Melissa and Christalene continue their conversation about talking to dead people and what they experience on the other side. Melissa shares a story about her mother in laws crossing and her reading when she came through to Christalene recently. They also speak about how they are able to communicate with deceased loved ones.  

About Christalene
As a Visionary Intuitive, Christalene provides guidance, clarity, and healing through readings, mediumship, and art.

Christalene is a gifted international medium who channels energy from spirit and her intuition to guide you in your life. In addition to a variety of private and group readings and services, she also offers interactive workshops and products to help for you to reclaim your power and enhance your own intuitive abilities.

She is the founder of Healing Through Body Art Project and The Affirmation Board of Cape St. Claire.

“Expressing myself through art continues to be a daily ritual for me. It’s my form of meditation and grounding and I couldn’t imagine my life without creating.” 






So welcome to this episode of Spiritual Expansion and Ascension. I'm your host, Melissa Feick. And we have here today, again, Christalene. Christalene is a visionary intuitive, and she is an amazing medium and artist and a very creative person. And today we're going to be talking about mediumship and the experience of those who have passed over and their experiences on the other side. So I'm so excited because I love this transition from the other topic of mediumship and how we experience mediumship, to this one. And what is it on the other side? What are they experiencing on the other side? So let's start with this personally. Tell me when people cross over and we kind of touched on this in the other episode. So if you didn't listen to the other episode, it was the one before this, I think it's Episode 41.  And I'll have it in the show notes, but we touched on how when people crossover they're happier. So tell me a little bit about what you've experienced with that.

Christalene (01:57):

Well, what I've experienced is a sense of peace. It's almost like tranquility, serenity. The best way to describe it is I almost feel like I'm floating, like the little petty things that we worry about here are no longer relevant over there. You know, people think they really are upset with them because they didn't, you know, wear that dress to the funeral, like they don't really give a shit about stuff like that, you know? So they're in a much higher frequency. Absolutely. So I just feel like it's more simplistic and no stress. That’s what it feels like compared to this life anyway,

Melissa (02:46):

most of them. But then sometimes people cross over and they're very stressed out and they, so I know from my experience, it actually happened to my mother-in-law. When she crossed, she died in a car accident. So it was very, very quick. And, I waited till after the funeral and after everything happened and I would watch her and she just wasn't moving on. And because I was clairvoyant and I knew a lot of these things, I was like, “Wait a minute, let me help you cross.” And so I don't make them cross. I didn't make her cross. But what I said to her was, “You know, you’re dead.” But I waited till after the funeral because sometimes people might stick around a little bit to kind of watch everything. Sometimes they watch from a higher place from when they crossed, but some people are just so in shock sort of, they don't even know or they don't believe in life after death.

Melissa (03:48):

And I think that was her problem. I think she crossed really fast. She had no idea that she was dead. She had no idea what was going on. And she had no belief system, like nothing. And so I went to her and I said, “Look, you know, Lois, you died. You're dead.” And she was a little apprehensive. And I was like, you know, “Move into the light.” Now I wouldn't do this with anyone else, but I knew her, like she was my mother-in-law. I knew her for 15 years at that point, probably. So I helped her move on, but sometimes they don't. And then when she moved on she was still trying to figure everything out.

Christalene (04:35):

Wow. I personally did not have any experiences like that. The one thing about helping people crossover, I don't feel like I would even be able to or want to entertain that. So I can't speak about that. I can't even imagine what that was like for you, especially being your mother-in-law. Yeah.

Melissa (05:00):

So I wouldn't suggest that people do that. Like if it were just some random dude, I would not have done that because I don't. If they're not in the light of the light and serve the light now, I don't speak to them, but this was my mother-in-law. So I didn't worry about it. Most of the time, even when they sit in that limbo place for a little bit, most of the time they do move through. So that's a rarity. She may have done it like a few months from there. So it's not like it would never have happened. So I don't want people to stress out, but I find it really interesting. 

And let me share one more story. So now I'm taking over a little bit. When my father passed, and again, I was already doing a lot of this work but I wasn't a medium at that time but I had done some mediumship a little bit.

