This is an update about my vacation and how going from 3D to 5D affected me. I’m going to talk about the Galactic Ascension Councils and some of the information they share. I also talk about how higher vibrations and spiritual ego contradict each other and how to raise the vibration of your home.

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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension Podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick. This podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift, we'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic records, and so much more it's time to raise your vibe high.


In this episode, I'm going to share with you what's currently going on in my own personal life and living in Sedona. So a couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation and I went back to the east coast where I have a lot of friends, a lot of family enjoying my time. But one thing I noticed when I went to the east coast was that I am more sensitive. Now I've always been a very sensitive person, but being around people who aren't at the vibration of love and light (now, we're all not always love and light, Let's just be honest about that one) But being with people who are really in a very dark place in themselves in their life, it can be really daunting for me. So around some family that have some things going on, like everyone does, what I realized is that I'm actually more sensitive now that I've been living in Sedona.


And I'm wondering if, because part of the thing about Sedona is that it's already at such a high frequency. When I've had people come here for retreats, you would think that they'd be in this really high vibe place, because they're all excited and holding a higher vibration. But I find that when they come here, their stuff comes up because they haven't dealt with their issues. So here they are, they come to Sedona, their issues come up. They're complaining about things. They're not happy with certain things that are silly not to be happy with. They are complaining and issues come up. They're crying. They want attention about certain things. And I find it interesting because what happens in Sedona is that if you come here with issues, unresolved issues, she'll bring them up and she'll show them to you, but it's up to you to transcend them.


And then sometimes people come here and all sorts of miracles happen, like amazing things. They meet amazing people. They have miraculous healings out on the mountains or in our retreat. And all of these things are possible, right? But when you live in five D consistently, you get used to the frequency, but if you are not dealing with your stuff, it will come up. Absolutely. And I'll go into that in a second. So back to my story I was with somebody who has a lot of things going on in their life and it was hard for me to be around it. And I think because I've started to get overwhelmed by the energy because I'm so used to keeping my energy so open because I'm around a lot of people who are loving light and my energy's really open. But if I do that, traveling, going on airplanes, being around certain people, mostly my family, not my children.


They don't have a lower frequency, but for some of my family it can be a little daunting and difficult. And when I went, I told my son, I said, I'm not going to be coming back for Thanksgiving. I need a break from going home and seeing my family. He understood that because he knows that it can be hard for me because I am so sensitive. And what happens for me is I start to absorb that energy and feel it so deeply that I have to do certain things to just let go of the frequency. So I don't take it on usually, but I feel it. So if someone's really angry, I feel their anger inside of me and it can get overwhelming at times. I want to be like that. So if you're going to say to me, Melissa, you don't have boundaries. You need to do clearing.


You need to do healing. I understand why you're saying that. But for me, I can be really aware of people's energies and not take it on, but feel it. And I do that in my healing work, and I'm not going to give it up because it helps me help others. And it helps me also see through their own resistance to healing. And here I am in Sedona and someone was telling me that California is doing these things where you have to have a passport and show people or proof to people that you've been vaccinated or something like that. And I was laughing and I said, yeah, I kind of like my Sedona bubble. And it is like a bubble here. And I understand that people will not get it, but in this environment, for some reason, everyone, we live in this little bubble. It's this little bubble of love and light.


And no one is afraid here. At least the people I hang out with. So the spiritual community, people aren't really afraid and they're not talking about really negative things. They're not angry about the situation that happened with their car. Maybe they're sad at a moment or they're having some issues come up with family members or something, but they have the tools to transcend these things. And it's so different to be around that than people who have no idea that they're angry, no idea that their depression is something that they don't need to have their whole life, that they can actually do something about it. Now you have to understand, I just moved to Sedona. So I've only been here a little less than a year, so it's not like I had this my whole life, because I haven't.


And I can be around a lot of people with a lot of lower frequencies and still keep my frequency really high. But I think spirit brought me to Sedona to be able to recognize the frequency of five D and B in that energy. I also notice that when you are working in spiritual communities, there's a lot of interesting characters. Let's say I'm an interesting character. That's true. Will totally admit that. I am not a normal person. I talk about aliens. I talk about energy all the time and I'm lucky now, and this is the first time I've ever really had this. Now I can say it to anyone. Even the person at the grocery store, who's a muggle. I can say, oh, the frequency is really good today. Or something like that. That's not really what I say, but you know what I mean?


