The reflection of the polarity of light and dark is all around you. It shows up in your experiences, in your dreams and in society. We don’t need to fight that energy, it is time for you to empower yourself past the lower vibration and see through the illusion that the darkness has power over you.

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Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension Podcast, your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick. This podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift.  We'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field, manifestation, aliens, the Akashic records, and so much more. It's time to raise your vibe!


Hi, welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension podcast. I'm your host, Melissa Feick. In this episode, we're going to continue the discussion of light versus dark. And this is really about our spiritual evolution. Episode 37 is the first part of this. So this gives you an awareness of the continuation of understanding this frequency of light and dark. Now, in the other episode, in 37, I did speak a little bit about the government and they had all these conspiracy things. And I just want to state that there are things that are being hidden from us, and it's not about a conspiracy. It's just obvious. And we are complying with a lot of these things, not just in the government or the military, but we comply with hidden truths or it's our own truth that we hide within ourselves. So we comply by allowing this hidden energy, and that's all this secret frequency.


When I work with clients one-on-one, I hear this a lot where the Akashic Records will tell me that they have a lot of secret frequencies in their family line. And when I hear that, I recognize that it's like, “We have to hide things. We have to keep it a secret.” And that really impacts the psyche of the person that I'm working with. And on the other level, when we hide things on a global scale, we're doing the same thing. We hurt the collective consciousness of ourselves. You know, we think that it may only affect certain people, but secrets can be very damaging and it can also put us in a place of not being sure, not feeling confident, feeling unworthy, because it feels like something's hidden and intuitively we understand that something is being hidden from us and the secrets can keep us stuck in our lives.


We comply with these things. We have this hidden truth within ourselves, and we project it out into the world because when we look at this light versus dark, it is about our own shadow. And it's about the light side that we think we want to support and hold on to. “We're light beings. I'm a lightworker or a starseed that brings in the light,” but we kind of discount or hide that little shadow part. “Oh, that little part? That doesn't matter as much because I'm light.” And when we try to keep that hidden, again, it hurts the psyche, right? So again, what I've talked about in the last episode is that there's a macrocosm, a bigger understanding, and a microcosm, which is the smaller part. So on the macrocosm, it happens to affect our collective consciousness. On the microcosm, it affects us as individuals. So we have to look at what is truth.


Now I know that what I have been told through my guidance, through my intuition, through the multidimensional beings I work with, they have said truth is an illusion as well. So truth is an illusion. That means there is no truth. It's just a perspective. My perspective is different from your perspective, but we hold onto this idea. “This is truth because I believe it's true.” Or “Somebody told me it was true,” or “That makes me feel better if it's true.” Right. But what happens is there's only one truth and the truth is that everything is oneness and we have to take that into account. So technically there's only one truth. And the truth is that we're all one, which means that we all interact and we are entangled with each other. And what we do as individuals affects the collective consciousness. So do you see how we're going through the same thing over and over and over again?


So if I'm hiding the darkness inside, then in the collective consciousness, that needs to be hidden as well. Sometimes as individuals, we kind of hide certain things or keep things secretive because we're afraid of what others will say about us or what they may perceive about us. I remember the Course in Miracles talks about how fear is the work of the ego. Fear is the ego's playground is what I like to say. So this fear keeps us in a place that is stuck. And again, if we're afraid of what people are going to say about us, then we're missing the point that we are sovereign beings, that we have the ability to raise the frequency, raise the vibration, but we can't do it just by forcing light. And that's what I think a lot of people do in the spiritual communities. They try to force the light and they force the light without being cognizant or aware of the darkness.


And again, dark is not bad. Please watch episode 37 so you really understand this. So fear is how everything in everyone is controlled. We manipulate and control through fear. My mother used to say there's nothing wrong with a little bit of fear. And what she meant was, you know, if you're afraid to run out in traffic at six years old or five years old, you're not going to do it. So, you know, fear is controlling. It's very manipulative and this is how governments, social media. I mean, I say this all the time, but I really want to always reiterate it because when I say that, it's because I want you to realize, “yeah, I'm being controlled by my religion. The government controls me, social media, media itself.”  You know, we control our family through fear. “Oh, I won't talk to you ever if you don't do this for me.” Now, you know, another type of fear that I talked about last week is UFOs. We have been gaslighted by the government and yes, it is the government and I'm not ‘conspiracy.’


