Everything around you is in constant flow and that is the language of the Universe, Flow. But maybe you are trying to control your creations and not surrendering to the opportunity to the flow that is available to you. In this episode I explain what it means to flow with the Universe to help you create the matrix you desire.

Deep Chakra Healing Course

Divine Love Meditation


  1.  Write down all the areas in your life that you feel is flowing.  Pay close attention to how that feels.
  2. Write down all the areas in which you feel there is no flow.   Notice all the feelings that accompany that.  What do you need to let go of in order to feel the flow in that area of your life?
  3. Do this every few months or when you feel stuck.


Hello, and welcome to the Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™ podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick. This podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift. We'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field, manifestation, aliens, the Akashic Records and so much more. It's time to raise your vibe.
I'm so excited to be here with you today with Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™, and I'm going to go into flow and resistance. I’ve got a lot to say to help you move and create and flow instead of creating from a resistance energy.
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In my newsletter last week, I was talking about flow and resistance, and I thought that would be a great podcast. Cause I kind of just gave a little bit of background about it, but I want to go into much more detail about the flow and how we resist the flow of the universe.
So think about it this way. The universe is constantly flowing. And what do I mean by the universe? I mean everything around you. Everything is in flow. There's nothing that can be without flow, not how the stars work, not how the galaxies and all the gases work, how the earth works, how multi-dimensional we are. It's always this flow movement. There's a movement of energy and think about it like a beautiful dance with a lot of scarves, like a person who's doing dancing with scarves and how everything's flowing in this rhythm. You can't experience any existence without a flow. Everything moves in a rhythmic type of energy. So look at the earth. The Earth's flow is, let's say, a tree. The earth has a tree. It grows, it creates leaves. And then it drops its leaves and it's not resisting letting go of its leaves.
There's no way it can resist letting go of its leaves. It's already part of itself, leaves, letting go. It's all part of it's experience. So the universe cannot be stagnant in any way. It's impossible for anything in the universe or in your life not to be flowing. Your energy, everything is always in a movement, in a flow, in a vibration that is emanating in some way. Even your life flows in certain directions and it can't not flow. You may feel stuck in your life, but you're still in flow because we are designed as a movement of energy as a flowing vibration and a loving connection in that energy of flow. Now, everything around you is flowing. Even things that may seem stagnant, there's still a flow. Even that little puddle may not look like it's flowing like a river or a stream, but even that puddle has to be in flow because that is the language of our existence of the universe.
So the energy around you is always in flow. The universe, everything is flowing and the energy that you are creating either allows the flow to happen, or you resist the flow. And when you start to resist the flow, obviously things don't move for you. And that flow is this beautiful, energetic dance. It's always a movement. Even your heart is consistently in flow. Everything is flowing. It's who you are. You are a flowing being. Your heart doesn't say, “Hey, I think I'll just wait to beat a little bit because I don't feel I want to be in the flow right now. I just want to be stuck.” The blood in your veins is consistently flowing. It is part of who you are and it's a part of our creation. And that is interesting because the energy is always moving. Things are always moving in any direction.
That means creation happens in this flowy movement. The movement isn't in this linear experience because we live in a linear environment, or perception of linear, I should say. That linear environment is not where the flow is. So the flow isn't first comes this, then that. The flow can be in all directions across multi-dimensional energy systems and expanding outward. So the flow is moving all over the place. It's all over the dance floor. It's not just in one direction or in a little circle. And when that energy is moving in a beautiful harmonistic, rhythmic frequency, things are created in flow. So when you are flowing and everything's moving in amazing ways, that's what happens. So the energy, like electricity, is creating this light energy, right? It's creating this light frequency. That's what electricity does. Electricity, if you've watched or seen a picture of a lightning bolt. You see it's going in all different directions and I've seen it actually even like parallel. It's really interesting. So you never know how the energy's gonna flow. It's so interesting. And we're creating in the flow or you're resisting the flow and you're resisting the creation itself. And like I've said before, you are consistently having a conversation with the universe. You're constantly telling the universe what you want. You're having this conversation and the universe is bringing that to you. So it's a conversation. So it's a flow to you and the universe, you and creation, you and what you're trying to create in your world. So all your thoughts, all your feelings, all your actions are flowing outward into the universe. And it's going, “Here universe. See what I see here? Look at this. What do you think about that?”