And they'll go, oh, okay. But they are aware that there are a lot of spiritual people in Sedona. So they don't look at you. Like you have 10 heads. They kind of brush it off because they're not really into it. They don't believe in it, but they're aware of it because that is this community. I'm not saying everybody should be running to Sedona. So that's not what I'm saying. I recognized coming back to the bubble of Sedona is that it really is true. This is really five D here. It's fascinating because I went and immersed myself so much in 3d. When I went back to the east coast, when I came back to Sedona, the frequency was so different. I was amazed. Now I knew this whole thing. I knew that the frequency was different. I've been coming here to Sedona for a long time.


And I've noticed the difference in the frequency each time I came. But I think because I lived here and then I went back to the east coast and then came back here. I was like, whoa, what is this? It is crazy. And my friend Vic, he laughs and he says, I go to Cottonwood, which is the town near us that has, you know, more stores than Sedona does. And he's like, yeah, I go there to ground because it's so 3d. So I went into 3d today. I went to Cottonwood and we laugh about it because it is like that you're in Sedona, it's five 30. You literally leave. And it's a whole different frequency. So recently I channeled these beings and what they showed me is that there were, I don't know, it seemed like thousands of councils. So there were these councils of beings.


And what they told me was that these have been individual councils for many eons. And they are also part of that, like galactic connection or some people might say the galactic Federation, or I call them the Ascension councils. So all of these councils are in charge of the Ascension, or that's not the right word or correcting me, sorry, not in charge. They are the facilitators and the supporters of our Ascension because these ascended beings, now they're not ascended masters. Some of them are even not masters that you would know of because there are all these different councils. They can not make things happen here on this 3d experience, because that is not their job. They didn't come here to incarnate for the Ascension. They are guiding us. They are supporting us. They are helping us, but they are not in charge of it. We are sovereign beings and we're making the decision of where we are headed in our own Ascension and in our own creation energy individually, and as a collective and all sorts of weird things are happening because we are creating stuff that we really I'm going to say, we shouldn't be creating, but that's not right.


Either. I'm being corrected with that. What they're saying is that it's being created because we're still in this push pull of what frequency we're going to be at. Are we going to be in the law? Like the law of one says in the negative path or the positive path, I think we're headed toward the positive path, but there are negative path energies that are trying to pull us into fear, into anger, into control and manipulation. And it's up to us to love everything. And everyone through that, not always easy. This is a difficult time. And as sovereign beings, we are in charge of our experiences. And this is really important because you're in charge of your experience. So if someone says to you, I don't like that. That's not right. You're doing it wrong. And you react. You're responsible for that reaction, no matter what they said, because you are still in the energy of deciding, am I taking a lower frequency or higher frequency?


Am I going to be lower in this moment or higher in this moment? And yeah, I mean, everybody falters between both. I'm not going to tell you that anyone is perfect. And anyone who says that, they're perfect. They're not telling you the truth. Okay. So what I've also noticed in the last week and a half or two weeks, however long I've been back to Sedona, I don't even know anymore. Is that I've also noticed a lot of interesting people who are very much in their spiritual ego. And that is very enlightening because now we all have spiritual ego. I'm not going to say that I don't, or you know that other people may not. I'm not saying that recognizing and knowing that you can get into your spiritual ego is more empowering, but then there are those who've been on the spiritual path for a long time.


They have no awareness that they are in their spiritual ego, not even in the least bit. And if you said to them, wow, that's a lot of spiritual ego. They'd say I don't have any ego. I'm telling you. That's what they would say. And I was with someone at a center around here doing a sort of machine. I won't say what it is because I don't want anybody to figure out who I'm talking about, but I was working on some healing work. And I was actually working in like a machinist type of thing or some technology let's call it technology. And this person, all they did was talk about themselves, how great they were, how many things that they have done for everyone, how they have done this. And they have done that and never asked about me or my friends never even said, oh, you do this.


What do you do? Who are you? What? Because they were so wrapped up in themselves. But guess what? They don't see it. They have no idea because if I said to them, that's a lot of ego. They would never question it. They would never look at it and they would never even care. They'd be like, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm great. I'm fine. Also, what I noticed with this particular person is that he told me a story that he was going to get. Let's just say, I'm going to make this up because I, again, I don't want to talk about this person, like and be mean, but they were talking about getting a big, huge camper that sleeps six people, huge camper. And then they told the next person that they were going to buy a fleet of 10 campers, you know, fleet of 10 different campers, big campers.