Melissa (05:56):

Literally the night he died, I was trying to gather my kids, my daughter wasn't even one years old. So I was gathering up everything we needed to go to my sister and my mom's place to deal with all this around my dad's death. And I'm standing there in my family room area. And I'm just looking around wondering what I should do next. And all of a sudden, a toy in my kid's little basket thing, nobody was near it, I was all alone, and this moment it went off and it started doing its song thing. And I was like, wait a minute. I was like, “I know dad, I know.” Because I was already kind of connected to that arena and understood that. Because you know what I told him for years? “Dad, I really know that what I'm telling you is true.” Now he was Catholic. But I said, “Look, I kinda know a lot about the afterlife. And I feel like I know these things. And if I'm right, when you die, you tell me.”

Christalene (07:10):

Or you show me!

Melissa (07:12):

Yeah. Show me. Yeah. And he did, for years. He did all sorts of little things. He would stop the cuckoo clock in the middle of the night, always at the same time. I can't remember what time my husband used to say, but it was like a weird time, like 2:11, the cuckoo clock would just stop. And he loved cuckoo clocks. And I knew it was my dad. So did my husband. He wasn't into this stuff as much. So they do try to communicate with us on the other side, but we miss it.

Christalene (07:46):

That's if we're trying to hide or we're not even aware. People do not even really need to come and see mediums. They are able to communicate if they ask their loved ones to, and I know that we see it differently a little bit. Like I say, “You can be specific.” You can say, “Hey, I want to see a dragonfly by three o'clock to know that it's you,” and then sure enough I saw the dragonfly at 2:55 and I knew that Emerson, the little seven year old I worked with at hospice, showed me a sign, you know?  So you can either ask for a sign or just be open to receiving one. But people need to know that it doesn't necessarily have to be a physical sign. It could be, for example, if you asked for a rainbow, it could be Rainbow Street. It could be a picture of a rainbow or it could be a real life rainbow. So not to be closed minded about the sign. “It only has to be a rainbow. I've got to see it.” And then you only look for the real life one but right underneath you is a sticker that you're walking on of a rainbow.

Melissa (08:57):

Right? Exactly. And that's where people miss their signs. And I think it is good to always know, like I know people who will say, “Well, if it's a dime, I always know it's my father.” Or “If it's a penny, I know that it's my mom.”  People use that type of thing. “If it's a feather, I know that it's so-and-so,” so some people do know that, but you can ask for signs. I always think you don't ask the medium to know what the sign may be, because maybe they'll get it and maybe they won't. Because you don't want to just cut off the possibility of a message because the medium didn't tell you it was a dime, you know?

Christalene (09:41):

Well, that's why, like in the previous podcast, I don't really get the client to ask any questions. I remember being somewhere and in some meeting, this lady, and I have a rule that within how many minutes of meeting someone, if they're telling me someone's crossed over then that's someone that I need to consider, perhaps, giving a message. And I remember her granddaughter who had crossed over, said, “Tell her about the sign, the cardinal she's going to know, and it was only for her.” So I said, “Can you understand the Cardinal?” And if I know that's very general because it's a popular one, I'll go “but there’s something specific about the Cardinal. On the day of her funeral, a Cardinal was hitting its head on the window.” So yeah, so that was the granddaughter communicating that to her.

Melissa (10:42):

Right? So now every time she sees a Cardinal, she associates it with her granddaughter, which is really nice because people feel like that exhale moment where they just feel a little bit calmer and a little bit more peaceful because when we lose loved ones, we feel disconnected from them.

Christalene (11:05):

Yeah, absolutely. And to know that glimmer of hope, you know, I was doing a reading on zoom for a client and as I was looking outside I saw two butterflies, white butterflies. And I said, “I have to ask you, I have been seeing this butterfly fly up and down three times, do white butterflies mean anything to you?” And she tells me the day her mother found out she had cancer, they went for a hike and the mother stood on a tree stump and she put her arms out like this. And she says, if I'm going to be okay, like if this is going to be okay, whether she transitions, whatever may be, then a butterfly needs to come here. Sure enough. She has a photo of her mom right next to her, as I'm doing the reading, with her mum with her hands up in the air and a butterfly on her palm. So while I'm giving the reading, these two butterflies are flying around. Can you imagine what that did to her heart?

