You have unique abilities but it’s not what you think. Your uniqueness comes from your ability to create. The next few years are going to challenge many of us and this podcast will give you some great tools to help you stay on track and use your unique spiritual abilities to create your life.

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Hi and welcome to this episode of Spiritual Expansion and Ascension. I'm Melissa Feick, your host. And today in this episode, we are going to talk about your uniqueness, your uniqueness with all your spiritual abilities. And a lot of people assume spiritual abilities means clairvoyance, like seeing angels or ghosts or that they have this clairsentience, and they feel things, but actually the spiritual abilities are precisely your ability to create consciously.

Now think about this. We're always creating. Every moment we're creating our next moment, right? It's always what's happening. We are consistently in creation mode. That is a spiritual gift. That's an ability, but what makes it not a great ability is that so many of us create haphazardly. And what I mean by creating haphazardly is that they're creating by reaction. Everything's a reaction for them. So they're reacting to this thing and that thing, and they're very reactive in their way of how they present themselves, what they're doing in their world, how they're experiencing their world. And there's no energy flow. So haphazard means I'm jumping from one thing to another, to another, to another, and there's no flow in it. There's no direction. It also happens when people feel stuck in their life. Because again, there's no flow. So they feel stuck. They don't know which direction they're going in. They're confused. They're unable to make decisions. Can't tell you how many clients I've had over the years who've said to me, basically, “I'm paralyzed with the inability to make a decision” and they are not kidding.

When they say paralyzed, they mean “I cannot move.” And they've been this way for 3, 10, 20 years, the inability to move. And most of it comes from fear. And we've talked a lot about fear in this podcast. So if you have any questions about fear, definitely go back and look at the Dark Night of the Soul series that I have because I've a lot about fear and that's kind of why we get stuck. Why this is so important is that your unique spiritual abilities are really about your ability to create, but create from a place of flow instead of struggle. The reason I was prompted to do this particular episode is because the energy for the next couple years is going to be wonky. I actually call it the S.H.I.You know what. Show because a lot of people are going through some really deep struggles, not just struggles in their personal life and their financial experiences, in their relationships, in their life, difficulty finding jobs, difficulty wanting to work, not showing what kind of work they want to do, figuring out how to survive, figuring out where they're going to live because so many things are happening in the world. And this struggle is affecting everyone. And honestly, it's because of the frequency of the Ascension. And I know we've been talking about this Ascension. It's like, “whew, we're moving from 3D into 5D, and here we are, it's going to be all love, light unicorns and lollipops.” And then everybody's like, “well, wait a minute. This doesn't feel like 5D, this feels like an absolutely crazy experience.” And it is, it is definitely a SH%* show. So because it's such a crap show (we'll call it for now). Because it's this crap show, we are confused because as Lightworkers, as Star sSeeds, as people who are just even beginning our spiritual path or have been on it for forever, we're like, “Wait a minute. How come for so long I did all this work and now all these weird, funky, wonky things are all happening around us? Why is this? I thought we were moving into love/light. I don't see love/light over there. I see hurricanes. I see tornadoes. I see famine. I see difficulty. I see fear. I see control, multi-dimensional energies on this plane that are fighting for control of our psyches.” And yeah, because of the lower frequencies, I don't mean negative energies outside of this realm, I mean energies that are just interested in controlling everything. And you can call them dark entities. You can call them the government. You can call them big corporations. You can call them your father. It doesn't matter what label we put on them. That's where we get caught up because we're so focused on this 3D label, we're missing the opportunity to grow because we're so busy trying to label everything, figure everything out in 3D.

This is where we're getting stuck because we're feeling this struggle. We're feeling this resistance. We're feeling this pull in one direction, resisting the next direction. What should I do? Where should I go? And very few people I know are in this place. 

