The most empowering opportunity you have in your spiritual evolution is to surrender. When you learn to trust yourself and your creations you are able to trust into surrender which will help you feel safer and more empowered.


Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension Podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa. This podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift. We'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic Records, and so much more. It's time to raise your vibe! Hi, and welcome to Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™ Podcast. I'm your host, Melissa Feick. In this episode, I'm just going to talk a little bit about surrender and it's going to be a really short episode because as soon as this episode launches, I am on my retreat. I am in Sedona with my group, hanging out, checking out the frequencies of Sedona, hiking around. I'm so excited to do this retreat!

Speaker 1 (01:12):

So I wanted to record this episode and have it air, obviously, when I'm on my retreat. What we're going to talk about today is surrender. And I'm going to be really quick around this. This is like a quick tip around surrender. Surrender is a word that a lot of people have difficulty with. Surrender is not most people's favorite word, just not their favorite word, because they see surrender as something that means they're giving up their power or they're giving up their sovereignty. And surrender is more about you letting go of your control. I bet most of you have issues with giving up your control and you may not even know that you're so busy trying to control your environment, control your feelings, control how people perceive you, right? These are the ways we can try to control our world. I want everybody to think that I'm this kind of person, so I'm going to control myself. So I show up this way for these people. So it looks like I am in control, that they are seeing me in this light, not the light that I am trying to hide. We are funny little beings like that. Surrender isn't about doing anything. It's actually the opposite. It's non-action and we are used to being beings who always act. There's always an action happening. Even when we’re sleeping, there's an action behind our sleeping.

Speaker 2 (02:59):

Our eyes are moving one way or in REM our brain is still working. There's still action. Surrender is the experience of non-action. So you're not really doing anything. You're just being, and you are just experiencing. The fear around surrender is that that non-action energy seems really uncomfortable or letting go of the control or manipulation or however we even perceive our world. Letting that go is difficult. For many of us, maybe you're like that, you are used to controlling your environment. I know as a mother, I was very used to controlling what happened to the kids, how they were dressed, what was going on, what they ate. When my children were little, my husband told me, “Melissa, you're trying to control everything I do with the kids.” And I went, “Wow, you're right. I am.” If you take them out, make sure they don't do this, make sure they get that, make sure you're not giving them soda or whatever else I said.

Speaker 2 (04:21):

And I was trying to control him and control the kids all at the same time. And that was a little difficult for me. But recognizing that, I was like, “Alright, what can I do? Or what can I be as someone who does not control everyone else's life all the time?” And I kept asking myself, “What am I trying to control here? Am I trying to control this situation? That situation?” And there were times, oh yeah, I was trying to control. And then there were other times I thought, “Oh, I am trying to control this, but I'm going to not right now.” Now this was before I understood what surrender was. So I never used the surrender at the time, but I did say I'm going to let it go and see what happens. I think I'm a little obsessed with surrender because I do talk about it a lot.

Speaker 2 (05:20):

And it's because surrendering has made such a difference in my life and in my world, and especially in my manifestations. I think that surrender is all about trust. And when you can trust your higher consciousness, trust that the universe has your back, trust that everything's going to work out exactly how it should work out. You are in a different energy. Your frequency is different. Your vibration is holding the energy of openness, expansiveness, of allowing. And in that surrender energy, your frequency is very different from control. And that trust energy is the ultimate guidance system. That doesn't mean you're going to just acquiesce anything and never make another decision in your life. But what you want to look at is “What is it that I'm trying to create in my life? What does that look like?” Without trying to make it happen, allowing it to happen.

Speaker 2 (06:37):

Oh yeah. I see that this is moving in that direction. Let's see what happens if it stays in that direction. Maybe it will change. Maybe we would want to do something else. It is a trust. And that is something so many people have issues with. I hear that often. “Well, I just don't trust myself. I don't trust my intuition. I don't trust my life. I don't trust me. I don't trust my partner.” Whatever it is. Trust is the ego's way of trying to hold you back from being yourself, hold you back from loving yourself, knowing yourself. Because if the ego tells you, “Well, you can't trust, you can't trust,” or you say, “Well, look, these are all the things in my life that have happened that I couldn't trust.” So everything is untrustworthy, anything and everything. “I can't trust people. Look at all these people who betrayed me.

