Trust in yourself and your higher guidance is the fastest way to develop and sharpen your intuition.  When you have trust you are able to let go of the fear that holds you back from listening to your intuition.

If you are worried that you will get the answer wrong it will keep you in a state of non-movement and non-trust.  Learning to trust your inner voice or feeling will help you start to trust yourself which will assist you in moving forward and make changes in your life.

Most of the time it is the fear of change and the fear of the unknown that keeps you in the state of distrust.  This state of holds you back from listening to your inner guidance.  The ego is fear’s puppet master, it tells you to not listen to the ‘other’ voice of intuition.  And when it tells you not to listen you end up getting caught up in fear and mistrust.

The ego’s mistrust is why most of us stay in a holding pattern in our lives.  If we make one wrong choice and we see it as a reason not to trust our intuition although, maybe we did not listen to the correct voice therefore, we did not make the right choice.

We are programmed from an early age to think, not listen to the inner voice.  This early programming gets in the way of our ability to recognize our intuition.

Let’s talk about the ways the ego shuts down the intuitive voice and creates mistrust:

  1. The ego says that is too scary and bad things will happen if we follow the intuitive voice. The ego has a vested interest in being the voice for you to listen to.  You have free will so you are making a choice when you listen to the ego and ignore your intuition.
  2. The ego tells you a story which keeps you preoccupied with the fear, doubt, pain, sorrow, and anger. With all that going on how are you going to allow your intuition through?
  3. The ego tells us to fear our intuition because the ego fears being wrong. The ego wants you to believe you can’t trust your intuitive voice.  The ego wants us to mistrust intuition so the ego holds all the power.
  4. We mistrust our intuition because the ego has a vested interest in surviving so it needs to be right. That means the ego will use any means possible to convince you not to trust your intuition.


The ego wants you to trust its guidance no matter how many times it’s been wrong.  This is the difference between ego power and spiritual power.  The ego’s power is connected to mistrust, separateness, and fear.  Spiritual power is connected to trust, love, oneness and guidance.  Even when we know the ego uses lower vibrational energy to ‘help’ us we still give it our power.

When we mistrust our intuition and believe the ego’s voice of mistrust is right, we feed the illusion that we are separate and should somehow be afraid of trusting our intuition.

We make intuition into a fear, not divine guidance.

Although the ego is part of your whole self, doesn’t mean that we need to believe everything it says.

Intuition is something we are all born with and everyone’s intuition is powerful and strong.  If you have shut off your intuition or turned down the volume it’s time to open it back up.  Since you are born with a powerful connection to your soul and intuition it can never go away or die.  It’s always there, communicating with you.  You just started to ignore it or forgot to listen to it.

Think about it like this.  Have you ever listened to someone tell you something that you have heard hundreds of times but this time you actually listened?  You actually heard what they said?  That is the same way your intuition is communicating with you.  It is telling you over and over without getting upset or giving up.  It wants to communicate with you, it’s up to you if you listen or not.

Our intuition is our internal guidance system and our connection to our soul.

Even when you ignore the soul’s intuitive voice it will never abandon you, the soul will be patient and keep connecting and doing what it’s doing.  It will always love and guide you no matter if you trust it or not.

It’s always communicating with you, it’s up to you to listen.

Your intuition helps you create the life you desire and keeps you connected to your soul and your soul’s alignment.  Your intuition does not speak in a foreign language, it contacts you in ways that you understand and resonate with.  Again, it’s up to you to listen!

Some will call their intuition hunches, gut feelings, a knowing or the little voice inside.   You know what it is for you and how your intuition communicates with you.

Your intuition is always communicating.  It has a constant phone line open you just have to pick it up.  It communicates with you through feelings, hunches, the little voice, a sign, through Google, through animals.  It can even talk to you through the radio, numbers, oracle cards, TV or books.  The universe is economical so it will use any, and I mean any means possible to communicate with you.  Your intuition is connected to All That You Are and will use everything around you to try to get its message across, it is up to you to listen and trust.

We have all experienced times when we ignored our intuition and heart.  We had tons of thoughts about how it did not make sense and you rationalized the ego’s voice of mistrust. Oh yeah, the mistrust voice is right.

I bet that if you looked back on your life you would find times you had a strong intuitive hit but you ignored it or told yourself that it may not be trustworthy.

When I teach my intuitive development classes I tell everyone the key to trusting your intuition is to just follow it.  So what if you’re wrong!  Take a chance and listen to the feeling and follow through.  As long as it’s not a life alternating situation go for it.  Start with small things like when your intuition tells you to take a different route home, call an old friend, ask for the raise, or take time off from a toxic relationship.  These are not big steps or life-altering events, they are simple ways to follow through on your intuition and it doesn’t matter if you are wrong.

The reason we are afraid to listen to our intuition is that our ego tells us that it would be bad if we made the wrong choice.  The wrong choice will make our world crash down upon us.  I would bet that the last wrong choice you made came from your ego, not your soul or intuition!

Intuition is never wrong, it’s how you interpret it that’s wrong.

Next time you have a choice to make and you’re asking your intuition what to do, think of it answer like a strategy.  When you make your choice a strategic move it is not the end all, you can always change course if it is not working.  This way it is never about making the right or wrong choice, it is about what your next strategic move will be in the situation.

This is important for you to understand because this is a major tip on how to start to trust your intuition!

Now that we understand what shuts down the ability to trust your intuition and what intuition is, let’s look at ways to start trusting your intuition.

Trust comes down to believing in yourself.  If you don’t believe you are good enough, you will have trouble trusting your intuition.