Over the last few months, there’s been a theme I have been hearing from so many people. This is the energy of confusion.

Confusion makes you feel stuck and disoriented. It's crucial to recognize that this confusion often stems from the ego, the relentless whisperer of doubt and fear.

As you navigate these moments of uncertainty, please remember that the journey toward spiritual awakening requires you to transcend this confusion.

The galactic light codes are activating high vibrational energy, urging you to release the grip of the old paradigm and embrace the dawn of a new era.

This energy is the sign for you to let go of outdated beliefs, perceptions, and attachments that no longer serve your highest self.

Embracing this transition can be unsettling, similar to the topsy-turvy sensation of a cosmic rollercoaster.

The massive morphogenic field of confusion is blanketing the world. It’s an indication that profound transformation is underway.

This is happening because the old energies want to keep you stuck, confused, and afraid.

The confusion field can accumulate around you and energize your thoughts and feelings to keep you in a holding pattern.

It’s not easy to venture into the spiritual energy of Oneness, Love, and Divine Light when you are confused and disoriented.

When confusion arises, take a deep breath, center yourself, and trust the process of spiritual awakening.

Don’t let any type of confusion or the sense of separation stop you from aligning with the wisdom of your higher self.

I have a free meditation and activation that will help you energize your energy and help you release some of the confusion. 


With love and light,          


Infused with Love and Light


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