Your energy matters… it really matters.

You are the energy you vibrate! And when you're vibrating at a lower frequency, it wreaks havoc in your life. So let's look at how energy accumulates in your energy field and in your chakras.

You see, your energy field is made up of different energy bodies. The mental, physical, and emotional bodies and chakras are affected by your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and environment.

You accumulate energy all the time, whether it be from other people, your own thoughts and feelings, or even the energy of your environment.

When lower energy accumulates and isn't cleared, it can cause you to feel drained, anxious, or you may react in a negative way. The good news is that there is a simple, effective tool to help you clear your energy and chakras – white light.

This white light is the white, irresiscent light frequency of Divine Love and Creation that comes directly from the Creator.

Divine white light is a powerful tool to help clear out any negative or stagnant energy, as well as clear any chakra hooks or cords that may be attached to your energy bodies. It can also help to clear out any thought forms that may be stuck in your mind and energy.

The intention is to visualize Divine white light entering your body and clearing out any negative energy hooks, cords and thought forms.

Focus on one chakra at a time, visualizing the Divine white light entering the chakra and clearing any energy blocks. You want to do this at least once a day or if you are feeling out of balance.

You will imagine white light pouring into your crown chakra and moving down to your root, clearing and cleansing out the root chakra, like you are unclogging a drain. You are using the Divine white light to cleanse the lower energies and it will also raise your vibration.

You will do this for each chakra, from root to crown.

Then use the Divine white light and connect with your feelings and clear out any feelings that are stuck in your energy bodies. Then use the white light to swirl around your energy field and clear out your mental, physical and emotional bodies (auric field).

You can do this quickly in less than a few minutes or take a little longer.

With regular practice, you can easily clear your energy and chakras and raise your vibration quickly. This will help you feel better, more energized, and more connected to your true self.

Make a commitment to yourself to take a few minutes every day to clear your energy and raise your vibration.

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