Last week, I shared that as we move into the Age of Aquarius or the New Paradigm, it is important to have a consistent, spiritual practice.

I am so amazed that many spiritual seekers skip the spiritual practice of energy clearing! I will say to my clients, “Clear your energy field.” And they will ask me, “How do I do that?”.

Clearing your energy is the first thing everyone should do regularly, if not once or twice a day! It can be a quick clearing, or you can take a little more time.

My analogy is, “You wouldn’t leave your house without having brushed your teeth. Why would you go out with a dirty energy field”?

The thing is, you accumulate energy around you all the time. It can come from your thoughts, other people's energy or thoughts, what you watched or consumed, your childhood issues, fear, anger and so much more!

This is just energy, and you aren’t clearing energy to protect yourself. Clearing your energy can help you feel more like you and less like the energy that you’ve accumulated. And the best form of energy protection is a clean and clear energy field!

When you are in a stressful or emotional situation, your energy starts to drain and your energy feels off. It is so important to clear your energy, so you are no longer entangled in other peoples' energy.

Let’s say you’re dealing with a close family member's illness. Everyone in your family is upset and you are all trying to figure out what to do. As you are dealing with this, everyone’s lower energy starts to accumulate around you.

You aren’t a victim, you are entangled!

You and your family are already energetically entangled, and with this highly emotional experience you are even more sensitive and affected by others.

Or you have a job where you have a lot of expectations of you. The meeting you just had didn’t go well, your boss isn’t happy with your last report and your coworker is a hot mess and wants to complain about everything!

These are normal situations that affect your energy!

And if you keep moving ahead without clearing your energy, you won’t be able to create more of what you desire!

You will want to clear your energy and your chakras.

As I am writing this I realize that I have so much to share about this that this may take more than one correspondence. Please stay with me throughout so you don’t miss the important information!

Next week I will give you exactly what you need to keep your energy clear and open to your sacred alignment.

Infused with love and light



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