 And it's funny, I got an email and they were like, “I just don’t resonate with anything you do.” And I assumed that either they were denying and in their own spiritual bypassing that they don’t get working on the deeper stuff, or they’ve definitely ascended already.  That’s it.  Because if you don’t resonate with working on your issues or getting to a higher state of consciousness, then either you are bypassing or you think you’ve ascended already. Or maybe they’re just not interested in what I have to say, which is cool. That is absolutely cool.  But with this particular thing, I was talking about the struggle with intuition.  They didn’t like that. “I am so intuitive. I don’t struggle with any intuition.” I’ll tell you what, I know I do at times.  There are times when I don’t follow my guidance. I just did this recently, just a minor thing, not this huge thing.  But I was like “Oh yeah, I was told not to do that, whoopsies!”  We have to recognize that our world is really in a state of chaos and it's in chaos because sometimes things have to be chaotic before it can settle. And it's just the way of our universe. We have to have this whirlwind of energy til everything calms down. When you have the storm come through, the storm comes through with a lot of force and then everything settles. 

And maybe that tree that uprooted, maybe it was time for it to uproot. We see that as a negative thing, but then the tree falls, it starts to rot, it's a beautiful thing to give back to the soil. Now, the soil's experiencing all this rot, the bugs have someplace to live the animals find a place to burrow. This is a beautiful dance, but we see it as negative because we want everything {to be} lollipops, rainbows, and unicorns. And I get it. I really do understand that, but we're in the time of chaos so that we can see what's working and what's not working. That tree that had to be uprooted, it wasn't working anymore. It wasn't fulfilling its purpose in the same way that it could. Maybe part of it was dying or the roots were rotting, right? So we don't know why things are being uprooted everywhere we look. Why are they being uprooted? Because sometimes there is this energy of death and rebirth. And unfortunately, death and rebirth is a movement into a new frequency, a new energy, but death can sometimes be a struggle, can be painful, can be really sad. Now, if you're going through some of those inner deaths, and I don't mean death of the ego, it is death of the ego.

But some people are like “I'm trying to kill off my ego,” you know, trying to beat it up. Don't beat up your ego! No. Recognize, “Oh, I see pieces of you falling away. All things that no longer serve me, they're leaving.” And that's okay. That can be considered the death of the ego. But I personally find most people who are trying to beat up their ego and trying to kill off their ego, usually their ego is so strong and powerful that it's more talk than actual action because they're afraid to actually give up their ego. But that's just my own personal experience and perception. I could be wrong about that, but let's just go on. So sometimes we go through these mini deaths and basically what that means is there are parts of us that are no longer serving us and we may have resisted letting them go.

And I'll tell you a couple stories about that. I had quite a few friendships in my life where I'm the kind of person like I don't let go of friendships easily or I used to not. And then the friendship would just explode in some way. And what I realized is I was so busy trying to hold on to a relationship that was not working, that needed to be ending, but I was trying to hold on, you know, I'm holding on and trying to grab the roots to climb up. The whole relationship kind of blew up in some way. You know, something happened that it just didn't work anymore. And then what happens there is then it is a nasty experience, right? Instead of it slowly falling away, which is what it should do. It should show slowly, just fall away, right?

And as we're falling away, things are falling out of our life. There's a new energy that can come up. So think about it this way. When old things shed, there's room for new stuff. And sometimes in some of my healing work, I'll release certain things from people and anchor in their higher consciousness. And what I find is that we have to release a lot of old stuff because it's taking up so much room in the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual energy fields that to anchor in the higher consciousness, they need to let some of that stuff go because there's no room for their higher consciousness. Their energy is taken up with all these negative programs, negative frequencies. And here we are. So right now, it's a really big death and rebirth process. It's going to feel chaotic. It's going to feel difficult.

A lot of things are going to be showing up in our world. They're going to be showing up in ways that we don't even recognize. And we're like, where did that come from? Like what happened there? Oh, there's a tornado happening. Whoa, what happened there? That was pretty severe. And tropical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis. That's just the earth, right? That was the earth. And then there are people who are hurting other people, abusing them, not just in the news, but also hurting people in homes, in society, in businesses, in schools, right? We're hurting each other. And what I find is that when you focus on all the negativity, especially if you are an empath and some people will say to you, and I've heard this, I get this quite often. “Well, you should know what's going on.” Well, what do you mean by that?

