This is part one of the series Light vs Dark. This miniseries is to help you maneuver through the Ascension with a grounded understanding and practical knowledge about the Light vs Dark energy in the world. But… it’s not what you think! I will also help you feel more empowered when bad things happen. 

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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension Podcast, your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick, this podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift. We'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field, manifestation, aliens, the Akashic Records, and so much more. It's time to raise your vibe.


Hi, and welcome to Spiritual Expansion with Melissa Feick. Today, we are going to talk about light versus dark, and this will be a guide for every spiritual seeker. I want to help you understand what this light and what this dark is really about. Most people think about light and dark as a good and bad thing. And that is where we get caught up. That is where we disengage from our own healing and our own transformation.

Let's start with this. We live in a world of polarity. Polarity means the energy of dichotomy, where you have good versus evil, love and unlovable, not hatred. Hatred is a little bit different, but love and unlovable, they're both love. But we have this energy of this polarity. It moves from one direction to another. And that's what the Buddhists always talk about. Equanimity. Equanimity means living not in the dichotomy and the swing of the craziness of polarity.


I love you. I hate you. I want you in my life. I want you away from me. I don't want this. I do want this, but then I don't want that. And it's all this energy of pulling in all sorts of directions. And when Buddhists talk about equanimity, what they mean is taking those polarities and bringing them into balance. And equanimity is feeling in a centered space, seeing the chaos of the world, recognizing the polarities of the world and seeing through that as seeing from a place of centeredness, of non-reaction, non-judgment compassion, love, understanding, because they're not caught up in the polarity. So what happens is this world, and this is really interesting, this world is actually designed, our matrix of this experience is designed for polarity. This is a rare thing in the universe. From what I understand from the multi-dimensional guides that I work with is that this matrix is in this experience of three dimensions.


And this is one of the few places we can hit such a large polarity experience and it's designed this way. So think about this. Everything is designed specifically for our evolution, and this is partly about the evolutionary path. So this matrix is exclusively designed for the polarity experience. Now, there are other matrix experiences that have polarities. This isn't the only one. So when I meant exclusive, this experience itself is exclusive because not every design is exact. So think about this. If an artist paints a beautiful watercolor and tries to paint the same scene five different times, there's always going to be a difference in each painting. Same with the creative sources and experiences that are creating this matrix. There's always new tweaks and new experiences. So our design is unique to us. It is exclusive to us all. There are other blueprints that are being followed and other experiences.


This is one that is exclusive to us or to this world experience, the earthly galactic experience, because how I also understand it, and I'm not saying this is right or wrong, this is just how I am being shown and what it looks like to me and how they're bringing it through. What they're showing me now, is that even though we live in this earthly experience, we are experiencing this 3D galactically as well. So it's not just on the physical earth plane. There are other nuances around this, obviously, because there's still this energy of polarity here. Now, because it's designed this way, our matrix, and we'll just call it the 3D matrix just for ease of explanation. This 3D matrix that we're in is designed to help us experience on a very deep visceral multi-dimensional level, this polarity, because it's teaching us this full scope of experiences that are only available in the polarity experiences or in the polarity matrices.


So in other words, there are other planetary systems that do have the planetary polarized experience or polarized matrix or polarized blueprint. Okay? So there are other opportunities to do that. We're not that unique. But in these matrices of polarity, we are experiencing a whole scope of experiences. And we came here and we chose to incarnate, to experience this major experience of polarity and this full scope of full darkness and full light. Wow. That's pretty amazing because when you hit different frequencies, lower frequencies and higher frequencies, you can't get the whole scope of both. You can't get both the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies. You can't get full light spectrum experience and full darkness spectrum experience. Now I'm not saying all light spectrum is what we see with our eyes. It's all available to us, all the light and all the dark, it's all available to us.


We may not see it with our physical vision, but it's still available to us. And that is where it's so unique and so different. This matrix of polarity. And we came here. The crazy part is we were like, ding, ding, ding, we dialed ourselves up and we said, “Hey, I'm willing to come on down.” What were we thinking? So it is this experience. We were like, “Yeah, dude, I got this. I know, oh my gosh, love humans. Oh my gosh. I love the human experience.” I know for me, I definitely chose to come here. And my choice, part of it was because I find this experience and humans fascinating, which is why the work that I do, why I’ve been driven all my whole life is because I find it fascinating. Like this is really possibility. This is available to us. And I found it fascinating.


