very gut connected. And you have to be more aware of the physical form of your body. And that's where I also find people sabotage. They are unaware. They are not connected. They have no idea what's going on around them. They're clueless. They numb themselves out. They keep themselves walking through, living their life without any awareness around them. The other part of intuition is this inner wisdom. It's knowing. It's an, it's an understanding. Now I am talking about intuition. I'm not talking about guides, giving you messages because no matter where any information comes from, whether it's a guide, a galactic being your own intuition, it has to always flow through your higher consciousness or your higher self has to always flow through that.


So regardless of where you're receiving it, it has to flow through you. And that's what I'm hoping to inspire you with today. So it's this inner wisdom. It's knowing. And the problem is that if you have been raised in a family that didn't help you trust who you are or your guidance, you're going to have more difficulty connecting to your intuition. Now, a lot of times people will read the energy around them. So maybe you do that. Do you read the energy around you? But a lot of times you might misinterpret it because you may see that energy as something that is helping you or guiding you. But in reality, it's feeding your ego. So you have to read the energy around you. It's a feeling center and we are moving from separate intuitive centers. Separate third, I separate throat chakra, separate crown chakra, connecting the hearing, the thoughts, the feelings, the you know, the feeling center, right?


Claire Senti and Claire audient, Claire cognizance, clairvoyance, obviously. We're moving away from that. And that's really where we're headed as a collective. We are creating our whole intuitive center, which is one center. And it's kind of like telepathy, but it's like a visceral experience of telepathy. It's a feeling seeing you're hearing, knowing, downloading all at once. It's like, there it is. So that is a, I call it telepathy because that's how speaking consciousness to consciousness. That's what we are used to on the other side. That's what the inter-dimensional beings are used to, angels ascended masters in a planetary or interplanetary and other planetary beings, right? Multi-Dimensional beings, all sorts of energy systems. We are used to speaking and communicating, excuse me, more communicating in this way. We are communicating through telepathy. So it's a feeling Siri seeing, hearing, knowing, and it's a full visceral experience.


And I just call it telepathy because that's kind of what we're told when people say that they've communicated with beings when they passed over and come back again, the NDS or people who have spoken to angels or galactic beings, they say it's like a telepathic understanding. So what we're explaining here is that we are experiencing this on many, many levels. And that's where I really want you to focus is this understanding. You want to read all the energy around you and you want to start scanning your environment. How does it feel to you? How do you feel inside what's? What do you recognize? What do you sense on some other level? When you scan your environment, you're in a place where you have more availability to the multi-dimensional understanding and wisdom that's already inside of you, because it's never about what you see or what people tell you.


It's so much different. And this is where I have an understanding because people will tell me that they're one way or another way. I'm really this way, or I'm really that way. But I can feel and sense that they're saying those words, but I don't see it in their energy fields. I don't sense it in how they connect with their world. So it's not about what you're seeing or what other people are telling you. It's more, it's deeper than that because true intuition remember is a full visceral experience. And visceral means that you sense it on all levels. You feel it, you know, it it's, it's so pure. And that's what true intuition really is because a lot of times intuition tends to come really fast and you can't trace it backward. So in other words, you'll get this information, but you have no idea where it came from.


And one of the tricks I used to teach my intuitive development classes was I would teach them to go backward to see if it was an intuitive hit. So let's say you had an intuitive hit that red cars not to get into a red car because something bad was going to happen, but then you start to trace it backward. And then you realize, oh, wait a minute. I was just thinking about going to visit my sister in New Jersey. Oh, wait a minute. She used to have a red car. Oh yeah. She had an accident in a red car. And so did my cousin. So now I know that's not an intuitive hit because it was literally a thought process from one to another. So intuition, you can't really trace where it comes from. It comes through immediately. Now let's talk about how and where you start to sabotage in your world and sabotage your intuition.