If you really dive deep into the UFO hole, you know that they have gaslit every single person who comes forward with any sort of story. Oh, and then they're really cooled by their friends and family. Oh yeah. “You saw the little green men,” you know, they're not being taken seriously. So they're being controlled and manipulated through this gaslighting energy. And we're doing this by censoring things. Right. So aliens have done it, you know, we've done it through aliens. “Oh, you didn't really see that situation.” Right. We gaslight everybody. And then we also sensor things. So things are being censored. Let's just be clear on that. We are being censored all the time. You censor yourself. I remember thinking, “Alright, when I'm around this type of person, I don't talk about my spiritual work. I don't discuss my multi-dimensional connections,” and I censored myself.


So where do you censor yourself in your life? Why don't you leave a review and tell me where you censor yourself or leave a comment below and tell me where you censor yourself, because we all do it and your awareness that, “Oh yeah, I've been censoring myself.” And when you censor yourself, you are controlling and manipulating yourself and others as well. So you're not showing your full self or your full belief system. And you know, control and manipulation, it really is part of our duality in our world. And because it's such a deep part of our duality, it's something that we perceive all the time. But we're not aware because it hides in the shadows. It is stealthy. So think of the darkness as a stealth-like energy, it goes under the radar. It's less overt. You don't see it.


It's hidden in the shadows. It's, you know, in the peripheral, a little bit behind you, a little below where you can't really see anything over in that area. So it's hidden and that's how we can control and manipulate ourselves and others. Now let's talk about the difference between light and dark. So there really is not any difference between light and dark. They're the same energy. This is because light is light, right? So we all know what light is, but darkness is just the absence of light. Basically, it's a polarity. So you could have a completely dark room. You could have a dark room with a tiny crack of light in it. You can have a dark room with a small light in it, like maybe a 30 or 20 watt bulb. You can have one that's brighter. You can have the sunlight, right?


So the light frequency is just a polarity. You can have a very dark room or a very bright room, both are about light. So there really is no difference because darkness and light are the same energy. We're just taught. And we're taught that especially darkness should be feared. Be afraid of the dark. I don't know about you. When I was young, I was definitely afraid of the dark. I know I could see things in the dark. So I was a little afraid of the darkness. And a lot of people are afraid of the dark. Some people still sleep with lights on because they're afraid of the dark. And we are shown in society. And in our religions and society, you should be afraid of the dark. And if you're afraid of the dark, then you'll save yourself. You will, you know, defend yourself or you'll know that something bad can happen because it's dark.


And we're taught to fear the darkness. It is another form of manipulation. So we go inside and we are afraid of our own inner darkness. Hello? So here, we're in this place. So we're here and there is darkness inside of us. And am I saying that you have entities or bad things? No. The shadow part, or you remember, look at the dark night of the soul series. I have a lot of stuff to help you understand the shadow in that series. This is how this polarity works. It keeps you wondering, where is the pendul going to swing? Is it gonna be light or is it going to be dark? This is part of where we are in the Ascension because in the Ascension, we're moving from darkness into light and we are moving from light into darkness. Now, how could that be?


That's because it's a polarity. How can we be moving from light into dark, Melissa? I thought the essential was all about bringing in the light, but we're swinging. We are doing some major swinging. Pure darkness, pure light. We're swinging because in order to usher in the Ascension, part of the things we need to do is to really be aware of our own shadow. You cannot ascend, no matter how much plant medicine you take, no matter how many times you go and see the doctor or a therapist, or how many healers you go to. The only way you're going to transcend that darkness is to actually go inside and deal with your own darkness inside. And that is how you're going to experience the Ascension. You can't deny the dark and only look at the light and think you're going to ascend because you have to transcend your egoic thoughts, feelings, and patterns, karmic patterns, and all those things, that karmic egoic energy is what keeps us stuck in the duality.