And people will say, “Well, you've been on your path a long time.” Yes. But I also came here knowing that I was going to want to learn more, understand more, understand the human plight, get with the program of the matrix of the blueprint, right. Now, let's be honest. We all know this can be very difficult. And I fully experience and understand this difficulty of this huge polarity. It can be very daunting. It can be scary. It can be sad. It can make us feel unwanted or lovable, disconnected. I fully understand that. So I want you to know, not only do I understand it from my own personal life, but I also understand it through all my clients' experiences, because when I'm working with my clients, I feel and understand their experiences just as much as they do, because that's part of how I heal or help them heal, help them see through their own darkness.


So I know that can be difficult, but we did choose to come here. And part of your awareness of that will help you be less of the victim and more in your power. So I really encourage you this week to take some time and really ask yourself. “Yeah. You know what? I did choose to come here and it's okay.” And ask yourself, “In this moment, my choice is there, am I going to be okay with that choice? It's not saying it's okay that's happening. It's not saying these bad things, you're not experiencing that. But you've made a choice. Recently, actually for many, many, many, many years, I have heard many people say, “Why do bad things always happen to me? Why are all these bad things happening? This is happening. That's happening, all this bad stuff. And it's all happening to me. It's my experience.


Ah, I can't handle all these bad things.” And part of it is, and this is important for you to understand these bad things aren't happening to you. You are experiencing them. And again, ask yourself, “How am I experiencing this experience?” Now that seems kind of weird, right? “How am I experiencing this experience?” Why would I ask myself such a question? Because when you ask yourself that, you're more in the driver's seat than the victim seat. “Why are these bad things happening?” So that's what we'd like to ask ourselves. “Why are these bad things happening? Why, why, why, but what is it that I'm experiencing here? And why am I choosing to experience this thing as a negative?” I was speaking to someone the other day and I said, maybe this is because you needed to kind of hit a rock bottom in your life.


And maybe this is a good thing that you're experiencing this, but we always see the bad as like the worst thing that's happening to us. But there's always something worse. There's always something worse. And we are in the place of either being the victim, which is the dark frequency within, or we're being empowered through the light. So are you choosing the dark victimization? Are you choosing the empowerment of light? And I get it. I'm in this choice too all the time. And I want you to understand, it's not that these bad things are happening to you. These things are your experience for your wake up call. What are you waking up to? Are you waking up to the difficulty, the strife, the anger, the fear, the control, the manipulation? Or are you waking up to, “How can I be empowered through this? How can the light from within myself and from my higher consciousness meld together and help me see through the darkness?” Right?


Because it's just a polarity. It's not a good or bad thing. And this is where we get stuck. We see everything as a good or a bad. Why do we see it always like that? Because that's what we were taught. We were taught. This is good. That's bad. Religion is a perfect example of seeing “This is bad. That's good. This is bad. That's good.” And we kind of always seem to fall in between this good and bad place. Right. And we have to atone for the sins. Well, according to the Course In Miracles, a sin is just a mistake. When my son was in first grade, if I'm not mistaken, he came running in, and my son is very bright. He just has a great intelligence and he's not only bright, he's really sensitive. And he comes running into my room and I was working at the time and he comes running in and he's holding up a piece of paper.


He goes, “I got a check minus!” And he was crying and so emotional. And I looked at it and I said, “It's okay, honey. It's just a mistake. You misunderstood the process here.” And every mistake, every mistake can be changed. You are not destined to live this mistake the rest of your life. It's just a mistake. Let's look at what you experienced in this mistake. And he looked at it and I showed him, it was a ruler thing. And he started at the one, because for him that made logical sense, where you're supposed to start at the zero in the ruler. Right. And I explained it to him. He's like, oh, I see. And I said, “Every mistake in your life can be changed. Nothing in your life is the end of everything.” And I always preach that to my kids because I'm a preacher.


No, I'm just kidding. I always tried to explain that to my children because I wanted them to see the world as not a good or bad place, but as a place of experience that it's okay if we make a mistake, it doesn't mean that if you make a mistake, that's the worst thing ever. You can always change those mistakes. Now this is what's happening to us. We see this bad thing that's happening to us as the darkness. And one person recently actually said, “I brought in so much light that the darkness is coming in.” Honestly, what was really, probably happening for many of us. It's not that we're bringing in more light, and then the darkness is coming in. We're bringing in more light and the darkness is being shown to us. It's being amplified. It's being illuminated through the light. So it's not that their darkness is coming in.


