What are you going to do to align your soul energy and your personal ascension process this year?

Personally, I am focusing on using the most powerful energy tools and activations, so I can vibrate at the most Divine energy frequency.

The Ascension with its Ascension energy is happening whether you are aware of it or notIt is a human evolutionary process and every sentient being connected to this planet is going through the Ascension.

One of the things you will want to do for your Ascension is to activate your Light Bodywhich is different from your Aura.

Your Light Body blueprint holds an individual light code that looks like a moving, fluid geometric symbol. This is your energy signature.

Newly activated light codes immediately eliminate lower-level feelings, such as frequencies of sadness, resentment or anger, as well as the effects of traumatic or unjust events.

You’ll transform and transmute energy into higher frequencies to match those of the Light codes. As you connect to your Higher Self through light codes, you experience your truth, divinity, and greatest expression of Light.

The Ascension process relates to your becoming more of your Light body within a physical form and transcending lower frequencies. It is your potential light blueprint that you project out into the world.

As you start to awaken and Ascend, you will start to experience the flow of the Universe. You’ll change your beliefs and perspectives about yourself and your world.

You will become more sensitive to frequency changes, meaning you will feel the lower vibrations and sense how they affect you and the world around you.

You will be inspired to connect with the unknown realm around you, and you will be more aware that you are an amazing multidimensional being. 

Much Love/Light


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