And we can't be in duality and raise our frequency and ascend. You have to kind of move through that. Now, some people will say, “Well, you can do other things, bring in more light to dissipate the darkness.” And yes, I think that you can, but the more aware you are, the quicker you will do this. So you could spend 10 years trying to bring in light to transform and transmute your ego, but you might still have a lot of ego. Boy, the ego is stealthy, man, it’s so stealthy. It really knows how to play the game. And the spiritual ego’s even more stealthy. So, you know, just be aware of that. I'm not going to tell you what to do. That's not my job, but my job is to bring awareness to you. I feel like I'm here to help you be aware because I know what I have seen, what has transcended within me.


and what I've seen my client's transcend. It's been pretty profound. And I think that's amazing because they're not waiting for the light to completely engage within themselves. They're being proactive, clearing out old energies, bringing up more light. Because if you have all this lower frequency in your body and your physical body, your mental body, emotional body, and your energy field, all this lower frequency of fear, of anger, of feeling unlovable, being angry at your friends, your coworkers, or hiding it inside because some people be like, “Well, I'm not really angry at anyone.” And then we go deeper and they're a complete mess inside because they put all their issues within. So they don't project it outward. They're just sitting in that energy all the time. Light can't fill where the darkness is because darkness takes up frequency as well. It takes up more frequency actually.


So that dark energy, and I'm not saying dark meaning negative entities. Gosh, please throw that out the window right now, because that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about within you. When you have all those lower frequencies, they are denser because they're 3D experiences. So it's a very dense energy. You have to clear that in order to bring in more light, because light has a higher frequency, but it can't dissipate, completely, all the darkness. It just is. Unfortunately it's unable to do that. So we like to keep people in the dark. Think about this. How many of you have told someone, “Oh, well, I'm not going to tell so-and-so about this,” or “make sure you don't tell your other parent,” or “make sure you don't tell mom this,” or “make sure you don't tell your sister this or your best friend or your ex-boyfriend or whatever.”


Right. So, you're saying I'm not going to tell someone something, or I'm not going to see it within myself, which is both the same thing, right. Because we're projecting, you're keeping it in the dark and that's what we do all the time. We do it. Society does it, social media does it, the government does it, right. Macro/micro -cosm and well, think about this. Okay. So you have the UFO or the UAP, which is the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, right? That's what the new word is, I guess. That's a classic example of how we're keeping people in the dark around that. And I think that ETS are keeping us in the dark. Yeah. Ooh yeah. That just came through really clearly. Like they're keeping us in the dark. We don't know who they are.


I mean, some of us have ideas, but we don't know for sure. Yeah. I speak to multidimensional beings. Yes, I know who some of them are. But I think that some of these beings, we're not sure of, and they are keeping that a little bit on the stealthy download side because they're keeping us in the dark. Maybe they don't feel like we're ready for what they have to offer. So they're just trying to give us little tidbits of information, but they're keeping us in the dark and we're keeping ourselves in the dark around this. So everything and everyone around you is a reflection of you, including anyone that you see as dark. They're a reflection of you because we project out and we see the mirror back. It's only our reflection that we're seeing. And it can be really scary at times. Now I am not saying that every single person in your life is a reflection of you.


But what I am saying is if they trigger you, there's something within you that you see in them. And I have family members that I've used that with for years. Like, “Oh, wow, they're triggering me. There must be something in me that is the thing I don't like about them, that's gotta be me.” And actually that's how I've done a lot of my inner work. And I really bless everybody in my family to show me my issues because I share blood with them. And they helped me see my own inner shadows, the things that I don't want to see. Right. So I used to say that someone says that another dark entity is around them. There's like this, “Oh, so-and-so has a dark entity. That person has a dark entity.” And what I started to recognize as a lot of times, it wasn't an entity that I saw around them. It was their own darkness or my own darkness projected onto them. Now I'm not saying there are not entities, but let's just keep with what I'm talking about. So we're incrementally talking about different things, so let's just talk about this for a second.