What do you mean by, ‘I should know what's going on.’ You mean, I should know every negative thing that is happening, in every household, all across the world, and every negative thing that's happening across the galaxies, boy, that seems like a lot of negativity! Now I ask the universe, “If I need to know something, let it just show up for me.” I don't need to be looking for negative things. Believe me. If I need to know something, the universe shows it to me. It brings it to my attention. Something is mentioned or somebody gives me a call and they say, “Hey, this thing's happening. Can you help me?” or whatever else it is. So I let the universe show it to me. If I am looking for negative things, that's all you're going to experience in your life. And now we're going to go back to your unique spiritual abilities.

If you are used to looking for negative things that are happening in your life, all you're going to be doing is experiencing a lot more negativity because what other things that come into your experience, into your awareness, into your energy field, whether that awareness is the negative things are happening in the news or perusing Facebook and hating the politics, or always reading anything negative on the internet or on social media. All of that energy is going to accumulate, especially if you're empathic, especially if you're on the spiritual path. It's going to start accumulating around your energy field. And then what happens there? If it starts accumulating, even if it's outside of yourself, external experiences, as it's accumulating around your energy field, you're going to start attracting that same frequency. Now I am not saying everything's lollipops, rainbows and unicorns. We all know that it's not, we all know that it's not! But if I'm searching for it or if those are the things that I tend to watch on TV or read about, or my brother keeps on calling me and telling me about, then yes, that's what I'm attracting in my world on a smaller scale.

So let's say I like global politics and I know every bad thing that's happening everywhere. So what's happening in my world is that my mini or micro politics in my office, in my friend groups, in my experience, the same things are happening. Right? And aren't my tribes. So it does matter because we are the energy that attracts the energy of our experiences. It sucks because I know people hate hearing this, especially if they're in a really dark or difficult place. They're like, “I do not create my reality! I don't do that!” And I understand why people say that. It's scary. It's frustrating. And it's, it's kind of defeating when we recognize. I remember the first time I started to really go, ‘Wow, I created this experience.’ I felt defeated. I felt like a failure. I felt like I messed up. I felt not good enough. But all those feelings I felt before, those weren't new feelings for me, they just came up differently.

So I asked myself, how can I take responsibility for my life, for my experiences, even if I messed up, even if I did something wrong and the more I took responsibility for everything I experienced, even if I wanted to blame someone else in my world. I have recently experienced, through other people, this little bad Juju between two people. And what I recognized is that one was holding onto the story of “They did that. They did this, that person did this, that person did that.” And they took no responsibility for their own issues, their own stuff. The other person was like, “yeah, I created this. Awful as it is, I'm going to look at it. I know Melissa.” You know, so that's what happens. But what happens the more you start going, “You know what? I'm not going to give my power over to that person who I think did this to me.”

“They did that to me. They did this to me. They did that to me.” When you do that, you are giving them your energy. You are giving them the ability of your own happiness, of your own feeling of power, of love, because if ‘they did it or they did this’ and ‘they did that,’ then you are giving them your power. Your power is gone. You don't have any more power left, even if you're sick. Well, you know what? “They are telling me to do this. They are telling me to do that.” And who are “they”? And what are they telling you to do? Well, what does your heart tell you to do? What's going on inside of you? Because that matters. That really, really matters because it's best if you don't let other people be responsible for anything in your life, anything. Now, yes, you can hire a cleaner and have them be responsible for your cleaning, but ultimately you're still responsible for it because you're making the effort to clean and you're, you know, helping clean up before they come.

So, really, responsibility is a psyche thing. It is an energy thing. And you have to kind of start taking responsibility for everything in your life. And the more you give away, you say, “Okay, well, the doctors told me this. Well, that psychic told me that. Well, my integrative health specialist told me this.” But you're not checking in with yourself. You're missing the beauty, the absolute gold, in your evolution as a spiritual seeker, your spiritual ability of owning it, taking responsibility, checking in, checking within, what does your heart say? What does your heart say? I don't care if you have the most brilliant psychic on speed dial that you can call any time you want. Before you do that, check in with your own heart before you do that. Ask yourself first and then see if they follow up and say the same exact thing, maybe, if that makes you feel more intuitive or that you can trust that part of yourself. 

