Episode 003: How to be a Vibrationally Conscious Leader

Vibrational leaders are the change makers through higher consciousness. Learn about the earth’s current duality and the ability to transcend shadows and what it means to be a spiritual leader. This is important for your ascension process as well as the collective ascension process.



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In this episode, we're going to go into how to be a vibrational conscious leader. This is an important topic for the ascension process and for us as spiritual people, to be more aware of the energy system that's coming in. It is a lot of light codes and high vibe energy. We are here as spiritual seekers, as lightworkers, as star seeds, to be able to hold that frequency, to help the Ascension process. I'm going to go into what a vibrational leader is, what you need to know about the Ascension process, and how to hold a higher vibration, and what it means to be in alignment with your higher consciousness vibration.

There is a huge shakeup going on in our world and the Ascension energy that's activating our planet is so powerful right now, and it is profound. It's the time of the great awakening. I've been talking about Ascension for over 20 years, and I feel like we're just at the precipice of the true awakening and the true acceleration of the Ascension. We're moving from what some people call the fifth dimension or fourth density. If you're into the law of one, there are very powerful and organized light code energies. And these are a systematic frequency that comes through the grid lines from the higher realms. And it's aligning us with new energy systems, new portals, which are all being activated all over our planet. These codes have the potential, no guarantee, but the potential to activate Lightworkers star seeds, spiritual seekers. And these activations happen when there's a clear inner vibrational change for each and every individual. So as a spiritual seeker, you're more likely to be activated by these energy codes when you are in alignment with them. There has to be an energetic alignment.

It's not a passive experience. I'm going to sit back and you bring me in my light codes. No, you're a sovereign being. And when your energy matches the Ascension codes coming through, your experience will be deeper and you'll experience more profound transformation. Over the summer, I received this message, it was associated with leadership and how as a collective, we want higher vibrational and frequency leaders. And this is the Ascension energy, but it has nothing to do with who's “in power”, because they're not the change makers for this new earth. The change makers aren't the leaders, or politicians, or big business. The leaders are the little guys, it's you and me. You and I are the ones who are making the change because we're becoming vibrational leaders and vibrational leaders shift the consciousness of the collective human population. They do this by holding a frequency and they know that frequency. And they're totally immersed in the energy of that frequency. It's not about the people who are in power because they're holding egos, power and egos energy. It's the higher consciousness beings of the collective human population that are going to make a difference. And it's those who are letting go, and being more of their higher consciousness. We’re the ones who are going to make the changes. iI's not about political systems or making new rules, regulations, or passing new laws. It's about being kind and loving to others, holding an understanding that no matter what someone is doing, they are still trying to do their best. You don't know their story. You don't know what's going on with them, and you can have compassion for them and love for them. Like the creator would, like a mother or father would do with their child.

Now the ego power of change is the false belief that our worlds can change through those lower energies of fear, anger, or control. That's all about ego power. And that's what the so-called leaders of our modern “society” have. They have this false belief that they are in control of what happens in our world, but ego leaders have no way to initiate the frequency change. And that's what we are here to do because that's, what's going to make the change. These so-called ego leaders have no way of creating a new, higher frequency world. They're trying to get the old world and keep that in our awareness. And they want this old energy of fear, and anger, and control to be what we experience for the next couple hundred years. But that's how ego leaders stay in control, right? And how they stay in power. They don't understand a frequency. They don't understand energy. There's this energetic call to all potential vibrational leaders. They're the people who are willing to look at their shadow to heal their old wounds, to create a life, a connection, oneness love. These are the light keepers. They're the vibrational leaders who are ushering in the Ascension and the movement from those lower fear-based energies into a higher frequency. These are the leaders of the Ascension. These are the creative energy. This is the creative power of who we truly are to create the universe. We want to see, we want to experience, and we want to be part of who wants to be part of the old system. Been there, done that for many lifetimes, right? We are in a major creative power grid right now. And it is a creative source energy. We need to tap into this creative grid that's being created around our world and activated so we can utilize it for the Ascension process.