It's this flow of frequency and it's informing the universe. “Hey, this is what I want. This is what's going on. This is where I'm flowing toward.” Now, you personally cannot ever be in a place of stagnant energy. There's always a flow within you, but you are making a decision, most likely subconsciously, to not flow. So what you're actually doing is resisting the flow of the universe, resisting the flow of energy, resisting the creation process inside of you, in all that you are, even multidimensionally, that being that you are, the higher consciousness, your higher self, your being, whatever you want to think of yourself as, star being, whatever else, lightworker, your human self, that's all always in a flow energy, always in a flow. And your higher consciousness is consistently in flow. But guess what the resistor is. Yeah. It's the ego. That's the resistor.
That's the part of you that resists the frequency that resists the energy that doesn't move with the flow. So this conversation that you're having with the universe, it's a movement of flow of energy. It's just think of that conversation with the universe as the tide and the ocean. You converse out and the tide moves up onto the sand. And then it flows back to the universe, which is the ocean. And then the ocean brings you more information and brings the shell to you up on the sand. And then you communicate back and you send information back to the universe. So it's a tide, it's a flow of energy. It's a consistent conversation. Now that's really important for you to understand. There is never a moment that you are not conversing with the universe. And every thought, every feeling and every action that you have is consistently contacting the universe and saying, “Hey, universe, this is what's going on.
This is how I'm feeling.” And that will bring more of that same information back to you. The universe doesn't say, “well, I know on the 5% of their waking brain, they don't really want this thing. They don't want that anger. They don't want that abuse. They don't want that pain or hurt. So I won't give it to them. The universe is just responding. It's not discerning what you are telling it. It can't discern that. That's not its job. Its job is to reflect. So think about this. The matrix reflects what programming you put into it. So the matrix is reflecting the program you're putting into it. That's all it is. You are reflecting it back. And this matrix is in the flow too. And the universe is in the flow. And when I say universe, you can call it God, you can call it galactic whoosee-what's-it.
You can call it Buddha. It's not about the wording. It's about the frequency. You can talk about it, oneness, the creator. It's the conversation of our own inner connection with the whole creative process energy. And that's what I love about it. It's like the creative process. And I really want you to understand the flow of creativity. So just take a second and just really reflect. Think about the times that you've been in a really creative place where you've thought about what you want to do in your job, or somebody asked you to help solve a problem for them. Or you were in a drawing class and creativity is so expanded. I can't draw. I'm an awful artist in any way, shape or form. I can't do any art, anything. But that's not where my flow of creativity comes from.
My flow of creativity comes from connecting to the universe and all these other things. So when were you in the creative flow? When did you feel that flow of creativity? When everything just moved, you know, you were in the flow and you met these great people and they brought you to this amazing house and you had a great party and you were eating amazing food and you met the man of your dreams or the partner of your life, or you found your perfect partner in business, who knows, you know, that's the flow of the universe because you're creating it. And that's the thing. We are the creators. Just like flowing, you can never stop the creative process. And that's communicating with the universe. You're communicating through the creative process and back to the universe. So everything around us in the universe or the matrix is consistently in flow.
It is always moving in some direction or another. It can never stop the flow of energy. It's always dancing its dance, whirling around, and creating everything in this beautiful, synchronistic, rhythmic frequency and dance. And I’m flying around doing that. Like I'm moving my arms. I'm feeling like the flow of the universe.
Now that flow is always there, but what's going on with you? If you feel stuck, you are in resistance, you're resisting something in your life or in your experience. And since this universe is constantly in flow, you are always creating. You're always in a creative process and you're working with the universe. You're creating the matrix, not just you, by the way. We are all creating the matrix that we see in the world. If you think some politician, or some big wig, or whatever your thing is, you think that they are creating everything
and they are the bad guys, and they're [the ones] putting all that energy into the matrix. But so are you. We're all doing it together. So we're a team, we have to be a team. We are a team as humans and the universe, or the matrix, is just reflecting back what the team is showing it, what programming we are typing into the computer. Now in manifestation, we are told that we have to tell the universe what we want. “Hey, you know, I want to manifest this thing. I want to manifest my Maserati or whatever, and I want it to be black. And I wanted to have a white interior. And I want the hot model man, woman, or other to be in the passenger seat. And I want this and I want that. And I want this and I want that.” And that's great.