Melissa (12:06):

Right. Yeah. And that's what matters, right? That's why you do mediumship, right? Because you are giving such a unique and special service to people. I was just speaking with someone at my retreat last week and she's like, “Well, you know, my family says that my brother was mad before he passed,” and everything else. And she wouldn't let it go. And I said, “Look, your brother was telling me that it doesn't matter. That wasn't the thing. Why are you taking this one moment in time and making your experience with him about that? And you're missing all the great things that the two of you had, the connection that you have had.” And even saying that, I don't think she really processed that or kept it. I think she wanted to hold onto this story that she did something wrong and that he was mad at her. And that's where we miss the opportunity of closure, like you said in the first podcast about love and connection from our loved ones.

Christalene (13:21):

It's all about timing as well. It's like when someone wants to quit smoking, if you take their pack away, but they're not mentally ready, they're not going to stop. So it's the same with mediumship or any other message that you have for people. If they're not willing to hear it or be open to it, that's okay. It's going to show them, you know, maybe in four months time she's going to really digest what you said and be like, “You know what, I'm ready to let that go.”

Melissa (13:49):

Yeah, I hope so. I really hope so. And we can only deliver the message. It's up to the person receiving the message, what they're going to do with it.

Christalene (14:00):

Absolutely! And also a lot of the times, if I'm doing a gallery style format and I'm giving messages to all different people and they cannot understand what I'm saying, I say, “I will not take it personally because I know that if you're meant to receive this message and get it, you will.” I've done messages for people in galleries and then hung up the phone, like being on zoom, and then literally the lady going, “Oh my God, how did I forget that?” You know, it's called psychic amnesia. Everyone gets it. When you're under pressure or you're not thinking, and then you're in the shower and you're like, “Oh my God, I know exactly what that means.” So not stressing about it.

Melissa (14:46):

Yeah. And that's something, when you start doing mediumship or even intuitive readings or anything like that, you have to kind of let go of the outcome of it. I remember back in the day when I was doing readings, I used to tape record on a cassette tape, the readings, and I would say to people, and now we send them MP3s and stuff. But I used to say to people, “I'm giving this to you because sometimes when you relisten to it, you discover things that you missed or it didn't register the first time around.” And, you know, mediumship and or intuitive reading, the same thing.  

So I have another question. Have you ever had anyone who has described when their loved one was passing, and said that they saw someone? So maybe the loved one has told you this on the other side or someone who has experienced someone dying and saying, “Oh, you know what, when my father was there, he said, ‘I saw my mother’,” or he saw this person or that person.” Have you ever experienced that?

Christalene (16:02):

I have experienced two clients. Well, actually one client's a nurse and working in a hospital. I personally am so curious to know when someone passes on, do you feel them? Do you see it? Do you hear it? Well, my cousin, she's a nurse. She's very intuitive. So she has before literally felt a presence in the air.  And now the client, she was lying on the bed when her loved one passed away. And she said that she and her sister both saw something leave the room from someone who's crossed over.  The only thing I can think of is when the loved one was at the funeral and she mentioned something of what the loved one did at the funeral to give her evidence that it was her I was connecting with.

Melissa (17:01):

What about other people meeting them before they pass? Like right before they've passed?

Christalene (17:07):

Oh, well, I mean, it's quite common that if they have Alzheimer's or dementia and they start talking about their loved ones who have crossed over, then we know that it's coming close sometimes, you know, the time is coming more near, not for everyone, but for some people.

Melissa (17:25):

Yeah, I know.  So my uncle who was in the hospital, he died in the hospital. And for like two days before that, he kept on talking about his sister, seeing his sister. I can't remember her name now, but he kept on saying, “My sister's here, my sister's here.” And his daughter, who's my cousin, said, “She's not here.” So I did not know his side of the family, let's be honest. But then he crossed but she was there to help him. So sometimes on the other side, we're not all alone.

Christalene (18:13):

Oh, I agree with that. Honestly, I haven't experienced that yet. Someone being alone, there is always someone to greet them, always. They are not alone.  And I truly believe that when you do transition, it's what I visualize as like a ray of light from the sun and it hits the spot and it's like your soul. It's the most beautiful, humbling experience of what I've heard from people who have crossed over. But when you also cross over, you go through a life review. You see all the good you did to people or the bad you did to people. And you have a choice whether you want to continue working on yourself. So no matter who you are, you can still better yourself when you cross over.