It's showing us the darkness in our life. It's showing us personally our darkness in our own matrix, in our own blueprint, in our own inner self, our own shadow. So the light is showing us our shadow, our darkness. That is a beautiful thing. So the more light that we bring in, the more we'll see the darkness. And for example, in my own life, the more light I was anchoring into my life, into my experience, the more I saw the polarity of my relationship that I had had with the same partner for a very long time. And it was really showing me the polarity and someone recently said to me, I think it's okay to say this, they said, wow. I was with these three people. And these three people were showing me, literally, my polarities. They one was showing me my darkness. One was showing me my addiction-self.


And one was showing me my light. What a beautiful aha moment that I had in that. So we're constantly being shown as spiritual beings. We are being shown the darkness. But the thing is that we think the government and the dark government, the dark web, the dark this, the dark that is outside of us, but it can't be seen. We can't be afraid of it. We can't try to fight it. We can't be angry at it if it's not already within us. Because when I see darkness, I see love. Now granted, I'm not going to be best friends with someone who has a lot of entities, a lot of addictions, a lot of negative energy around them. That's just not my thing, but I will send love and light to that energy. I'm not afraid of it. I'm not angry with it.


I don't want to fight it in any way. I just see it as what it is. It's just the polarity of this experience. I see it as a polarity and I didn't always, right. So I didn't always have that ability, but the more I worked on my own inner darkness, the more light was able to anchor into my experience. And the more anchoring of that light, the more the darkness just was a thing I recognized just like I recognize light. I don't see light as this “Oh my gosh, we need more light and I need to do more light.” And it's always like, “What can I do to bring in more light?” I actually feel the opposite. I just want to be light, I just want to experience it without a need or a want or a desire. Because again, that's in the polarity.


I don't see it as better than the darkness. I just see it as what it is. It's just light. That's all it is. There's nothing special about light. It's just light. It's just darkness. It's just fear. It's just sadness because everyone experiences all of this because it's just our matrix, right? So it's just our matrix. So the Ascension itself is this movement of polarity, a movement from darkness into light, this polarity and Ascension go together. Polarity and the Ascension actually go together right now. We came here with this matrix of polarity, but as anything, there's always a flow of energy in our existence in all levels, multidimensionally. There's always a flow of energy. There can never be a stagnant frequency. So this flow is moving from the polarity into oneness, right? So that's what the Ascension is. Moving from the polarity matrix into the oneness matrix.


Now we all wish this could happen overnight, snap our fingers,  and we're now moooving into oneness! Beep, we’re in oneness! Doo doo doo, Matrix of polarity all gone! But unfortunately it's a process and we are ushering in that process. What a unique experience! That's what really makes us unique right now. We've tried this a few times to move from the priority of darkness and light into oneness. We've tried this several times and the opportunity only comes up through the cyclical energy. So the cycle is coming back around. We don't want to miss it, which is why so many multi-dimensional beings, what they will call Lightworkers, Starseeds, it is why we've incarnated at this time. And as I'm saying this, I'm getting so many chills in my body. And when I get a chill, it's so true, because I don't need the truth serum anymore.


I don't need the truth chills anymore. But when I say it, I know it.  That is like, “you are right on target.” Because we're moving through this new cycle, we said “This time, you know what? We're really going to help this polarity happen, moving from the matrix of polarity into oneness. So we're going to help usher in this Ascension time we've just begun.” Which is what is kind of crazy because we knew coming here, we may pick up on new energies of karma because we're at a higher frequency. And because we're already at a higher frequency, and we are moving into that oneness energy, we recognize that coming here, we could bring on new karma. And that is why we have so many really unique, amazing energy teachers who are helping us usher in this Ascension process. We are moving into this energy and we've chosen to come here knowing that we're at the beginning of this precipice.

In the Law of One, they talk about the negative path and the positive path.


So the Ascension, we are hoping to move into more of the positive path. But unfortunately we have a lot of energy bombardment that is trying to control and manipulate us, especially those who aren't aware of the Ascension. But those of us who are aware, we're trying to anchor in more of the positive path and that doesn't mean good or bad, it's just a polarity, right? So the negative path is more manipulation and control. And the positive path is more light and love and bringing in limitless, oneness energy, and both are available to us in this experience. The other cycles that we've gone through, through the years, these other Ascension cycles, we've missed the mark because too much of the negative polarity of control, manipulation, it was too strong in our matrix and in the beings who were incarnated here at the time. And we are in this whole new experience and the reason so many people channel this information of, “It's time, we've got to do this, we've got to get this right.