Speaker 2 (07:44):

I can't feel safe trusting anyone, including myself.” And that means that you need to look deeper. You need to look at some of the things that are the traumas connected to that trust. And you also want to call out your mind saying, “Wait a minute, what is it that's really going on underneath?” Trust is a thought process. “What do I feel? How do I feel?” So when I feel into, “I don't want to trust this,” or “I'm afraid to trust people” or any fill-in-the-blank, how does that make me feel? What's the trauma associated with it? What's the feeling associated with it? What am I holding onto around it? How does that keep me safe? Not trusting anyone. If you don't trust the world or trust yourself, they are the most stuck people that I know. They can't go anywhere. They can't see anything. They are in all sorts of directions and they have no focus or grounded-ness about them.

Speaker 2 (09:04):

And that is why it actually encouraged them to surrender because it's not about trust. It's about letting go. It's just about letting go. And that just reminded me of my first dog Killian. He was a red golden retriever. Oh my gosh. What an amazing dog. So smart. But the funniest thing is it took us forever to teach him the command ‘Give’ because, boy, that dog would not surrender a bone, a toy, anything that was in its mouth. It did not want to give it up. So it would hold onto it. And we had to teach it to give. So you are teaching yourselves how to surrender. And in that empowerment of surrender, you'll start learning to trust. You can't make yourself trust, but the surrender process will help the energy of trusting. Don't be a dog with a bone that won't let go because you have 50 other bones to choose from.

Speaker 2 (10:16):

If you let that one go, you may go to the one that is ideal for you. But if you hold onto it, try to control it and not let go. You may miss something really amazing that the universe has in store for you or your higher consciousness has available to you. For fun this week, I would love it if you took your life and looked at all the things that you're holding on to that you no longer need or that no longer serve you or no longer are in your frequency or vibration. For instance, it can be watching TV. Maybe it's time for you to surrender watching TV every single night. Maybe do something else instead and save watching a movie a couple of days a week. Or maybe it's a friendship or a job or some other type of relationship that you need to surrender.

Speaker 2 (11:23):

Instead of trying to make that person do what you want or keep the relationship, surrender it. I'm not saying end the relationship, surrender it. Just say, you know what? This relationship is feeling kind of wonky. It's feeling kind of out of balance, out of harmony. I surrender it to the universe and just see what happens. Take inventory of your life. What are you holding onto? What areas can you shift and change into the surrender energy? What are you controlling? So take inventory. What are you controlling in your life that might be a good thing for you to surrender this week? It's going to be a fun game, not always feeling great because you may actually resist it. You're going to say, “Oh, I can't give this up. No, no, no! These pairs of shoes, I want these pairs of shoes. It doesn't matter if I haven't worn them in 50 years, I still need these shoes!”

Speaker 2 (12:28):

Giving things up can be very difficult. But when we clear the clutter, physically, mentally, and emotionally in our physical world and our mental world and our emotional world, when we clear that clutter, there's more room for higher frequencies. So surrendering is also the same thing. When you surrender it, let it go. It clears the frequency, clears the energy and leaves room for higher vibrations, which is really the key here. We are looking to bring in higher frequencies. But if you are resisting, controlling or holding on, you can't bring in a higher vibration because those lower frequencies take up a lot of space. Higher frequencies don't and if you want to clear those lower frequencies, sometimes you have to clear the things that you're holding onto. Surrender them, just play the game. What am I going to surrender this week? Wow. What have I been holding onto for a long time? Maybe it's anger at someone or blaming someone else in your life. Surrender it, give it away. Surrender is all about letting go. And when you can surrender, you empower yourself and you empower yourself through surrender and love. That's it for today. Please subscribe. Please leave a review. I'd really appreciate it! Sending you so much love and light.