So in other words, two different stories, literally within 40 minutes. And to me, because I'm so aware of what people say and the energy behind what they say, I thought, wow, that's interesting how they shifted that because they needed to sound more interesting to that next person or whatever. I don't know why they did it. I shouldn't even guess why, but it is a spiritual ego. Now. Let's just be really, really transparent here. Everyone has ego unless they have really ascended. And I will be honest. I actually had a good friend of mine. He was saying to me that he traveled all over to, I might not have all the places he traveled to, but like Bali and Nepal and Peru maybe, and studied with all these different healers and shamans and breath work experts. And he even said, I saw a lot of ego. And I said, great, what a gift? Because now you know what you don't want to do and who you don't want to be. Because if you want to be a leader in five D you have to be aware that you could go in that direction. You could have a spiritual ego. And also in, in true transparency, I'll be honest with you. I'm not saying I don't have an ego.


So I know I've seen mine.


As a matter of fact, something came up in the last week and I was like, Ooh, spiritual, eco, hello. You know, I did not second guess it. And I didn't also beat myself up for it. I kind of made a joke out of it. So that next time I'll be aware again. And maybe it won't even come out and believe it or not, that wasn't even out loud that I was being in my spiritual ego. I heard it in my head. My little voice was going, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, oh, dope, spiritually. You go, I hear you stop chill out. Chillax dude. Anyway, the person that I was talking about, who, who was in this center? I don't think there's anything wrong with this person. I actually think they are a good healer. I also believe that they do understand things.


I also believe that the technology that they use really resonates with this person and in the center, I think it was a great thing. And as a matter of fact, I bought a package because I'm going to be going back there 10 times. I think I bought because I believe the technology is good and spirit told me to do it. So if spirit tells me to do what I do and who am I to judge anything about this person, that's not on me. But what I love about it is this person showed me what it was to have such a strong spiritual ego. And when people show that to me, I always honor it because I assume that it's helping me grow and it's helping the people that I'm here to serve because of maybe I could talk about it. You never know where the service is going to show up how someone is going to show up in your life and reflect something back to you or show you something that may be makes you cringe a little, the amount of spiritual ego kind of made me cringe.


Now what happened after that first experience with this person is I said, okay. Hm, I'm cringing over this. Like I'm in cringe zone, like, oh, cringing. And I thought, okay, there's something here that I need to look at for myself. I need to be honest with around my own awareness of who I am my own issues. So I went into meditation and I just kept on saying, show me what this is, show me what this is. And I noticed that I had some fear coming up now, by the way, this fear had nothing to do with COVID on my lording. Be nothing like that. It was just some stuff around, you know, I'm putting myself out there and people sometimes can be difficult. And just a few things came up, no big deal. Like I assume when stuff comes up, I'm ready to look at it.


Like I don't hide from it as long as I can see it, but hopefully I could see it. So anyway, I'm going to be honest with you, this is weird for me to admit, but what this person helped me understand was some really deep parts of me that had some issues with men with really distinct egos. And because I had a divorce a year ago, I think that some men's stuff came up for me and I thought, wow, okay, this is good. Went in, did my healing work, went into the Akashic records, looked at some patterns, cleared a few things. And then what I noticed was that my body was in kind of a reactionary mode, a little bit energetically, and I thought, okay, so it's physical and energetic. So I also looked at that and I saw a bunch of things. I cleared it all in the Akashic records and, and did some other work in the records around it.


And then I go back to the place because I wanted another session. And that person was there. Did not trigger me at all. I didn't cringe because before I was cringing, I did not cringe at all. And I thought, okay, but you know what? I didn't do, which I used to do by the way. But I didn't do this time. I didn't say, okay, I cleared all that. I didn't do that because I said, you know what? If there are pieces this, or there are some nuances that I need to look at, just show me I'm open. I don't want to assume that I cleared it all because I wasn't cringing at this person. But what I do want to do is hold love in my heart and feel, love, not BS love. I see that sometimes people will pretend to be loving, but you can see energetically that there is this, like they hold back a little bit or they have a lot of deep dark sadness or anger inside, but they're hiding it.