Make your list be detailed. But if you're putting into the matrix that you are resisting the Maserati, the beautiful house, the amazing relationships, amazing partner, whatever it is that you're creating in your life. You're putting that into the matrix, through flow or through resistance. Everything is being put into the matrix. We are constantly talking about it in the matrix. So you can tell the matrix all that you want, everything. You can make a list and you can throw it into the matrix. So let's say you make this list on this piece of paper. You're like listing and listing and listing. You can throw it at the matrix all you want. Nothing's going to stick. That piece of paper isn't going to stick to the matrix and build your perfect holographic experience. It's just not, because the programming comes from a place of flow, of connection to heart, of love.
If you're angry or hurt, that energy is going to reflect back to you. If you're in the flow of love, that's going to reflect back to you. Both are the reflection of who you are. So everything around us flows, yes, I've said that many times, everything around us is flowing. And the truth is that the universe is always, always supplying you with limitless opportunities, limitless possibilities, all sorts of things that can be created. It's always creating. I always like to say, “Every moment you're creating your next moment.” Every moment you are creating your next moment. And in that creative process, all things are possible. So every moment you're creating your next moment. And through that, you're putting that into the matrix. You're not writing on a piece of paper, throwing it at the matrix, hoping that it will stick. It doesn't necessarily work that way.
Every moment you're creating your next moment through your own emotions, your thoughts, your feelings, your energy, where you're putting your focus, like what you're focusing on. If you're focusing on hating the world and all the bad things that are happening, guess what that's creating? The universe is saying and the matrix is going, “I know how to do that for you. I can make that all happen.” It's just always in creative frequencies. And the other amazing thing is you are creating everything whether you know about it or not. 20 years ago, when you knew nothing about the law of attraction, or 50 years ago, whatever it was for you, you knew nothing about the law of attraction. You knew nothing about how your thoughts and feelings can affect your matrix. You didn't understand spiritual concepts or flow, resistance, nothing, but guess what?
You were still creating.
But most people create very haphazardly. And I love that word. I use that one all the time, because it feels so haphazard. When I look energetically at what people have created in their life, it's so haphazard. It's so all over the place because their creations, what they're putting into their matrix, comes from their subconscious belief systems, comes from their subconscious programming. So of course they're creating that very haphazardly. And the only way to create very consciously is to work through your stuff, look at your shadow and be in flow of the universe. It doesn't mean that that flow is exactly one way like, oh, the flow of the universe is exactly this thing. This is the flow. This is it. It's not that rigid. The flow is super forgiving. It's always malleable and it's always in movement and it can move around any obstacle.
And I'll tell you, I've seen that myself. Surrendering into things. I feel like I want to give you an example. So when I bought my house in Sedona, there were some obstacles that came through, financial stuff, some house stuff. And as soon as an obstacle went through, I just said, “I surrender it. I get the house, I don't get the house.” Like I didn't hold on to any of that. I wasn't angry about it. I wasn't afraid. I wasn't scared. I wasn't trying to force anything or make things happen. I actually surrendered. So every time I surrendered the flow of the universe, it would just move around that obstacle. And the person who was doing my mortgage was like, “Things are just working out really well. Usually that can be very weird.”
And I'm like, yeah, because it's in the flow, we're moving in the flow. I'm surrendering into it. And she's like, “Wow, that's pretty awesome.” Because that flow, it's always there. Every obstacle in your life is an opportunity for you to move with the flow or an opportunity for you to resist. So the question is: are you flowing with the universe? Are you surrendering into it or are you resisting? Are you resisting that great job? Are you resisting moving forward in something in your life? Are you resisting love? Are you resisting connecting with others? Are you resisting something within yourself? Are you playing little? Are you being small and resisting being known or seen in the world in any way? Because those opportunities are always available. There can never be a time because the universe is flowing. There's always all the things that are possible in the matrix.