I realize how excited and how passionate I am. This is because I can't believe the opportunity of such a powerful dynamic change. This isn't about other people. And as I was getting this information from the multi-dimensional consciousnesses that I work with. I recognized that we are the ultimate energy because we are the creators of our experience. No one else is, these guides can't even help us really, because they're not in charge of our experience. They can support us and love us, but they can't make the change for us. It's up to us. And that's why so many of you incarnated at this time. We said, Oh, the great awakening is happening. Oh, you mean the Ascension's going to be at that time? Oh, you mean, I get to be a vibrational leader and I get to experience this crazy world and be a higher frequency? I'm in.  I am so in. Oh yeah. I remember how difficult it was, but I'm so in, because I know at the end, that is what my soul is calling me to do. And this call is powerful and it's not just coming from your own soul. It's coming from the higher dimensional beings, the fifth, six dimensions are saying, come on, let's get on this bus. Let's ride this ride and create the world you want, you are not a victim. Create the world you want. And we've got to do it only through frequency. We're not going to do it by yelling at each other or wanting a certain thing or wanting to control anyone or being in fear. That's not going to make our change. Our change is only through vibration and frequency. Okay?

There's this new geometric mathematical formula that is being yielded and created right now. This formula is actually a catalyst for the vibrational leadership committee. Now it's not a committee that you can be voted on. It is a calling. It is a desire to become a vibrational leader. You're being, so your energy is vibrating at the frequency and the energy of change. And it's expressing the leadership qualities that emanate in that vibration. So this geometric formula and grids, this is an expansive energy. And as individuals, we can tap into it, but we can also tap into it as a collective, and as a collective, we're going to get more use out of this energy than if we just do it individually. That doesn't mean you try to find your group before you do anything. Start working on yourself. Now start looking at your shadow, start letting go of your egoic needs and thoughts and projections, and be more aware of your higher consciousness.

Do the inner healing work. And the key is always self-awareness. Because when you are aware of your own issues and your projections, you're going to be less caught up in the mundane and ridiculousness of being human. But it's okay to be human, right? I mean, that's part of what we came here to do. We can hold a higher frequency and be in this body. That's unique to our experience here. You want to take the time to pay attention to who you are being, and evaluate who you are, and where you're headed. Energetically, not what job you have. Not who loves you. Who are you? Energetically? Who are you energetically now? And who do you want to be energetically tomorrow, or the next day, or in your future.

To be in alignment as a vibrational leader means you can hold a higher frequency. That means you are emanating, outward, a higher frequency. People who are clairvoyant or aware of energy, are going to sense it, and they're going to feel it. This isn't about spiritual ego, and it's not about the spiritual ego feeling like it's better than everybody else. And Oh, I'm a higher frequency. And the ridiculousness that the spiritual ego can have because that's false ego leadership. If you are being in your spiritual ego, you are in the same lower frequency as someone who is in their ego, and it's not easy. Let's just be honest, it's not easy for the ego to be a vibrational leader. It's going to resist that. The ego will resist that, and resist that, because the ego believes in fear. It uses fear to keep its body safe. And we'll go into that on another podcast. Right now we're talking about the spiritual leadership. A real vibrational leader sees their projection and isn't afraid to take responsibility. Taking responsibility means I am responsible for my experience, how I am toward people, how I perceive my world, that's up to me because I'm the creator of my universe.

So again, not spiritual ego responsibility, spiritual ego responsibility is someone who says the words, but they don't really follow the actions. Oh yes. I take responsibility for my life. But when you look at what they're doing in their life, they're not taking responsibility. And we all know, spiritual ego is really hard to notice. Most people don't even get, or understand spiritual ego. I'll watch their spiritual ego come up and up and up and they're denying it, denying it, denying it. It is a very subtle, stealthy little monster, in a good way, you know, cute monster.