Melissa (19:06):

Yeah. I absolutely know that.  Because I've witnessed it and I'll give an example because it happened when I was visiting you in Maryland over the summer. This summer, I was at your house and you're like, oh, I have new tarot cards. Do you want a reading? And then you're reading for me and my mother-in-law came through. And so it had been almost exactly 10 years since her crossing. And when she crossed, I was not her favorite person. And what she told you, if you remember, maybe you remember parts of it, but what she said was she apologized to me. Now she wouldn't have, I know she didn’t the first few years because I had had other people give me messages from her, but it was more like her quirky personality and other things like that. But this message was very enlightened, let's say.  Do you remember any of the messages?

Christalene (20:20):

As you're talking, I'm now remembering, but if you said that, I didn't remember. Yes. And you know, not everyone apologizes. So I hope whoever's listening to this doesn't think that when someone crosses over and they've done wrong to them, that they're going to get the apology. That is not the case. And you did. 10 years had gone by, right?

Melissa (20:45):

And that was my point. Yeah. That was my point, that she had done a lot of life review and she really saw the fuller picture. And what she actually said, through you, was that, she, you said, “does your husband now ex-husband have a sister?” And I said no. I knew exactly where it was going. I was like, no, but my sister-in-law. And you go, “Was she like the favorite and the like best and the golden person?” And I said, “yes, I was like the black sheep.” And she was like the golden person, the sister-in-law and our daughter-in-law. And my mother-in-law said, “I now see how wrong I was. And I see you for who you are.”

Christalene (21:37):

As you're talking, I still feel the emotions that I felt when I was giving that message, because you did not expect any of that to come through. I mean, I didn't even know I was going to end up doing mediumship that day!

Melissa (21:52):

Yeah. And because she needed it. See, for me, I had let that go a long time ago. Right. And I loved her, I loved her. And even though we had a weird relationship, right before she died, I was like, you know what? If I hold on to this, it's just hurting me. I want to love her unconditionally. And I did clear a lot of stuff. So when she passed, I was not holding on to any of that old energy, of course, cause I was working on myself. But for her, what you mentioned and I'll just share this cause maybe you remember, maybe you don't, but what happened you said was that she felt lighter after she let this go because she saw who I really was and she couldn't see that on this side. Yeah. Because she was still living from her ego, which is fine. And I didn't expect any of that, but what that shows me and why I'm telling this story is because as she evolved energetically, she saw so much more of her own life, of the things that she needs to work on for herself to evolve. 

Christalene (23:25):

Yeah, absolutely. You know, we all continue. I mean, if we choose to, we can continue to evolve and I think evolve is the perfect word. You know, we all have free will, whether we crossover or we're still here, if we want to better ourselves, work on our shadow selves. The best thing I ever learned was how the things that trigger us are the things that we need to heal. And her talking to you and getting closure was almost like me visualizing a video game where you can go to the next level. That's the kind of feeling I got. She can transcend to a higher dimension/ level/ realm, whatever word you want to use.

Melissa (24:10):

Right. Although it was great to hear from her. And actually I told my children this story and they were really happy to hear that because I think there was a part of them that felt that they knew that she didn't like me, not that I talked to them a lot about it, but it was pretty evident.

Melissa (24:34):

Of course. Yeah. They weren't little, little kids when she passed.  But they were like, yeah. I'm so glad because that also gave her some closure. See, it didn't matter to me. I was done. I was kind of not expecting it. Like at least that it just came. She just came through, she found the opportunity. And I honor that, and I honor you because you did a great job. You really helped not just me a little bit, because I had divorced her son. Right. And I figured, you know, whatever, you know, this is the right thing I knew on all levels, but it also helped her. So as a medium you're not just helping the person who's the sitter, as you call them, you're also helping the person who's crossed.

Christalene (25:25):

Yes. You're spot on with that because you become an advocate for those who have crossed over and those living here, you're just the conduit. That's what we are. We are a conduit, but you know, a lot of people may see amazing people like Theresa Kaputo and all that. And it seems like it's not a party trick, what we do. Theresa and so many other amazing mediums. It's something we take very seriously. It's not, “let's be the entertainment for the night.” Right. So people need to understand that. And it takes a lot of work and a lot of commitment, and it's not an easy job. Sometimes the things that we need to tell people are sad, you know, or maybe children come through. That's heartbreaking. So for anyone wanting to get into this, make sure you assess where you're coming from, why you want to get into this.

Melissa (26:30):

Right. Don't do it for ego. I think everything should be about service. 