And you think they're all loving light. Not that it's bad, but anyway. And so I'm open to that. And what I just realized is that I needed to talk about this so that other people can understand that. Even if someone triggers you a little bit, it's probably something inside of you to help you understand and transcend and transmute. I also recognize that this person is doing a great service. And I really do think that they come from their heart, absolutely come from their heart, but that's how they express it because we are sovereign. We are unique and we're all going to express it differently. My personal opinion is that I would like to be honest with myself. I don't want to pretend one thing and be, or in authentic with myself. It's not even about what we project out into the world that does not matter.


It's who are you to yourself? Because you are not going to transcend and transmute lower frequencies. If you have no clue that they are there. If you're not being honest with yourself and you're not seeing it now, you don't want to go, oh, I'm a bad person because I did this. Or I'm a bad person because I did that. When I was cringing with this person, I didn't go back and spend an hour and a half arguing with myself about how bad I was, because this person made me cringe. I said, okay, interesting, thank you for showing me, what do I need to know? And these collective councils. So there are all these galactic councils and they are working on the Ascension. What they told me was that they used to work with individuals, but because we are raising our frequency and more of us are opening up to higher vibrations.


They are working as a collective as well, because remember on the other side, they can be omnipresent, which means present everywhere. Jesus can be hanging out with me and hanging out with you. And they're working with all of us and they're helping us, even if we don't even know that they're helping us, they're also helping us see the areas that are holding our frequency of their lower vibration. I've also known since I've been living in Sedona, that I have to be really conscious of my thoughts and my feelings. And this is because Sedona really does create really fast or even immediate manifestations. And if we are just on the precipice of five D experience or fourth density, if you're a law of one person, we're just sound the precipice of the beginning of this. If this is what it's like, it's going to be really interesting.


Living in a world where you can create material things quickly or immediately my one friend and I joke a lot and we say, oh, that's so Sedona. And it's kind of our, our running joke with each other because all of a sudden you're like, oh, I want to see so-and-so. And literally you'll run into them in the store now. Yes. Believe it or not. Sedona only has like 10,000 people here. It's very small community. And the spiritual community is even smaller because most of the people who are here are tourists. So yeah, it's likely if you're at chocolate tree hanging out, you're going to run into someone that you might know because there aren't a lot of us around, but it's right. When you were thinking it, there they walk in. So my point is that living in five D is such a different experience.


And I'm not again saying come live in Sedona because I think you can create your own five D in your own environment, as long as you're not in the environment where there's a lot of people or a lot of lower frequencies, but in your own home, you could create your own five D experience. And you do that by keeping the frequency in your home. Really high. One thing I've been using for, I don't know, five or six years now is F L F E (fluffy, We call it) and it is a technology that you don't have to have in your house. It's a technology that activates your home. And if you want to know more about it, I can give you a 15 day free trial, maybe even a 30 day free trial. All you'll need to do is go to F L F to get your free trial.


I'll put that down in the show notes, boy. Oh boy. Do I really find that amazing? I mean, I have it everywhere. I have it on my phone. My kids' phones. I have it in my house, my sister's house. So believe me, I use it everywhere because I really do believe it holds a higher frequency. If you know anything about the Hawkins scale, they say that they can do your house set five 50 Hawkins scale, which is pretty high. And then what I do is I reprogram mine. So my fluffy is at a higher program. Now they may tell you that I can't do that, but yeah, you can. I do it. I've been doing it. So I work on the technology and the frequency of it and shifted. And then on top of that, I create really high frequency crystal grids in my house.


Now I've been doing this for many years, but they have brought some really interesting crystals, my way to activate my house at even a higher frequency. And I do this because I need the higher frequency to hold my frequency higher so that I can be of service. And that's what they showed me. This is how you can be of service. And anyone can, of course, because the limitless frequency that's available is necessary for those who are in human form, working for the Ascension, not as many teachers, Lightworkers star seeds, healers, whatever label we need to put on ourselves to put us in that place. We are holding a higher frequency. I had fluffy on my house everywhere I've ever been and lived because I needed that frequency. I feel better in the higher frequency. And that's what I use. There might be other technologies other people use.


