Have you been feeling a pull to go inward? This Eclipse is a powerful, transformational experience. There are two types of eclipses, the solar and the lunar.

The lunar eclipses are much more emotionally intense than solar eclipses since they are connected to feminine energy and have a greater influence on our emotions. Lunar helps you to tap into your intuition and helps you open to your inner wisdom.

When Scorpio aligns with the lunar eclipse, it can be a time of revelation, change, and the opportunity for transformation.

Under the guidance of Pluto and water, Scorpio encourages you to dig into your shadow with the help of this eclipse. This is your connection to your inner alchemist and healer. This is a great time to transform any behavior, emotion, or energy that is keeping you stuck.

When dealing with Scorpio energy, surrender to the transformational energy by courageously exploring your shadow, allowing any energy to come up from our subconscious.

The energy of the lunar eclipse is impactful and as you transcend the ego’s shadow it will eventually lead you to your highest energetic potential.

As the energy of the Aquarian age ushers in the 5D energy you may feel the calling to transcend your fears, triggers, and conditioned patterns.

The higher vibrations of the cosmic sacred geometric codes are more available. This is the power of the Ascension and assists you in becoming the potential of the 5D human.

I believe this is the time to start to embody your highest vibration and to align with your higher consciousness.

For me, I am going through an interesting, energetic upgrade. I have been meditating and opening up to the energies that are in alignment with the important service of the Ascension.

One of the meditations I am doing right now is the Chakra Synchronicity Activation.

If you don’t have this meditation, here is the link. https://melissafeick.com/AscMed

Infused with Love and Light


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