The Universe speaks to you through a vibrational frequency. This energy vibrates and creates all things we are aware of and unaware of. All things in our environment vibrate including solid objects, electricity, sound, radio waves, etc. The Law of Vibration states that the vibrational frequency in which you vibrate will attract the same vibration back to you.  What are you attracting with your thought and feeling vibrations?

All matter in the Universe consists of energy waves which vibrate at different rates of speed. Matter is made up of a molecular structure and space, therefore, science will tell you that no object is really solid; it just vibrates at a speed that makes the object appear solid. That object is made up of atoms and quarks moving at a certain rate of speed so it gives the impression of solidity. The ancient masters and sages would tell you that this world is an illusion, nothing is real. This illusion is directly influenced by our thoughts and feelings which sends out a vibrational frequency and creates what we experience. 

In other words, the object in front of you is vibrating atoms and space which is directly influenced by you and those around you. We exchange energy between all things and experience the world through that energy exchange. This is why your observation directly affects the object being observed. For more information about this effect go to:

Your vibrational frequency is who we are, body, mind, and spirit. This can be considered electromagnetic energy which means you are energy that attracts or magnetizes like energy. This energy draws to itself a similar energy match. If one is vibrating the energy of anger they may attract anger toward themselves. They will experience angry people or situations that make them feel angrier.

You interact with the world and the world interacts with you through the exchange of energy vibration. Your thoughts are real and have an energy vibration and that vibration is what creates your reality. Your experience in life correlates with the frequency you emanate. If one believes that they will experience difficult times than that is what their reality will be. Your thoughts have the power and strength of creation. These thoughts and beliefs either raise or lower your vibration. What you watch on television, the people around you, what you eat and the music you listen to all have a direct effect on your vibrational frequency.

Raise Your Vibration

If you are interested in raising your vibration this is done through intention and focus. The energy that you hold in your vibrational field resonates out not only to the others around you but the plants and animals and all the other dimensions and planes of existence. When your frequency is clear and bright, higher frequency beings will connect with you more often and the connection will be much clearer. The higher the frequency in which you vibrate, the higher consciousness you will have.  

This will enable you to connect with your higher self and the Ascended Masters and other multi-dimensional beings. The higher vibrations will also help you activate your clairvoyancy and healing abilities, clear your chakras and activate your higher strands of DNA. When you raise your vibration, your intuition, telepathy and increased psychic abilities will be available to you. Your guidance from the higher dimensions will become more direct and much clearer as your vibration rises.

In raising your consciousness and vibration your perceptions of the world will change your experiences change. You’ll see yourself attracting more abundance, experiencing deeper relationships and connections with others. If you send out conflicting vibrations, you will feel stuck. There will be a sense of non-movement and confusion over your next step in life and you will feel like you are struggling and not in the flow.

Ways to raise your vibration

Everyone has a potential within themselves to rise to a higher vibration than what they are currently resonating at. That potential can be realized or ignored depending on how much fear or self-sabotage one experiences on a regular basis. Since that potential is available to you it would be beneficial to work on the things that trigger or upset you. If you are triggered by an issue or you have the same issue or pattern it is best to work on it.  This will not only raise your vibration but keep it at a heightened state. It’ll open up your consciousness so that your higher self is more available to you.

Watch your thoughts and what you say as well as being aware of how you behave. All of these things will either raise or lower your vibration. Your words have a direct correlation to your vibrational frequency and the experiences that you have. Other ways of raising your vibration would be meditation. If you meditate for 3 minutes your vibration will move up a little bit but you will be unable to retain the frequency. Meditate every day and you will notice the energy frequency around you shifting and changing. Eating higher frequency foods will definitely have an impact on the energy around you. Pranic breath work is another technique that will help raise our vibration. Cleaning your chakras and auric field at least once a day will positively help your energy field and raise your frequency. Any clairvoyant you will tell you the difference in the energy field of one who has worked on their stuff and someone has not.

Increasing your vibrational frequency takes dedication and focus. Are your thoughts and beliefs in harmony with what you want to create in your life? Do talk about raising your vibration without having a daily practice to help you do so? Today is the day for you to start focusing on what matters most, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Focus on joy, happiness, love, compassion and all other high vibrational energies.

When you resist your potential frequency it will affect the physical, mental and emotional bodies. That resistance shows up in your life through difficult relationships and being upset over minor things. As Lightworkers, it is easy for us to pick up on lower vibrational energies. It is also easy for us to use our tools to release that energy and keep our vibration at its highest potential. So show yourself how much you love yourself by focusing on higher vibrational thoughts and feelings today.

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Much Love Melissa