We've got to anchor in this light” is because we just know that that's what's happening. We just get it. We fully embrace that experience. And we chose to come here. And, you know, I was working with a client very recently and they had so much control, manipulation, abuse, all these things, that bombarded them their whole life, especially in their childhood when they were very sensitive and they recognized why they came here. And that was such a huge shift in their consciousness, huge shift. And we are here to make that shift to not be victimized anymore. But it's not easy for us lightworkers and why? Because we came here so sensitive on top of it. We said, you know what? We know we have to be super sensitive because we have to feel the subtleties of higher frequencies. And in the matrix, it's so easy to feel the concreteness and that control and manipulation, that's really easy to feel.


But we came here sensitive so that we could feel the subtlety of higher frequencies, which makes us more susceptible to abuse, to lower frequencies. And we understood this and this is the crazy part of it. We got that. We understood why we came here and it's hard for us to see it because we are being controlled. We're being manipulated. We're being forced into a fear of, “Should I do this or should I not? Should I vaccinate? Should I not vaccinate? Should I be happy? Should I be sad?” This dichotomy, this whole polarity is really wreaking havoc on our beautiful souls. And this isn't a good or a bad thing. We knew what we were getting into. You knew exactly what you were getting into when you came here. We're not victims. There are times like, you know, yesterday I was feeling a little energy “wonkiness.”


I call it feeling energy-wonky. And I just thought to myself, “You know what? You know what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take some time for myself and it's okay. There's nothing wrong with me taking some time for myself, even though I should be going out and hanging out with friends, or I should be hiking, or I should be whatever else I should be doing, working. And serving everyone.” So that's something I want to do, but I thought, “Okay, it's okay for me to kind of just sit quietly. It’s ok for me to just read a book for now.” Because I was like, “You know what? I'm going to ride the wave of the wonky energy because I know tomorrow I'll feel better.” And I meditated and I did feel better, but I just kind of gave myself some space.


And this is what's happening through the Ascension. Are there times that we need to give ourselves space? We need to take time out. We as humans need time out from the polarity of this matrix and what are good ways to take time out? Maybe take some time away from all the chores, all the people in your life. Maybe take some time away from work, take some time and go to a park and have lunch in a park instead of lunch in your office, or take some time and, you know, go for the weekend, go to the beach, go to the lake, go to the stream, go somewhere. Take time out of the matrix. Your chores can wait. It won't matter if you didn't wash your floors this week. When you pass and you take an inventory of your life, you're not going to say, “Wow, I wore dirty clothes two days in a row.”


You're not going to say that. Because as a spiritual person, you do need to take some time to shift your energy into the light, because unfortunately there's a lot of dark frequencies that are hitting us. Now, am I saying entities are controlling the world? We're going to put that aside for now. We're not going to talk about entities, dark magic, or any of those things. I am talking to you about just the polarity of our world. And guess what? There really is a polarity in our world. And first we have to get that, compute that part before we start worrying about external darkness. Because guess what? You would not see that polarity in your world if you didn't already have that darkness inside of you. We are humans. We incarnated here as humans to understand the inner and outer darkness, to experience the inner and outer darkness.


We as humans also came here to incarnate to understand the external inner and outer darkness, both polarities. Even if you came from the 10th diameter of the dimension of Pleiades, Arturian, [saying to yourself] “I'm this exalted being, the goddess of the gods!” Don't put that label on yourself, thinking that you have to be that. If you are that, and that's what you came here to incarnate with, you knew darn well that you are coming to a place of polarity and there's gotta be some darkness in you. And I'm not saying a dark entity. I just mean your own shadow self. And if you want to understand more of the shadow self, please look at my series called The Dark Night of the Soul series that will really help you understand this. I think there's four podcasts in that. And let me tell you, there's some really great wisdom in there.


Okay, so we are here to experience both the negative path and the positive path. Remember not good or bad. And through this, it is a choice. And this is where some of the craziness of our matrix comes from. We are currently in the place of the Ascension. The Ascension is moving into the light. It is moving into oneness, but it's also here to help us make a choice. Are we going to do this cycle again of deep polarity, deep in the matrix of polarity of light-dark. Are we going to transcend this cycle and pull in and become more light? Because we're in this cycle, getting ready to make this choice, every being is making this choice, you cannot choose the positive path that brings us into the energy of light energy without looking and being aware of your own inner darkness. It just won't happen because that inner darkness is part of who you are.