It's easy for spiritual people to blame some sort of a being or energy outside of themselves. Like that person has a dark entity around them. They have darkness. They're calling in dark energy. They're practicing dark magic. It's easy for us to say that in the spiritual community, I encourage you to take time and look at what you’re being triggered by, by that person, first. And we'll talk about entities in a minute because I know if we're doing this light versus dark series, we definitely have to talk about entity issues, but I want you to always think that even an entity, some dark thing that you think is this bad thing around someone or something, that energy is also being projected into you. So where is it in you that you feel like you may have some darkness or an entity, right?


You know, I'm just trying to help you help yourself. Now we are all experiencing the dark and the light because we are in an energy of duality. And when you are in duality, you have to have all ends of the spectrum. So in the light spectrum, the darkness and the light are just as important. And we are in this spectr, right? So we go into darkness, we go into light. It's just like the way the sun goes down, the moon comes up. Maybe the moon's covered today with a bunch of clouds. There's a lot of darkness. And then the sun will come up again tomorrow. So it's just a cycle. And that is kind of what duality is. When you are looking at your own darkness, it's part of being human. It’s just part of being human. But if you're afraid and you are in victim mode, that means that you are afraid of your own inner darkness.


So if you are fearful inside, you may be afraid of your own inner darkness and you are playing victim. You want to empower yourself through that. And how do you empower yourself through looking at the darkness? You have to just say, you know what? These things that I've projected out to everyone in the world, or that could possibly be within me are just energies. That's it. They are just energies. It's just a vibration. It's just a frequency. You just want to say, “I'm going to look at that frequency.” And I'm going to say, “wow, that frequency is just an energy. That's all it is. There's nothing special about this frequency. And even if it is dark, even if it is within me, it doesn't mean it's something that's bad. It's just an energy.” And when you see it that way, then you are less afraid because it's just an energy.


That's all it is. Now, if I see darkness in other people, I suggest you witness it. “Oh, that person is really angry. They're in a rage,” just witness it. And “I understand, I see that in that person,” you're witnessing it. If you put fear into it, then you are feeding it energy, or you're feeding that person energy. When you feed the fear, you are becoming a lower frequency. When you recognize that that darkness or the fear is just an energy and you ask yourself “What inside of me am I seeing?” Then you're empowering yourself. Do you see the difference? If you look at it and be, “Oh, I can't go near that. That's going to be scary. I can't do that, it;’s scary.” Then you're giving your power away. So you're not empowered. But if you go, “Oh, I see how that is all transpiring.


I'm witnessing that. I get it.” Then you feel a little bit more empowered. And it really is about your empowerment within. The reason this is really good for your spiritual evolution is because of the darkness within you and what's outside in the world, both, because really you're only oneness. So it's both ways. It can be very empowering to you because it's not that you're just giving away your energy or your fears or anything else. It's empowering because you're bringing it into awareness. It is no longer sitting in the stealthy shadow area. It's like, oh, there it is. Wow. And you empower yourself through it. Now we're going to have to go into the energy of entities. And yes, I do think entities are real because again, in our energy of the earth frequency, we do experience duality and there are lower beings. I am not afraid of these lower beings because I don't want to give them power.


And I also recognize that everything comes from the light. Now this may be hard for some people to wrap your head around. So if you're one of those people and you want to be afraid of entities, or you want to give them power, you want to say, there's darkness around people. That's your prerogative. But everything has to come from the light. The creator source, the one energy that spits out all frequencies throughout all universes, all times and spaces, is the creative energy of the light. So everything, including all the duality that we experience has to come from the light. And if it comes from the light, every entity has some light in it. It has some sort of light frequency within which is really empowering because if I see any energies or entities around people, which I do once in a while, I see it as love.


And I open my heart and send it love. And I also am very clear on my own boundaries. I'm clear in my own energy field. So it's easy for me to do this, but I don't like to be afraid. I find that fear actually makes it more powerful. These energies. And I will give you a story because this part of my experience was brought to my attention. And I hesitate talking about this kind of thing, because a lot of times people, they'll take these six sentences that I'm going to say right now. And they run with it. And they're like, “Oh, Melissa said there were entities and we should be afraid of them.” Ah, you know, there's nothing I can do with how you perceive what I share with you or how you integrate it in your own life.