Look at every program on a computer. There are all sorts of opportunities to reprogram the system, all sorts. It's limitless. I mean, think about what computers were even five years ago, what they could do, software programs and all these other things, and what they can do. Now, look at these bots and everything else. It's so amazing. So there's so many possibilities. It's limitless and it's even more limitless in our experience because you are multi-dimensional. So these limitless opportunities are available to you ‘always in all ways’. And guess what? You're either flowing and making it happen from a place of creation through your heart energy, or you're resisting it. There's really not much else that can be happening. And it's easy for me to say, because you'll say, “Oh, well, Melissa, you know, it's easy for you to say,” but I've seen it. I've watched it where people are in this resistance frequency, and they're not allowing the flow in their lives.
And then they allow the flow and the flood gates open and all sorts of opportunities show up for them. And I've seen it myself and others many, many times, numerous times. So if the universe is limitless, there's all these opportunities that can be created in the matrix, why not flow with it instead of resisting it. So if you feel stuck or you feel uncertain in your head in any way, go into your heart and ask, “How can I flow with this? What's the flow opportunity in this? What's the surrender and flow opportunity in this?”
So if the universe is consistently in flow and we're co-creating with the universe, why do some of us miss out? Why do we miss it at all? Why are we not getting on the flow train? Because you're not flowing with the energy and you're not flowing with the universe, you're resisting it.
You're like, “But I don't want this thing. I want that thing.” So you're actually resisting the gold thinking you want the silver and there's that gold, beautiful, huge, big as a boulder gold piece, sitting there waiting for you in the ethers saying, “Here I am, here's this beautiful gold.” And you're like, “no, no, no. I've been looking for a silver necklace.” Oh my gosh, because you're so focused. You're like, it has to be this. It has to look like this. It has to smell like this. It has to feel like this. It has to taste like this. And you're all about this thing that you think you want. And you're missing the beautiful, amazing gold boulder that will feed millions of people, that will help you save your family from their situation, or help yourself love deeper, connect with others. Right? You're missing it.
You're literally looking in the other direction because you're resisting the flow of the universe. You are not in flow. You're in resistance to the flow. We are stopping that opportunity and limitless possibility. But guess what? We actually can't stop the flow of the universe. You just can't because that's the language of the universe. That's the nature of the universe. You can't actually stop the flow. You can only resist it. And guess what we usually resist? The good stuff, the stuff that's juicy and amazing and way outside of our own thoughts or feelings or anything. It's like, we resist the best parts. Now, why would we resist? Like that seems a little cray-cray, right? Like why would I be resisting this beautiful boulder of gold? Usually it's because you're holding onto fear, anger, resentments, low frequencies, and you are creating a life from your past, right?
That's a big thing people talk about now. You're creating your past because you're living in your past frequencies, your subconscious programming, your genetic experiences, everything that you've inherited from past lives, your family, all that stuff. We're just bringing it forward and bringing it forward into each lifetime. And that means we're resisting the universe because those lower frequencies aren't in flow. Fear. If you're afraid of what the government's going to do to you, if you're afraid of what people are saying about you, guess what? You're in resistance. If you're angry at someone or something, or the people in your office or what others are saying, or that guy down the street, or yourself, guess what? You're not in the flow. So think about this. You're either resisting the flow or you're just allowing the flow to happen. Many, many years ago, I was going river rafting.
And one thing they said if you fall out of your raft and because you're in the rapids, you need to actually put your feet up, fold your arms, and just let the river take you. Because if you try to resist it, you could get hurt. So you just let the river take you. And that's hard. And why is going with the flow, letting the river take us, to our beautiful, amazing boulder destination is because we want to control. We want to control it. We want to make it happen in our way and our time. In your own crazy desire of control and most likely, control stuff comes from your childhood experiences. Most people who want to control everything in their environment, didn't feel like they had control in their life as children. Now, why do you resist these things? Why are you not flowing with the river?