The reason I'm saying this is because the next few years, it is going to be challenging for some of us, actually all of us. But especially if you're empathic, because you're going to be feeling the energy that is happening around us, that crazy frequency that's happening around us. You're going to start feeling it. You're going to start recognizing it. You are not the victim of the energy. You can decide whether you're going to take that energy on or not. Because you can say, “wait a minute, I can't be responsible for everyone who experienced a bad thing yesterday.” I mean, think about it. How many people do we have in this world? How many people do you have in your town? How many people in your town do you think experienced something really bad that they need help with? Could you help all of those people in your town? You can't. So ask your higher guidance or ask spirit, ask your higher consciousness. Where can I put my energy to help one person? Where can I serve today? You can't serve millions of people. Even Oprah cannot serve millions of people. Even our leaders. They're not serving millions of people. We all see that everyday because so many people are like, ‘well, you didn't serve me the way I wanted you to serve me.’ Right? So we are here to really pay attention to our own energy. As an impact, you can start asking yourself, where is my energy, best utilized? That's a great question. So I'd love for you to kind of in the review, answer that question. Where can my energy be best utilized right now? And maybe it's healing yourself. Maybe it's for you to spend a little time with your loved ones.

Maybe it's just for you to sit in your backyard and drink some tea or go for a walk. And sometimes it's not taking on everyone's problems. Sometimes it's about you and that's okay. And there, I'm giving you permission to make it okay for you to utilize some of your energy for you, because guess what? Can you help others if you are completely drained? Can you help others if you're angry at someone else because they did something bad to you? Can you help yourself if you're still in a place of feeling stuck in your life or feeling struggle? Your spiritual abilities come from a place of your ability to create. Wow. And this creation is this expanded experience, this wealth of ability, this deep understanding and wisdom that only you have. But if you are so busy, worrying, seeing, feeling everything around you, not sure what to do, feeling this chaotic energy.

Then you might as well just sit in a fetal position and not do anything for the next few years. We have the ability right now to say, ‘wait a minute, where is my energy spent? Where am I placing my focus?’ And sometimes you may have something going on in your life that's difficult. And yeah, you're going to have to focus on that, but I really would encourage you to sit down and ask yourself three things today that I can put my energy into and three things I can find love in doing so. So if you feel that you want to go to your massage even though your best friend is going through a crisis, you want to write down three reasons I chose my massage and told my friend I'll have to talk to her tomorrow or him tomorrow or them tomorrow is because I find love in being touched. I find love in giving myself something that I don't always give myself. I find love in nurturing me for the moment. Right? So ask yourself, “How do I find love in everything I do?” Recently I was asked to do something. And even though in the back of my mind, I felt that I was doing it more out of obligation and not out of love, I did it anyway. And I really recognize that a lot of my energy was expelled through this obligation frequency. Now I'm not really one to do a lot of things through obligation, which was very interesting. And I thought, wow, I expelled a lot of my energy through this frequency of obligation. So from now on, I'm going to go inside before I make a decision. If something feels wrong, I'm going to ask myself, “If I do this, will I be able to do it from love 100%?” Yup. 100%. Because if I'm not doing it from love, then I'm not doing it from the frequency of service.

And that's just what it is, right? We are either doing things through a lower frequency or a higher frequency. And every day we're creating our reality. If you're creating from love, it's a different frequency and you get more love, more of that frequency back to you. Then if you're creating from obligation, need, fear, anger, discontent. And for those of you who have jobs, which many of us do, the same goes for your job. Now, no one likes to write that email reprimanding or blaming someone else. No one wants to go to their boss and start saying, “I'm not really sure this project is best for me or my team.” No one wants to do those things, right? But if you go inside and you say, “How can I find love in doing this? How can I come from love when I'm doing this? How can I bring forward that frequency?” You're going to have a hugely different experience than if you come from fear or obligation or any of the other frequencies. Now let's just move back again, just a hair. What is your unique spiritual ability? It is the ability to create. I want to be very clear with this. Your unique spiritual ability is creation and we miss it constantly. We are not being told this in general, in the media. We're not being told this on Instagram, on those cute little reels. We're not being told this in our daily life, but I'm telling you this now to claim your power, claim your creativity. Now, look, I know I could say to you, I'm not really a creative person. I can not draw for a look. I cannot draw. I'm a stick person, person. And even those look pretty wonky. I am really ignorant when it comes to music.

