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Inner Alchemist & Past Life Healing

Have you been feeling a pull to go inward? This Eclipse is a powerful, transformational experience. There are two types of eclipses, the solar and the lunar. The lunar eclipses are much more emotionally intense than solar eclipses since they are connected to feminine energy and have a greater influence on our emotions. Lunar helps you to tap into your intuition and helps you open to your inner wisdom. When Scorpio aligns with the lunar eclipse, it can be a time of revelation, change, and the opportunity for transformation. Under the guidance of Pluto and water, Scorpio encourages you [...]

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Lies You Believe as You Awaken Spiritually

You want to accelerate your spiritual awakening, but you may not want to put the work and effort into the process. You go to psychics, healers and yoga hoping one of those things will expedite your spiritual path. There are so many things you hear and talk about during your spiritual awakening, but no one talks about how some of these things actually distract you from the one thing you are hoping to gain… Opening to your Higher Consciousness and connecting with your Higher Self, manifesting skills or other spiritual beings. (You know, like Ascended Masters and Angels) [...]

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Experience True Inner Peace

Are you feeling stuck in your life, like you are reliving the same patterns and issues? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of your Karma and Karmic patterns. Karma is an energy imprint from this life and other lives that influences your experiences in this lifetime. Karmic patterns are the results of our past lives and experiences that keep us in a holding pattern in this life. Your Karmic patterns can keep you from living your best life and from experiencing true inner peace and happiness. It really sucks when you watch yourself in the same Karmic [...]

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Easy & Effective Tool to Raise Your Vibration

Your energy matters… it really matters. You are the energy you vibrate! And when you're vibrating at a lower frequency, it wreaks havoc in your life. So let's look at how energy accumulates in your energy field and in your chakras. You see, your energy field is made up of different energy bodies. The mental, physical, and emotional bodies and chakras are affected by your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and environment. You accumulate energy all the time, whether it be from other people, your own thoughts and feelings, or even the energy of your environment. [...]

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Extremely Valuable Spiritual Practice

Last week, I shared that as we move into the Age of Aquarius or the New Paradigm, it is important to have a consistent, spiritual practice. I am so amazed that many spiritual seekers skip the spiritual practice of energy clearing! I will say to my clients, “Clear your energy field.” And they will ask me, “How do I do that?”. Clearing your energy is the first thing everyone should do regularly, if not once or twice a day! It can be a quick clearing, or you can take a little more time. My analogy is, “You wouldn’t leave [...]

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Are We Clutching to the Old Paradigm?

There is a global transformation that is happening. This is a spiritual transformation even if some in the world are still clutching the old paradigm of competition and desperation. During the spiritual transformation, it can be easier if you take responsibility in your life and have consistent, daily spiritual practice. But so many people are diving deep into the old paradigm of fear and control. When you are open to spiritual transformation and doing a daily practice, you may experience feelings of transcendence, unity, and connection to something greater than yourself. You may also experience a greater sense of [...]

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Opportunity for Profound Change

This year and beyond we are moving into a huge transformational period. Transformation isn’t always easy or pretty. This spiritual transformation is the profound change or shift in a person’s connection and understanding of themselves and their relationship with their higher consciousness and the Divine. It is their shift of reality that makes spiritual awakening so amazing and difficult at the same time. Once you start to go through your transformation, you notice your perspective of yourself and the world change. This inner transformation leads to a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and connection to something greater than oneself. [...]

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