Hey, did I ever tell you the time that I went, now this was many years ago. I was in New York City and I was taking a course. Now I like New York City. Talk about all sorts of energies!  And I'm sitting in the course. I'm in Manhattan and it's a small group, maybe 10 of us there and the teacher. And all of a sudden I hear, “Mommy” and I look over and I looked down and there's this little girl. And literally she could have been my daughter. She had blonde hair, little pig tails. And I saw her so vividly. And I said, “No, I'm not your mommy, but I can help you find her,” because she was lost. And in that moment, I got a full download of how she died, where she died, what happened to her, and her mother's grief. Like I knew it all in that moment. It was crazy. And I just asked the angels to help guide her to the other side, because she didn't want to leave because she didn't want to leave her mom.

Christalene (27:45):

Was her mom in the class?

Melissa (27:49):

No, not at all. She was at a nearby hospital, but because she saw my energy and she saw me, and you know I probably looked similar to her mom and I was at that age of a mom-age. Right. And, yeah, that was probably one of the craziest experiences I ever had with mediumship. And I don't see a lot of ghost people, like that. And I don't consider her a ghost. I think it was a very recent cross, like it was within an hour to 24 hours. I knew it was very new, very, very new, but it's interesting how quickly I got the whole understanding of what happened.

Christalene (28:38):

Yeah. That's fascinating.  You know what? You just sparked something, you know. The one thing, the word ghost, I don't think I’ve ever used that in mediumship. Like you think you would, but it feels completely different. I don't know. 

Melissa (28:58):

Well, a ghost is either an imprint of energy. So it's, it's just old energy replaying itself.  So it's like an aberration. And sometimes it's someone who has not moved into the light for many, many reasons. And it can be that I've seen ghost-like dogs or animals, even if they have moved into the light, they still see this like energy system because they still hang out sometimes with the family.

Christalene (29:33):

Well, if you think about it, we're all connected through energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. So it makes sense to have energetic imprints on things. I've got friends who have cats that have crossed over and they've showed photos of the cats paw on the bed! And it's like, the cat has crossed over! So it's crazy. I love hearing those stories. What's crazy, doing mediumship, even though it's been many years, I'm still fascinated. Like it still blows my mind. It's crazy. It's still so fascinating. Yeah. 

Melissa: What was the story that was the most fascinating that you shared with someone? 

Christalene: It was this summer.  I went to Ocean City with my children and I was with my friend. We went to a restaurant, we sat down to eat, there was a table next to us.

Christalene (30:36):

They kept looking at us and then they got up to leave and the girl came and gave my son who is 11 years old, a piece of paper. And the paper said, “Hey, my name's blah, blah, blah. I think you're cute. Why don't you Snapchat me?” And I was like, whoa! So anyway, my son has no social media but he opened an account so he can respond to her and say, “Hey, my mum doesn't let me have social media, but I just want you to know, thank you for the letter, and here's my mom's number if you want to text. So then I can monitor it and they can keep in touch. So then we're at the beach, you know, it was in the evening. And I said to my son, “Why don't you message her and meet her?” Which is not something I would normally say.

Christalene (31:22):

So he messages her and she comes with her grandmother. And I asked the grandmother, did you know that your granddaughter had done this? And she's like, “No, I just found out she wanted to go and meet a boy. So I came with her.” So this is like really odd behavior from both of us. Really right now, within five minutes of talking to the grandma, she tells me she lost her granddaughter. And I knew that spirit had already worked its magic. What are the chances of me being in a restaurant, sitting near a table, that family connecting me, my son, which they've never done before. Then I'm talking to the grandmother and I'm like, get your phone out now. I said to her when she said that her granddaughter crossed over, I said, “I'm a medium, are you open to receiving a message?”

Christalene (32:19):

And she's like, absolutely. I said, get your phone out. We're going to need to record this. So I say, what's with the four wheeler motorbike? What's with her boyfriend? Can you understand the blah, blah, blah, can you understand this? Like bang, bang, bang, the daughter, basically her boyfriend died riding a four wheel motorbike the day they're supposed to move in. Like there was evidence. And that I will never forget that story because they used my son to connect me to the grandmother. And, it was a very complete stranger, a complete stranger. That blew my mind.

Melissa (33:07):

Yeah. And spirit will find their way in if they really want to. It's weird. And, and you're open to it too. But the funniest thing is, I know how you are with your children. I am so surprised.

Christalene (33:19):

And it’s not even something I would allow my son to do, to create a Snapchat for that hour to connect with that girl. And then I'm the one suggesting “Let's meet up with her.” Two little 11 year olds. Like who does that?