Usually it's because you're holding onto those lower frequencies. And we tend to resist the things we actually say verbally that we want, like love, connection, oneness, whatever it is. “Oh, I just want to be happy.” And then all you do is watch miserable things and watch the news and complain to your friends. Well, guess what if that's what you're doing, you're in resistance and you're resisting the things. you can't be happy if you're constantly complaining to everyone. Happiness doesn't come from the complain-train. It comes from the happiness train and you have to kind of refocus on what you want and go with the flow.
So I'd love to give you some tools to help you with all of this. The first one I would recommend is the Deep Healing for your Ascension. This is a deep dive into your energy systems into the flow of your own chakra systems.
And it's definitely a lot deeper than a lot of other people go. And there are meditations with that. So I will add that link below in the show notes, or you can find it under melissafeick.com/deep healing for your Ascension. Deep Healing for your Ascension. And you can receive the meditations and the chakra course for an introductory price. And I will give you the Divine Love Meditation link as well in the show notes. That's on the first page of my website and that's all about flow and universal flow of love and divine love. And the other thing I'm going to put in the show notes are these questions that would be awesome for you to write down and to journal about.
So write down all the areas of your life, like all the areas of your life that you feel things are flowing and pay attention to how that feels.
What does that flow feel like? You know what? I've always had flow with money, and that feels really good. And what does that feel like? So that will just help you express to the universe. Then the second thing to write down is all the areas in your life where you feel there is no flow. Where are you actually resisting? And notice how that feels. Resistance feels like stuck. Your body tenses up. Now, ask yourself: what do you need to do to surrender into it and go with the flow in those areas of your life? And if you consistently look at this in your life, you are going to recognize so much. I'll give you another really, really great example. This was an old example. But many, many years ago I had an office in Maryland.
So I just rented this room in an office building. That's where I did all my readings and my healings. And I taught my classes there and it was a great place. I had a lot of clients, so I didn't really need to be in a big center, but I felt that I really needed some community. I needed to be with a community and something started to happen. All of a sudden, I wasn't getting as many clients. All of a sudden, I wasn't getting as many people signing up for things or wasn’t having as many readings. And I thought, what is going on here? And I thought, “Okay, what am I resisting?” And I was like, “Oh, I'm resisting going into a community because I like my little space. I have all my crystals and books here and little knick knacks…
And it's all my energy, my space. I'm resisting going and being in a center.” And then the minute that I decided to end the contract (because I was month to month at that point with the place I was renting) and go to a center, literally all of a sudden everything flowed again in my life. And what I was resisting was putting myself out there more because I kinda liked my little nest egg of just me and people who found me through different websites and the different ways that I brought people in to work with me. And I mean, gosh, this was probably back in, I'm going to say it was 2008, maybe. And I realized in that moment, wow, wow, how important it is to go with the flow and to follow my guidance and flow. And then as soon as I did that, then I went to the center and the center was amazing.
It actually opened up so much energy for me. I no longer belonged in that other place. I needed to be in a center with other Lightworkers doing other things. And then all sorts of different clients came through too, because they then learned about what I was doing through the center. And if I had resisted that it would have been a very tumultuous six months, year, or however long I decided to resist it. But the minute I noticed that there was some sort of resistance happening. I kept on going inside and asking, what's the resistance? Where's the flow? What's the resistance? And it was like, okay, it's community time. And as soon as I let that place go, even though I was still there for another month, as soon as I said it, I emailed the landlord and I said, look, this is going to be my last month.
And I got to the center and I said, Hey, I'm going to start working here, because I had a couple opportunities to go to a couple different centers. Bam, like literally within a day and a half, everything flowed. And I was getting all sorts of clients and opportunities and everything, it happened that quickly. So I want to encourage you. Don't resist the flow, go with the flow, surrender into the flow. Let the river take you. Let the river take you through love, through light, through connection, through your own inner guidance, through your higher consciousness. So I am so excited. I'm so excited that I shared this with you. I can't wait to hear about how things flow for you. Please leave a review and subscribe on whatever podcast platform you listen to. Share this with your friends. Have an amazing, beautiful day. Much love.