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Episode 45: Mastering Spiritual Evolution and Peyote Ceremony

I had the most life-changing event happen and although it is part of my plant medicine story it’s not about plant medicine. Plant medicine isn’t the answer to your desire to raise your vibration or to become more intuitive. There is so much more to the experience of plant medicine. In this episode, I go into detail about my plant medicine ceremony and the clear message that has changed how I see the world.  Akashic Records Certification Transcription (00:40): Hi, in this episode, I would love to share with you my Peyote vision and experience. And if [...]

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Episode 44: How You Manifest Miracles

In this episode, I talk about Divine Timing and timeline jumping. When you are connected to the co-creation you can create miracles. Spiritual Expansion on AwakeTV Episode 1: Akashic Records on the Quantum Field: Transcend Your Karma Transcription (00:00): Hi, and welcome to this episode of Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™. I'm your host, Melissa Feick. And today we're going to be talking a little bit about time, being on time. No, I'm just kidding. It's about timelessness, about divine timing and really what it means in this universe. What is time and how does it affect us? [...]

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Episode 43: Surrender and Flow Opportunities

Everything around you is in constant flow and that is the language of the Universe, Flow. But maybe you are trying to control your creations and not surrendering to the opportunity to the flow that is available to you. In this episode I explain what it means to flow with the Universe to help you create the matrix you desire. Deep Chakra Healing Course Divine Love Meditation Questions:  Write down all the areas in your life that you feel is flowing.  Pay close attention to how that feels. Write down all the areas in which you feel [...]

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