What's going on with the earth right now is the earth is in duality. That's what we've been in for a very long time. And our world is the projection of our own collective experience. We are all agreeing on what this projection is. So we all believe in this projection and there's been so much suffering in our world for a very long time. And especially now, a lot of people are experiencing their shadow in a really powerful way. But it's also a time of this great awakening where vibrational leaders are being called to step up. So the shadow is being shown to us through any source it can, our political system, our media, people that we see on the streets. The shadow is helping us recognize our own shadow and how our shadow expresses itself, because you have the ability to transcend your shadow. Spiritual people have more ability to transcend their shadow than the muggles, or mundane people of this world. And as a collective, you have to see through your shadow. You have to take the time to look, be self-aware, and especially, call out your spiritual ego. You want to transmute that ego, especially the spiritual ego as a spiritual aspirant, you're being guided to disengage from duality. I want to repeat this so you really understand. As a spiritual seeker, you're being guided to disengage from duality. That doesn't mean be Pollyanna with rose colored glasses. That means recognizing that the polarity of this universe is just our projection. It is not who we are. It doesn't have to be our reality. When we get caught up in dualities, we are caught up in the lower energies that are associated with it. In order to be a vibrational conscious leader, it's best if you notice those lower frequencies and energies within yourself and how you see them in your world. You can't hold the energy of love if you still have old shame sitting way deep in your lower chakras, because that's connected to duality and you can't move into fourth density or fifth dimension. If you want to be a vibrational leader, and you're still holding onto those old energies, it's just not possible.

You can't hold love and be in divine connection and love of all sentient beings if you're still angry at your mother or your father, because the Ascension process starts with the shift of vibration within each individual. And if enough of us do it, wow, we're going to have a whole new world. And yes, it is going to take a little time. We are still living in time and space. But why wait? I mean, if you're 25 now and you wait another 10 years, that's too long do it. Now don't be afraid. It's about moving from those lower stuck energies that help you open into your higher frequencies and higher vibrations. If you keep transcending those lower energies, they are no longer bogging you down and keeping you stuck in those lower frequencies and you have more availability to the higher frequencies.

Higher energies are all over the place. I've see this so powerfully around so many individuals. This higher consciousness, energy, and their higher self are so ready to get in there and just really do more deep work. But the ego's like, not today. I think I'll just be annoyed at everybody today. And the higher self is like, okay, dude, we'll wait for you. No problem. So as you accelerate your vibration, your helping others also to become activated to those higher vibrations. There's a formula to these activations. It's not a random occurrence. It's not a random thing. This is the divine energy of evolution. It's the Ascension activation. But you know, as humans, we do have to do some work on ourselves because we do have some issues and karmic ties and entanglements that we have to work through this. Isn't an energy system to just sit back and let everybody else do things around you.

And for you, it's not like a Reiki session where you're just lying on a table and you receive energy, because what good would that do? You're here to experience this great awakening, this huge shift of consciousness. You're literally at the precipice, at the beginning of this great experience and experiment, and you have the opportunity, more than ever, to make major transformations from those lower frequencies into higher frequencies. But you can only do that if you become self-aware. So what are the inner feelings that are keeping you stuck in these negative patterns? What are the lower vibrations that you're holding on to, or are you being stuck in duality? What are the thoughts that are consuming you over and over and over again? And what's the energy that keeps you stuck in that old pattern? What keeps you stuck in this projection and illusion? These are all questions you want to ask yourself, and I'll definitely have them in the show notes below.

This Ascension frequency is shaking up the energy of the earth and all sentient beings that are part of the earth as well, and in our galaxy, because this shakeup is the progression of energy, moving from a lower octave into a higher one. This is happening whether you know about Ascension or not, whether you understand what it means to be a frequency or not, it's happening. For the Muggles of the world, it's still happening, but they're just getting their shadow thrown in their face. Vibration means a movement of energy. And this is an energy shift that's happening. And it's just shaking up everything because sometimes that's what happens.

We are in this energy, in the earth plane, and the whole frequency is rattling about in its cage. It's just an natural evolutionary process. We're moving from one energy system and frequency to another, just like you move from being a teenager and to a young adult. You're being rattled because it's instituting this change. And sometimes we have to shake things up to say, hey, we need you to change. We need a catalyst for you to say, wait a minute, is this where I'm supposed to be? Or maybe I should look at why I'm angry or why I'm always hurt by everyone or why I can't keep a relationship more than a couple of weeks. You're making these choices, but you're also making a vibrational choice. Every moment, everything you focus on, you're choosing to be either in a lower vibration or a higher vibration. You can choose which one, you really are making the choice that should really empower you, knowing that you are in charge of your life.