And no matter what dimension you come from, or think you come from, doesn't matter. Because if you're not being aware of your own inner darkness, you're not going to transcend and bring in the light and then you're going to be stuck in the Law of Karma anyway. So all you beautiful beings, no matter what dimension you think you're from, don't make that your focus only, of course you’re bringing that frequency through, you’re anchoring in that part of your light. You're definitely recognizing it, but also you do have to recognize some of the darkness because you may choose the negative path. And that is part also of the Law of One. How I understand it is that the Law of One says that you're making that choice. And we came here knowing even if we came from the highest frequency of the high, that even though we know we can anchor in the lightest frequency of light,


we still have the option, while we're here, to go into the negative path. And if we choose that, then we are back in the next cycle. Yup, the next cycle of I think it's 24,000 years. Oh my gosh. You'd have to read Greg Brayden's book, which I don't remember what it was called. I'll put Greg Brayden's book in the show notes and in the description.

So this cycle, we’ll be stuck in it. Our job here is to guide us and to guide the wisdom frequency into the energy of the positive path. And so we're trying to bring in more light energy, but if we deny our darkness or if we try to fight the darkness in the world, fight for our freedoms, fight for equality, fight for anything, then we're actually moving along the negative path. And this is hard for people to understand because they really do want to think that they're bringing in the light


if they're fighting for something, but their choice, they're choosing in these moments to choose the fighting energy. And they're choosing the fighting through fear. “What if these bad people win? Then I'm afraid. And I need to fight the darkness because I'm the light.” That's been what religions have been telling us for thousands of years. And we all know what religion has experienced. It has done some really dark, negative things. And I know a lot of Christians who will say, “Well, we hate the Catholics because they're the ones who did all that dark stuff.” But in reality, all religions hold the polarities and they are trying to control through fear and manipulation. Unfortunately, that's what's happening. So I'm going to give you an example of what I mean by the control and manipulation and negative path. I'm going to talk about UFO disclosure or the UFO phenomenon.


Okay? Now people are like, “wait a minute, Melissa, you went from all this light, love, Ascension stuff into UFOs. Wait a minute. I'm not sure I follow this train of thought.” Well, bear with me. I do have a very good example of the negative path and how we're being controlled and manipulated every day. So for the last 70 plus years, at least from Roswell, we have been gaslit by governments, by the military, by those who are in supposed power, we've been gaslighting. We've been Gaslit, sorry, not gaslighting. They are gaslighting us. How have they been gaslighting us? Just think about this. They're controlling and manipulating us. They're gaslighting us, selling us the awareness that the UFO, “That is all a lie, there is no such thing. You think you saw a UFO, you may be crazy. It's a weather balloon. It's a swamp gas.


It's this, it's that.” So people who actually experienced this and there are accounts for seventy years and some of the naysayers actually say, “Well, wait a minute. It's probably the Russian government or the Chinese. They have these new technologies we have been seeing.” And if you follow UFO disclosure, people have been saying the same, I don't know, I'm guesstimating eight different crafts, for 70 years. If the Russians or the Chinese or whatever other culture had this technology for the last 70 years, we would know about it by now, wouldn’t we? Absolutely we'd know about it, there's no question we'd know about it. But what the government has done, and especially the military, because we think we're being run by the government, but in actuality, we're run by big corporations. And we are run by the military because both of them have a really strong sense of fear.


And they manipulate us through fear. They manipulate and control us through our fear center, which is our R complex. These corporations will go, “Hey, you better buy this car because if you want to be loved, you need to have a car that's amazing.” You know? And we're like, “Oh yes, of course we need that car.” Right. And it's hitting that R complex, our certain exact instinct, fight, flight, freeze, or hide. Am I safe right now? Right? So we're being controlled and manipulated. And the military loves to control and manipulate us. So it happened back in Blue Book, the military, the Air Force took Project Blue Book, and used that to manipulate and control UFO experiences, telling people, “Oh no, what you saw was not that.” So they were gaslighting us. They've been gaslighting us for 70 years or more, and this is what's happening in our matrix.