But I will say this first, this story is just a story and it doesn't really matter. But I do know someone who has some entities around them, someone I recently met and I saw them and I did what I told you. I opened my heart. I sent the person love because I'm not clearing the entities for them. This is on them. They actually want their entities because I asked my guidance, this person wants this stuff. And they absolutely said yes, because this person plays in the dark and light energies and that's okay. And I said, okay, I send that person love. And I recognize that these entities are something that right now, maybe as part of their experience, maybe they called them in. I think that they had a lot of abuse when they were younger, maybe, and maybe they have a mental illness as well.


So all of those things can attract these lower frequencies. Now, why did I perceive this? Because it's just part of the light and darkness, and it's not a good or bad thing. And I know a lot of people say, “But Melissa, entities are bad. They're all bad. They're all bad!” It's hard for me to see that because it's just like ants, ants get into your house. They're just trying to survive. It doesn't mean the ants are bad. The ants aren’t bad. They're not bad little beings. They're just surviving. They're just living. They are living the way that they know how to live. And unfortunately that's the same with dark frequencies. They're living the way that they want to live. What I ask that you do right now is just take a moment and just love yourself, love yourself, and open up your heart to yourself, because that will be a frequency that no lower frequencies can ever touch.


And I would love it if you downloaded my Divine Love Meditation, it is really heart-opening. It's very high vibe and it will definitely raise your frequency. And this will help with this darkness and lightness within because it does bring more light in your life. Another way that I would love for you to help yourself with is to go to my website or actually just go to FLFE.nets/Melissa. And maybe try the 15 day trial of FLFE. I've used FLFE for probably, I think it's five or six years now, at least I don't even know how long it's been so long. And it is a technology that you do not have to buy. It's just a subscription plan. It's just as much as your Netflix and Hulu put together, literally. And it clears entities really fast. It clears the land, it clears the house.


I've run it on my own house. I run it on my phone because it's really amazing with EMF. I run it on my kids' phones and actually I was going to my sister's last December. And I just didn't know if I could be in her house because of the frequency there. And I was like, “Oh, I'm going to put a subscription of FLFE on there.” So that's And I do get a little kickback for it but there's a 15 day trial. Try it out. Most people who are sensitive to frequencies, they do feel the frequency pretty quickly. I really accumulate that energy in my house. So what I do is I use the FLFE to make sure my house is being on a consistent clarity, like clearing, energy, right? So it's consistently clearing that energy over and over and over again.


And I'll put this on the show notes in the description, but it's always clearing the energy and I don't have to clear as much and anything that is an automatic clearing, I love. It also helps 5G and EMFs, which is also important to me, although I'm not sensitive to those types of things. It doesn't mess with my sleep or anything, but definitely I like having it running on my house, and running on my cell phone because it clears all of that. So if you have issues or you’re kind of afraid of having EMFs or lower frequencies, definitely try the 15 day trial. And if you love it, you stick with the subscription. And if you don't, it was only 15 days, they don't even take a credit card, I'm pretty sure. I was just telling my friend about it the other day.


And he goes, “Well, why have you not told me about this before?” And I said, “You know, I forget to mention it to people because I've had it for so long. And I use it all the time.” To me, it keeps the energy clear. So that's kinda my thing. My go-to thing is my FLFE, because it does its own work. And the other great thing is you can actually program it intentionally for yourself. So I always program my own FLFE subscription for my needs, right? So it's not a technology you buy. It's an energy frequency that emanates onto your land and onto your house. Boy, I've used it in every house I've ever lived in for so many years because it has been a game changer. As a matter of fact, before I bought this house that I'm living in Sedona,


about two weeks before I moved into the house, I actually switched my subscription. Nobody was living at the house at the time. I switched it to this house and I told it to clear it all the way. So when I walked in, it was as clear as possible and it was awesome. So, even though I did do a quick clearing, I didn't really have to do much because FLFE did it for me. So if you loved this episode, please leave a review. Please share this with your friends. And really, I want to send you so much love. You’re amazing beings! And claim your power, claim your sovereignty, and sit in love because that's truly who you are.