Of course, I like the higher frequency and I am attracted to crystals. They work for me. Maybe they don't work for you, but for me, they mean a lot. I also create this really sacred space so that I can have my retreats here because when I do my retreats here, I activate the space in frequency and the light coats and the energy that can be downloaded to people is super high vibe. And it's really exciting because I've noticed the difference in the energy and the more I tweak it and keep it at a certain vibration, it's really making such a huge difference. And I've had a lot of people who have come here and they're like, wow, Melissa, you're right. This, this house is really high vibrational. And it's not because I'm right near bell rock. I could, you know, I can see bell rock from my house.


It's not because I have bell rock right here. It's because of the grids. And then it's because the sacred geometric frequencies that are anchored in this place. And when you anchor the higher frequencies through the geometric shapes or through the geometric energies that are also in the energies of our creation, that holds a whole different energy system. Now you don't no need to live in Sedona in order to keep your own sacred space at a higher vibration. Maybe you just do your bedroom because you live in an apartment with three others, people put it on your apartment, the fluffy, or you do certain grids, or you chant in your own space, raise the vibration. All those things. We'll do that. And that's an aside. But what I want to go back to is this Ascension. We are moving into five D and I do believe that Sedona is here to be the catalyst to our five D experience.


It is one of the places that is holding a vortex energy of 5D. Mount Shasta is supposed to be another one I'll be going there next week. Well also Asheville, North Carolina, which I've been to definitely has some high vibes. Hawaii has some five D experiences. And I think there's some places in Costa Rica. So we are moving into this five D experience it's happening. We're holding this energy. And these are the places that it's starting. That doesn't mean that it's finished or at the vibration completely because it's not. It's like the doors open. And we have like one toe in the door in five D and Sedona. That's the way I see it, but it needed to somewhere. And this is just one of the places. Look, I was not thinking I'm just going to move to Sedona. I was called here and I was brought here for whatever reason.


I don't know spirit understands it. My higher consciousness definitely knows what's going on. I don't really care. I'm here doing whatever I'm supposed to do. If tomorrow they say leave, I'm going. So I just let spirit guide me right now. I'm here. But these places now Shasta Asheville Sedona, it's holding those frequencies of five D because as we move toward that as a collective, it's helping build the frequency so that it can expand. And that is actually a beautiful thing. And I tell people when they come to Sedona, because I meet them on the trails, I'm hiking somewhere. And with my dog, I'm not with my dog and with friends, I see the people everywhere. And they will ask me, where's the vortex. And I say to them, well, Sedona used to have individual vortexs, but really honestly, the whole Sedona area is a vortex.


But if you want to really feel the frequency, just go up on that area, over there, close your eyes, take some breaths and just feel and be open, feel your heart open and feel because that's helping you understand the frequency and the resonance. Not everyone feels it. I've had people who are just muggles here, hiking. And they're like, what's this vortex thing. What is it like, where is it? And they really have no idea, but then there are people who are open to their spirituality and they want to know where can I go feel the vortex. I try to help them if I can. But basically the whole energy. So when I started coming here, first time I came here was 2005. So long ago, it seems like, and in 2005, there were individual places that had vortexes. But now the whole places is a vortex, what I've noticed for me, just for me is that I've noticed a couple portals opening, which has been really interesting.


So it's this portal energy. So I was up on cathedral rock with a friend of mine and we were in a meditation and I said, Hey, let's do some light code activation that she's like, sure. So the sacred grid was created and spirit was just doing these things. And all of a sudden, I see this huge portal open up and front of us. And it was really, yeah, just an interesting experience because when you move into five D it's not just 3d experiences, Porter, it was open up everywhere, but they really open up in a higher frequency environment, higher frequency energy system. So it really was not my plan to talk about Sedona like this. I just figured I'd start talking and tell you some of my experiences. And that's what I did. I am really blessed to live in Sedona. I want to share the energy and frequency with anyone that I can, which is why I do retreats at my own home, because I want other people to bask in this energy and to receive these really powerful light codes that are available in Sedona. Now you can get these light codes activations anywhere because I've been doing this for many, many years, but boys at amplified here in Sedona, at least in my opinion, for me, it has. So thanks for hanging out with me today. I appreciate it. Please leave a review. That would be very helpful. Subscribe to the podcast. That would be awesome. Share it with your friends. And I send you so much love and light and high-frequency energy. Have a great day.