Akashic Records Healing & Coaching™

Spiritual Expansion Academy™ and The Akashic Records Healing and Coaching™ is the fastest way to remove all energy that is blocking you. I help you remove, from your DNA, Cellular Memory, Akashic Records, Genetic line, Cultural line and the Mental, Physical and Emotional Bodies the  traumas, and programs that are keeping you stuck in dis-ease and unhealthy habits. The DNA holds not just your cellular blueprint but it also holds cellular memory and karma. I use my intuition and the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field to find the stuck energy that is causing you difficulty in your life.

 Experience deep healing and advanced techniques to support your enlightenment & ascension.

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You are here to transcend your lower vibrations of lack, fear, anger, sadness, and so on, but are you still trying to figure out your life and what to do next?! When you are a certified Akashic Records Healer and Coach™ through the Spiritual Expansion Academy™ you have the tools to transform people’s lives immediately, starting with you! You will see beyond their fear and lack and recreate their life so they can feel more on purpose and live the power of Joy!

You will also receive deep clearings and healings that will take your own energy to a higher vibration and you will feel more on purpose!

Akashic Records Reading

Melissa no longer does readings, she does Akashic Records Healing & Coaching™. Spiritual Expansion Academy™ has certified Akashic Records Healers just click the link below for more information.

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Answer Your Higher Calling and Help Transform the World! As a Spiritual Entrepreneur with a desire to be of service and spread your message, it is important that you are attracting your ideal clients and that you are confident to step into your power as a leader!
Transform you and your business so it is in alignment with your soul’s calling!

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