So I always look at everything in this way. So there's a microcosm and a macrocosm. The microcosm is the small experience. It's the experience that we experience in our own world. So what's the microcosm of darkness. It's our own inner darkness. What's the macrocosm of our darkness? It's world darkness, it's global manipulation and control. It's gaslighting all of us on a global scale. We have literally been gaslit around UFO's for 70 years. That's the macrocosm of the darkness. Okay. So I want you to understand macrocosm is the bigger picture. Microcosm is the inner self or the smaller picture, right? And both are the same frequency. What is within is without. What's without is within. That is the whole thing of alchemy. And that is the microcosm and the macrocosm that's alchemy work. So the governments and military have been controlling and manipulating us for a very, very long time.


And within our own societies, within our own lives, within our own family experiences, we're being gaslit too in many different ways. “Well, you shouldn't really think about it that way. You should follow our religion that we've been attuned to for the last 50 years or 2000 years” or whatever it is in your own family. “You should think this way, everybody in our family is a Democrat. Everybody's a Republican,” for you, Americans. Everybody's this way or that way. So we're being gaslit. We're trying to be manipulated and controlled. Any manipulation and control, whether it's on the microcosm within our small experiences, through work, through society, through our family ties, to the macrocosm of being controlled and manipulated through governments, through the military and big corporations, I should add that. It's always done through control and manipulation, microcosm control, manipulation; macrocosm control, manipulation.


So we are being controlled and manipulated all the time because these beings, whether they are government or our parents, whether they are society, in our own inner tribe of our job or our community as a large or our whole race consciousness, no matter where it's coming from, we're being controlled. Whether on the macrocosm or the microcosm, it's all being controlled and manipulated, but they keep us wanting to be controlled by them because they think whoever they are, whether it's our parents or the government, whether it is our friend group or our company, whether it is our inner dialogue inside ourselves, the macro of self or the micro of our whole society, government, all of that military. We are being told that we're not ready for any of this information. We're not smart enough to know whether we should have a vaccine or not.


Whether you're pro-vaccine or not, it does not matter. We're being told, we're being manipulated and controlled. What they, whoever they are, they're controlling us and manipulating us, trying to show us that this is what they want because they think we are peons. And that we are not smart enough that we need to be told what to do all the time. You need to be told that you need to do these things, right? We aren't allowed to be privy to certain information. And I don't know if you know this, but so many things are being censored right now. It's crazy. Even in the US, there's consistent censorship on so many different social media platforms, but people will say, “OIh, well, YouTube, they're a company. So they're doing it this way for a reason,” or, “They're individual companies, so they can do whatever they want.” Twitter, the same thing. But all of this is regulated through the government.


Don't kid yourself. It's all regulated through the government. This is all negative path stuff. When I was first starting on my path a long time ago, I had two teachers and it was an esoteric mystery school that I was part of. And it was awesome. And I loved it. And I had these two different teachers, a male and a female teacher. And I loved that they kind of brought different perspectives to the material. And I was one of those people. I love to ask questions. So I raised my hand and they'd be like, “Yeah, Melissa?” And I'd say, “well, what about this?” And Pat, who was the woman, my woman teacher, would say to me, “Oh honey, you're not ready for that.” And after a while, after getting that information many, many times, I was kinda like, “Well, if I'm asking the question, I must be ready for it.


And other people in the class are probably ready for it too.” But she wanted to control how the information was given to us. And she wanted to control what was given to us. And she felt that she knew better than I did. And not that I think that that's a bad thing, it isn't, because I'm not thinking she is bad, but her withholding information is very controlling and manipulative, just like the government's doing to us now and has been doing to us for 70 years. They're controlling and manipulating us. Boy, there's that word again. They are controlling and manipulating us just like they did for 70 years with the UFO thing. And they're gaslighting us because they think they know better than us. Now, I am not saying that we should storm the government and take over. That's the last thing we want because that's the negative path.


Okay. Brothers and sisters, that is the negative path. We are not storming the gates. Okay. What are we going to do that's going to anchor in more light? We're going to anchor in more light. We are going to come from love. And we are going to talk a lot about this. So this is the first part of the series, darkness versus light. And please stay tuned for the rest of the series. I'm super excited to bring in the light frequencies to show us that the darkness is nothing to be scared of, nothing to overcome or fight. It is just part of the frequency. It's part of the energy that we're moving through. And that's the beauty of it. I can't wait to share more of this series with you. So please subscribe. Please leave a review. And I send you so much love and light until next week. Have a beautiful, blessed day and really sit in light this week. You deserve it. Sit in love. You’re love. Sending you so much love.