Melissa (33:37):

Yeah. Yeah. That's definitely not your style but you felt compelled because you felt like there was something, right? You felt this pull in some direction and you just followed it.

Christalene (33:51):

It is so strong Melissa. Like I remember last Christmas, two Christmases ago, we were at the Yankee candle factory, the lady’s working. We purchased those, you know, you put the hand in the wax and they do a mold of the hand.  And the lady is wearing a necklace. And I keep being drawn to this necklace. And I say to her, “I love your necklace.” And she's like, “That was my son’s.” And I'm thinking we have a line out the door, I kid you not Melissa. I asked if I could give her a message. Not one person in the line complained, no one could hear what we were saying, but they knew it was important. For 15 minutes I took up this woman's time and we exchanged information. She cried and then she hugged me and she said, “Thank you for having the courage to come up and tell me what I needed to hear,” because it takes courage to go to a complete stranger and tell them, “Your son who's crossed over, wants to communicate with you.”

Melissa (34:57):

Yeah, of course it takes courage, but you're very courageous. You're not afraid of much.

Christalene (35:08):

How about you? Do you have any stories that you remember or you heard?

Melissa (35:13):

Yeah, nothing like that. I always kept all my mediumship to clients only because mediumship was something I could do, but I didn't do it for a living. For a little while I had it on my website, but for so long, I just didn't. And I just feel like, like with this, with this woman's brother, I knew he was there, but I was like, I don't know. I have this conversation within my head, telepathically. Right. So I said to the brother, “I don't know if she's open to hearing from you. I don't feel like she's open.” And he's like, “No, but I want you to tell her.” And I'm like, okay, so I'll tell her, but she just still kept it closed and that's not on me. You know, the brother tried, I tried.

Christalene (36:03):

But you know what, Melissa, don't be surprised because there are people who like, I really trust that God would never give out (or whoever you believe in) but he would never give us that information if we couldn't do something with it. So that woman could have been in shock or delight and then later process that after that. And was so thankful that you did.

Melissa (36:25):

Well. Yeah. You know me, I won't hold anything back. If I get a clear message to say something, I will do it.

Christalene (36:34):

You were one of the first people who taught me about the, “If you hear it three times or more, it's not about you, then do what it is that you're, you know, that you hear. That’s a good guideline, really. It is, for when you're just starting or even when you're not just adding, you know?

Melissa (36:54):

Yeah. When they're persistent, and that's either a guide or a loved one. Yeah. Persistence. Right. Okay.

Christalene (37:00):

You said before, you know, we don't always get the confirmation or we don't always get the ending to the story. So it's fascinating like when we do really learn to trust what we get, to relay it and disassociate ourselves from the outcome, because you don't always find out. But when you do hear, or when you think you've done a real shitty reading and then the person, you know, calls you in these moments, oh my goodness. This and this and this happened from this moment and dah, dah, dah. And you're like, “Ah, oh my goodness! I really thought I did such a crap reading that day.” Like I wasn't on, you know?

Melissa (37:37):

Yeah, yeah. You can't overthink those things, especially in mediumship. And there's the issue with mediumship. I think out of all the things, mediumship is one of the harder ones. Doing energy healing isn't that hard.  Hard readings for people. But when you're actually trying to help people understand what their loved ones are telling you and trying to share it with them, you know, it's a process. And sometimes it can get a little wonky. Like if you talked, now my mom is still alive.  But when she crosses, when she crosses over, and you talk to her, she's going to be really shy. She's not going to have a lot to say. She's going to be a little bit more standoffish because just that’s not her personality,

Christalene (38:30):

But you know, that's true. However, she could say one or two words and that’s all you need to know. So it doesn't have to be these long winded conversations. It could be just one.  I remember when I started Reiki and that's, you know, that was another thing that everything just opened up. So I'd be working on someone and I'd see visuals. And I remember seeing a Swan and I'm like, should I tell the person about the Swan? And then eventually I heard it three times, I'd listened to what Melissa would say, three times, say it. So I'm like, can you understand the Swan? And she's like, oh my goodness, this morning I was cleaning my mom's belongings. And I found this one that she gave me when I was blah, blah, blah. And I was like, see if I had not have said that, then she would never have had that confirmation mum was around. Right.