There isn't some being hanging out puppeteering us and saying, you're going to be this way, and you're going to be that way. Our soul knows exactly what it's doing. Trust your soul. Don't trust your ego. Your ego is the one who's going well, I don't know about that. Well, what's this lady saying she's kind of a little wackadoodle. She sure does talk fast. What you want to do is take that ego's voice and go, I don't think I want to listen to you right now. What's my higher consciousness really saying, it's saying step up, let's do this leadership dance. Let's be in that frequency. And let's jive to the frequency, energy. So much more fun, so much more connected when you do that. How do you know if you choose to become into a very high vibration? You feel more peaceful. You're not driven by stress or external circumstances, or people don't make you feel as triggered, because you're choosing to channel this energy change and energy vibration that's coming through differently than most people. The higher dimensional beings who are supporting us through this major transmission, and transition. So I mean, are higher beings who are helping us out. They're helping us understand that the old leadership style is dying out and maybe it will take a hundred years to do that, we don't care because we're here to usher in the whole new vibration. And don't look at it as a time and space thing. Look at it as I'm going to do what my soul is asking me to do and what I'm being called to do.

It's a very deep calling and Lightworkers spiritual aspirants star seeds, or whatever word you want to use. We're the ones who are being asked to step up as new leaders and our linear old leadership style is kind of going to be out of vogue. But spiritual leaders, we're more subtle, and we don't need to be screaming at people and trying to control everything and tell everybody what to do to create a shift in energy. Because we do it through vibration, through frequency, through a very important open heart. Spiritual leaders are moving the energy without force and literally becoming the energy of change. But that old energy is literally resisting that change. Of course, it's going to resist, because it's literally between the egoic self of the lower energies and the higher consciousness, the ego, isn't always on board with the higher consciousness, because it is addicted to the body mind.

We all know it has a lot of things to say. I want you to understand, because we live in duality people assume that there's going to be a right way and a wrong way to ascend. Or a right way and a wrong way to hold a higher frequency. But that's not true. That's only this level. Nobody's going to tell you that there's a right way to hold a vibration and a wrong way. It's really about who are you? What energy are you emanating out into the world and emanating within self. And it always comes in with self first because we are energetic beings. So the question is, what vibration are you holding? And when you hold a higher frequency, you actually activate others when you're around them.

Sometimes you might have somebody in your life who's really resistant and it will show your shadow. It will come up in all weird ways, maybe even for them. And they may actually fight against it. So just be aware that you want to still hold that energy no matter what other people around you are doing. Because their ego is afraid of this new energy, and it's not ready for this new vibration, and people may fight it or ignore it. So don't assume there's a right or wrong way of Ascension. Just hold your frequency. That's all we ask of you. And we're not talking about perfection. There's no such thing as perfection on this world, there's too much duality for perfection. It's all about evolving. How much fun is that we're ushering in a whole new experience. We haven't done this for thousands of years. What a great opportunity. So you want to work on things you want to transform. You want to get deeper into your lower emotions that are keeping you in a lower vibe.

Ascension is about raising your consciousness and anchoring in your higher consciousness. Your higher consciousness has its own vibration. Your higher consciousness is your whole being ness. And when you're anchoring in that higher consciousness, you have to be more available to those higher vibrations. It's kind of easy for spiritual aspirants to go into spiritual ego and trick themselves, and they spiritually bypass. So it's important for you, as a new vibrational leader, to recognize and call yourself out when you're bypassing your lower energies. And when you are pretending, maybe to be happy when you're really not. When inside you're a mess or you're pretending that, Oh, I'm not angry at that person. I forgave them a long time ago, but all you do is feel anger and hurt by someone. You don't want to bypass that you want to be aware and you want to transcend it, but don't bypass it.

This is what happens. Most people repress their issues, or they pretend it's not there, or they're going to be what I call the Doreen Virtue. And that's, Oh, I'm so angelic. And I only have love for everyone. And I'm a goddess and I'm in charge and, Oh, there's, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm at a really high place. I'm so evolved spiritually. And that's just my take on it. What you want to ask is, are you being true to who you really are? Are you presenting a false self? Because that happens a lot with spiritual people. They're like, Oh, spiritual people are happy and spiritual people think this way. So that's what I'm going to be. But they're pretending and bypassing what's really going on. And they're not really dealing with their old egoic issues or old traumas in their life. And you have to kind of transcend those traumas, and your abuse, because if you don't, you're not going to reach a higher vibration because those old energies are going to be stuck inside of you.