One of the reasons we sabotage our intuition is because our family did not encourage intuition. They didn't encourage it. Not only did they not encourage it, but they may have even said that anything other than this very strict box, that is their belief system. Anything outside of it is bad. Maybe they worshipped intelligence, maybe they worshipped and had a very specific belief in God or in some religion. And they thought anything outside of those things was bad. If they thought you only need to use a scientific method from everything you ever do, you'll never be encouraged. And your intuition will, you know, they'll say there's no scientific evidence of intuition.


No, that's not true.


Plenty of that, but they don't want to see it because it's too frightening for them. They can't control it. And that's what most people in scientific minds feel is that if they can control it, then they're safe. Right? So intuition is uncontrollable because it's such an expansive limitless energy. Now your family may have made you think that intuition was bad or scary and they didn't want you to do it. They may have repressed it. Oh, that's, that's just your imagination, honey. I remember when I was a little girl that I used to have, of course my imaginary friend was a dog. And one day I said to my parents, I can't remember the dog's name. I was so little at the time. I barely remember it. My mother has mentioned it. I said mama, you know, Harry, whatever the dog's name was, he's right outside the car.


You need to stop the car and let him in!,


And they stopped the car and let him in. And I remember that because I thought many years later as a teenager, how funny that was. And I didn't know that for me, that meant a lot because they believed in me and they stopped the car, her


And the dog there. And, you know, it was kind of funny.


But they occur in a weird way. But they had no idea what they were doing. They were just placating me. They're like, what's the big deal we pull over and we do it. I, you know, that's nice of them to do that, but most families don't encourage that. And I remember having bad dreams as a child and my parents would just say, oh, it's just a dream. It's just a dream. And they didn't really encourage me to look at what was really going on in that dream. So intuition wasn't encouraged. It's not even encouraged a lot in our own society, although it's coming more and more, more of us are awakening and it is, but sometimes people just don't get it and that's okay. But we sabotage it because we weren't taught to trust it. We weren't taught to make it okay.


In our lives. So we weren't shown that we had a say sometimes in anything in our lives. So maybe you had an uncle or an aunt or a family friend that you felt really uneasy around, but your parents would be like, oh no, give uncle so-and-so a kiss and give them a hug or make sure you say hello, go pushing you toward them. When you, in every level, this visceral experience said, hell no, I'm not going near them. But they told you can't trust your intuition because we want you to do this. Even though you feel you shouldn't do it. And it's not their fault, obviously we're not blaming the parents. But you have to understand that. That's part of the reason we sabotage her and don't trust our own intuition. And the more you talk about your intuition, your intuitive gifts, connecting with other realms in a positive way, the more likely you are to trust it.


The problem is so many of us that we sabotage our intuition by going, I don't get intuitive hits. No one talks to me. My angels don't listen to me. I've asked them and they don't hear me. But what you're saying is negative intuition, negative, negative, negative, negative. Well, do you think your intuition and your higher consciousness is going to help you trust that? No. No. So I want you, I'd love to encourage you to start writing down all your intuitive hits that you have in a day. Like I felt like so-and-so is going to call them. They did something silly, something a little. And I also want you to write affirmations of all the positive things that you have around intuition and how you can trust yourself in your own intuition and write them down. So you start replacing those negative words with positive words.


Now, there could be many other situations as a child that created this mistrust in your own intuition. And I don't want you to be afraid of that. Look at that. Like what else made me not trust my intuition and make sure that you're being really positive about your intuition and looking clearly, and honestly at where your intuition was sabotaged in your life. And maybe you were even taught that any intuition was actually dangerous. And that's what spiritual abuses and spiritual abuse. You'll be told that all your intuition, all your intuitive gifts, anything that does not come of God or of this deity or higher wisdom or whatever they want to call it in your childhood, if it didn't come from that, then it's dangerous and bad. So of course, you're not going to entrust your intuition because you're going to feel on a subconscious level.