Melissa (39:25):

Right. And I think that is, again, the service and the gift that you give people that you don't always have  the opportunity and spirit will come through. They'll even say to you, go talk to this person or go do that. Like, you know, somebody will drop a card in somebody's lap or on the floor and they pick it up and they're like, oh my gosh, this is a medium. Maybe I should do that. You never know.

Christalene (39:55):

Well, the true meaning of surrender, if you choose to do your living, like providing a service to people. Like, even when I’m about to get on stage or when I'm about to do a reading, I have not connected with the spirit world yet. So I'm truly surrendering, but they've never let me down. It's not like I can say I've got four pieces of information so I'm all right to go on and start talking. I get nothing until I close my eyes, play the song and then allow, because again, you're going to be working from memory. So yes. Mediumship is challenging, rewarding, amazing and fascinating.

Melissa (40:52):

Yeah. I don't like to know anything either. I like to go into, especially when I did readings, I will, once in a blue moon, read for someone like that woman who was on my retreat.  But I always didn't want to know anything. I just want to come in so fresh because that's how I do my healings. That's how I, even some, a lot of times when I'm teaching an event, I go in and sometimes I just let it happen. As a matter of fact on my retreat, people are like, well, what's the itinerary? And I'm like, I don't know. I have no idea. Spirit hasn't told me yet. And somebody was like, well, what are we doing tomorrow? I'm like, I think I have an idea, but spirit hasn't told me yet. And I really taught them. They're like, you really taught me this weekend, how to be surrendered. And I actually had an email from someone and they said, well, tell us what is the schedule? And what's the itinerary? I said, “I follow spirit. And I know some things that we're probably going to do, but I don't have a set itinerary because this is all about moving into 5D. And in that frequency, there is no itinerary. I follow spirit. And if you need to know exactly what's going to happen, this retreat is not for you.”

Christalene (42:17):

That's really good. That's teaching a lot of people to surrender.

Melissa (42:23):

That's what they, actually quite a few people, said to me, “You know, you really taught me. Watching you just say, ‘Well, I'm just waiting for spirit to show me.’” And everything was so perfect. It was so guided. And yeah, I was pretty amazing. So I will definitely always be doing that. I do that anyway in my life, but doing it in a retreat, you really have to let things go.

Christalene (42:49):

And, you know, you mentioned coming in with a clear head, not having any previous information, that's exactly how true mediumship should be. If I'm going to see a client, I don't want to know information. And if I say I have a gentleman who's crossed over, I want to say that, you know, I'm drawn to his chest- heart area. Can you understand that? Don't say, “oh yes. He passed away from a heart attack. And you know, he was the most fascinating guy and he loves cigars and ….” I don't want to know that! Just say yes, no, maybe. And there is etiquette when it comes to you being a sitter, please don't be rude. Please. Don't be like, no, I don't understand what, like, cause that's going to change my vibration. So be respectful if you're a sitter to a medium it's a hard job.

Melissa (43:37):

It's a hard job. Yes. And you might be missing something because you didn't just cut out your energy when somebody says, Nope. Nope. That's not it. Nope. You don't just cut their energy out. Like the person who's giving you the message. You also shut down your deceased loved one.

Christalene (43:55):

And it's very, very rare that you'll get someone who's rude, but for those who might even think about it and you're listening to this, hopefully you hear it.

Melissa (44:07):

I love that. Yeah. So of course there's etiquette. I mean, you should be polite, especially if somebody is trying hard to help you out. So thank you so much. I love this conversation. We could talk about it for hours, I know.  but I just want to, again, tell everyone your website is and it will be in the show notes, but why don't you spell Christalene for everyone?

Christalene (44:36):


Melissa (44:44):

Right. And you do readings on zoom and you also do galleries in-person sometimes in the Annapolis area in Maryland. 

Christalene (44:59):

Correct. And I'll start, eventually next year, I may be doing little tours where I'll be going to different states. So if you're in a particular state and are interested in hosting a gallery at your home, or I'm having one in another state, feel free to join. So just check out the website for up and coming events. Thanks, Melissa. I love hanging out with you!

Melissa (45:21):

Love you. I love you. You're awesome. All right, well, have a great day and  I'll see you in the next episode and don't forget to subscribe, to leave a review, leave a comment. We'd love to hear about your experiences on mediumship. You can put that in a review. You can put in a comment on YouTube. Have a beautiful day!