I am certainly not creative when it comes to mathematical problems, even though I did pretty well in math and in high school and college. I still to this day need a calculator for everything. I am just used to using a calculator. So with all of these things, I could definitely claim I am not creative, but I am because we are all creative. We came here as co-creators or even, let's just say, creators. Drop that “co.” Forget that co-creation stuff. Drop that down the bucket. You and the universe have a dialogue of creation. You say to the universe, “You know what? I am manifesting today, Universe. I'm going to manifest the partner of my dreams and they're going to have this and they're going to have that, and they're going to be this and they're going to be that.” And the universe goes, okay, “I'll bring you someone.”

And then you're like, “aaaaah! Run in the other direction.” And you're like, “Okay, I must've had something wrong on my list universe. Let me try again.” Right? But what you're missing is the universe is listening because you're energetically expressing to the universe what you want to flow back to you. And the universe is only showing up for you, just like a beautiful best friend, just like a beautiful rainbow. It just shows up for you. That rainbow just showed up for you. You didn't have to demand it. You didn't have to beat up a bunch of people to get it. You didn't have to climb that corporate ladder to get the rainbow. It showed up for you. So think about this, our creative process as a flow, I'm flowing outward, energetically, emotionally, lovingly, with an open heart, with higher frequencies of consciousness, with feelings, really pure, more higher frequency feelings, and the universe is going, “Oh, I know we can bring this to you.”

It may not look like the perfect partner, but in the long run, it's going to work out for your highest and best. So we are constantly creating. Every moment, you're creating your next moment. Every single moment, you create your next moment. There isn't a time that you are not creating. You're consistently creating, always creating. And because you're always creating, the universe is going, “Oh, that's what you want to create. Oh, here it is. Oh, that's what you want to create. Oh, here it is.” It's mirroring your creations. So you are a creator. Claim your creative abilities. Claim your creative power. Claim your creative frequencies. Now again, the next few years, yes, it will be a struggle. You will maybe hit a wall here or there, but every time you hit the wall, ask yourself, “Where's loving this wall and where can I create? Wait a minute. It's a full wall. It's like, it's not only concrete. It's steel enforced. It's like the wall of walls. How can I create? Because the wall is blocking everything I need in the world, everything I want, everything I desire.” Who wants it? Who's desiring that? Your higher consciousness is saying, “Maybe you're moving in the wrong direction.” Maybe it's putting up that roadblock. So you go, “Wait a minute. Hmm. Let's reevaluate this. Is this really best for me?” Maybe change gears. 

Years and years ago, I was guided or told by my guides that when you are creating in your universe, everything is a flow and nothing is written in steel. In stone, stone or steel. You don't have to stay on the same track. So you're like, “Okay, I kind of tried that out. That wasn't working. What is a different opportunity that I only have to do a tiny sidestep or a little tweak?” Because we think, “Oh my gosh, I tried to get the best job but this job isn't working out. And then we're like, “oh no, I'm stuck in this job. What am I going to do?” Instead of doing that, say, “wait a minute, maybe I can sidestep.”

Maybe there's another opportunity within this corporation. Maybe there is a different person available to me. Maybe this person really doesn't jive with who I am, but all I need to do is kind of tweak a little bit and ‘oh, there's my perfect partner!’ Right? And perfect partner by the way, never means all rainbows, lollipops and unicorns, because we need partnerships, friendships, all sorts of relationships, coworkers, everything, to help us grow. So it's not always perfect, but sometimes it's more wonky than others. But anyway, digressing of course.  

But you are moving. All you need is a tiny tweak, another tiny tweak, because you‘re a creator. Claim your creative ability and have fun with it. Don't try too hard. Go, “Okay, You know what? I feel like there's some resistance. I feel like there's a wall. Let me back up. Let me feel into what do I really want to create from my heart? Not for my head, not for my ego.” So you are the creator of your universe. You are the creator of your experiences. Take responsibility for everything you experience. Take back your power from blaming others. Take back your power from your victimization. Take back your power from your stuckness. You are the creator and you are responsible for your creations. I wish you so much love! Please subscribe to this podcast, leave a review. And I am sending you so much love. Have a fantastic day!