You want to accelerate your spiritual awakening, but you may not want to put the work and effort into the process.

You go to psychics, healers and yoga hoping one of those things will expedite your spiritual path.

There are so many things you hear and talk about during your spiritual awakening, but no one talks about how some of these things actually distract you from the one thing you are hoping to gain…

Opening to your Higher Consciousness and connecting with your Higher Self, manifesting skills or other spiritual beings. (You know, like Ascended Masters and Angels)

Let go of the lies you are hearing in the streets or online and open your awareness of the real experiences of spiritual awakening.

  • The Fast Awakening

One of the most common statements I hear so many say is that they had a major experience as a child, teenager, young adult, or at 50 and that is what triggered their awakening. They make it sound like it happened suddenly.

That makes the rest of you wonder if you have had an awakening like that.

The truth is that most people have a gradual spiritual awakening.

I know my awakening was gradual and I had to take time out of my life for spiritual practices and classes to support me along the way.

Sometimes there is an acceleration and sometimes it feels like you are moving backwards.

  • No More Problems

This is what happened to me. I wanted to feel better, so when I learned about manifestation and healing, I jumped right in.

And when I didn’t get the miraculous results, I wondered what was wrong with me!

Spiritually is a practice and a process.

It won’t solve your relationship issues or bring you consistent happiness.

Your life trajectory may shift but you are still a human and human problems will come up. But your spirituality will help you deal with and navigate the difficulties.

It will also help you become more self-aware and take responsibility for yourself and your actions, which will help you feel more empowered.

  • Becoming Magical

There is an interesting lie out there that instant manifestation and mystical experiences are necessary as a spiritual person. And many people feel that having mystical experiences alludes them.

I absolutely believe in magic and having superpowers, but this isn’t a consistent experience.

What I would like to encourage you to do is to just focus on the practices that resonate with you, like breath work, yoga and meditation. Those are supernatural experiences since they alter the brain waves.

The reason many don’t have these magical experiences is because they are living in high Beta brain wave states.

  • Enlightenment

A few years ago, I realized that I was chasing enlightenment. I was hoping and working towards this allusive thing that would give me what I thought I wanted, a better life.

There is this idea in the spiritual community that there is an endpoint to your awakening and that you will finally have a high vibration and you will be enlightened.

There isn’t an end.

Even when you die, you are evolving as a soul. It is a journey of important experiences and opportunities for growth.

When you are looking way ahead of yourself, you miss the possibility for the magical and mystical things to show up for you.

So, you are here to evolve and expand.

My mission is to support spiritual seekers like you, to accelerate your connection with your Higher Consciousness and to help you become more in tune with your own innate SuperPowers.

I’ve seen that when many of us gather in a powerful place with a clear intention, so many magical experiences happen.

Infused with Love and Light


© 2023 Melissa Feick

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