That is not a good thing. So you'll sabotage it because you'll feel it's not good. Now, another huge way that everyone that I come across, almost everyone sabotages their intuition is by trying to connect with someone or something or some energy outside of yourself, a guide, an angel master sendin, master Fred Flinstone, Mr. Magoo. It doesn't matter. Whatever you want to call. It does not matter something or someone outside of you. And this is because you were taught that what you think doesn't matter. Yup. Or think about that. You were taught that at a young age. So here you are asking everyone else. Well, what do you think? What do you think? What do you think mom? You know, so you're looking outside of yourself for your answers or you're thinking some angel or guide has all the answers for you. If I could only reach my angel or my guides or the ascended masters, then I would know what to do in my life.


And unfortunately that's not true because the angels and guides and ascended masters, they're not going to control what you do telling you right now. They will point you in a direction. They will give you some guidance, but as still up to you, if you give all of your energy and all of your control over to someone or something outside of you, then you're giving up your own sovereignty, your own sovereign ability. And you're hoping to get these answers from these other beings. And you'll sabotage it because what also tends to happen. I've seen this thousands of times and I'm telling you right now, you've probably done it. Or you will do it. You're hoping to get these answers. And then you get an answer or the universe shows you something, but it's not what you want to hear. You're not happy with what you hear.


So you do another reading. You go to another reader, you get another intuitive reading. You pull another card because you don't want to hear it because you want what you want. Your ego's very strongly attached to what you want. And here you are. You're creating this whole experience. Let's say sabotage, because it's not what you want to hear or what you want to do. So you'll get to the reader who will give you the answer. And I remember as a reader, I've seen this so many times and I remember one person actually said to me, well, that's not what I want. And I said, well, then you have to change your own energy. The reading isn't going to change it. You are in charge of your own life because you want the specific answer. And if you're not getting it, you will sabotage your intuition and maybe go in a direction.


That's really not going to be of your highest and best. Good. And then all of a sudden, the world crushes around you and things aren't working out. That's because you weren't listening to your own intuition. The other part of this is wanting to be right or fear of getting it wrong. Wow. That's huge. Also I've heard that from thousands of people. Well, what if I don't get this right? What if I want this thing to happen for me in my life? But if I make this decision, I might be wrong. And then if I'm wrong, then what's going to happen if I'm wrong. So I'm not going to make any decisions in my life. I'm going to sit around and do nothing. And then 10 years later, they're still doing nothing. They're still in the job. They don't like in a relationship. That's toxic.


They're unhappy because they've done nothing because they are afraid that they might get something wrong. And that is also what our society or our family has shown us. You better make the right decision because you can't change or rectify any decision you ever made in your life. Yeah. Nope. Yes you can. Of course you can. You want to recalibrate that? Oh, you know what? I started this job, but I really know that I'm supposed to be doing something else. So I'm going to start looking for the other thing that I'm supposed to be doing. This does not feel right. Does it mean you're stuck in that job for 50 years? You can change your job. You can change your environment. You can divorce someone. You can find a new relationship. All of that's possible. That's our limitless worlds because we're moving from 3d and 3d.


It feels like there's only these limitations. And this is the only thing that's out there. No, that's not true. There's limitless energies because we're moving into five D yes, my brothers and sisters, five D hello, here you are. Let's assume that everything is limitless and all possibilities are possible. So the other thing that we sabotage our intuition with as we think that we need to get the answers from someone, some person outside of us. So asking people for advice, should I do this? Should I do that? Should I do this? Should I do that? I have a lot of people come to me and say, you know, I want to take your intuitive development course. Or your Akashic records course. And they won't know. So they'll want to ask if I should, should I do this, Melissa? And I always say that you have to ask your own heart.


Let me give you some information about it, but it's really up to you. I'm not going to tell you what to do. So the other thing that we do to sabotage our own intuition is to look to another intuitive person, who you might think is smarter or better or more intuitive than you. So you'll look to them for your answers. Now, another way is that you want to be loved and your subconscious tells you not to follow your own inner GPS because being loved is more important than honoring your own self, honoring your own intuition. And unfortunately, because we feel that if we are good enough to everyone around us, then we are loved, but we don't love our own self enough to trust our own intuition.