It's still going to flip-flop between low vibe, high vibe, low vibe, high vibe. You have to be honest and honestly, self-awareness is key to your Ascension. 100% awareness awareness of your own stuff. Your own subconscious programming. Spiritual bypassing is bypassing that subconscious programming because it is subconscious and trying to pretend they're something else. They're like, Oh no, everything's okay. I'm really happy where I am. I'm really happy right now. But every night they have nightmares or every day they wake up and they have to do a lot of inner work in order to feel more connected and happy because they're bypassing some old patterns. And it's probably the same patterns that they've had for a very long time. As you ascend, you anchor in your higher consciousness, more and more, but you also have to be present with any lower energies, including judgments and judging things as good or bad.

I see that a lot in people. They're like, well, this is a good thing. And that's a bad thing because there's a right way and a wrong way and that's truth. But that's not. Again, there is no such thing as truth. There's only one truth. Only one truth that we are all one, that's it, that's the only truth. If one person said this and another person said something else, it doesn't mean, one person is saying the truth, and the other person is not. It's all about perspective. You have to be more or aware of your thoughts, your feelings, how you react, because as you raise your consciousness, you're going to create faster. And if you get caught up in some drama, that's happening around you, energetically you'll slip into that old energy, but because you've hold a higher vibration for so long and you've done it so steadily and you slip into that old energy or a lower vibration, you could experience a weird manifestation that you may not want because the universe doesn't say, Oh, you only want good stuff. The universe says, what's up. What's your energy. That's what we'll bring forward to you. It's really our higher consciousness doing it, not the universe, but the universe shows up for us, right? We’re co-creating with the universe. Our higher consciousness and our thoughts and feelings are co-creating with the universe. You show up for us and show up with whatever we're creating. And this is because vibration equals manifestation. Sometimes the, it has to hit the fan because you're going to understand more of, Oh, I have to be really clear of my creations because I'm powerful. And I'm creating all sorts of things that I wasn't really looking into getting and receiving, but I get it. I get it. This is all about you raising your consciousness. Sometimes we have to ebb and flow between our higher consciousness and our lower consciousness to really understand what it means to be a high vibrational leader to what it means when you create a negative thing through energy.

I just want to give you maybe an example of that. Let's say the universe says, Oh yeah, I noticed you're putting a lot out there that you want to get rid of that person in your office. And now a bunch of people are being fired. And your favorite three people are getting laid off, and you have this fear of losing your own job because you wanted something negative to happen to someone else. We're co-creating and the more higher vibrational energies you hold, the more you co-create good or bad. Because really what is good or bad? That's our duality. Hopefully you get the gist of what I mean. You have to start being really conscious, especially if you're going to ascend and raise other people's frequencies because the universe is a co-creator with us. And we are learning how to live in this duality world and hold a higher frequency.

The other thing I've noticed is that high vibrational leaders, are going to start to get a lot of divine inspiration. This is a way for us to hold a different vibration, to help other people ascend, you may get a huge download, or you may get little tiny inspirations that create a whole new experience for you. Make sure you write everything down that you're experiencing and all the divine inspiration so that you can look at it later. You don't have to act on everything, but I like to keep a running list of all the things I want to do because it's so inspirational and so exciting. I have a huge list of all the different channelings that I've done and experiences that I've had and classes I want to create. And I love that because I really know then in our space and time, we're moving to a whole fruit, new frequency, and we need more people to step up and hold that frequency. And that's what this all is. It's a vibration. And as a vibrational leader, you're going to feel the same way.

Time and space are collapsing. I keep on seeing people jump timeline after timeline, after timeline, after timeline. And it's because they're holding higher frequencies and they're not being caught up in the mundane world. I hope you feel super inspired and that you really want to hold a higher frequency for this new Ascension. I would really appreciate if you would subscribe to this podcast, I'd also really appreciate a review and I can't wait to connect with you again. If you want to reach me, Melissa, fike.com and don't forget, I do have a subscription plan that is all about multi-dimensional healing, raising your vibration. It's all about working on the lower energies to raise our vibration for this whole Ascension process.

Sending you so much love.