In this episode, I talk about Divine Timing and timeline jumping. When you are connected to the co-creation you can create miracles.

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Hi, and welcome to this episode of Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™. I'm your host, Melissa Feick. And today we're going to be talking a little bit about time, being on time. No, I'm just kidding. It's about timelessness, about divine timing and really what it means in this universe. What is time and how does it affect us?

And before I go into the episode, though, I just want to share with you that my second season of my Spiritual Expansion™ on Awake TV Network is airing. My first season is done. This is my second season. And the current episode is the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field. And then the next episode will be on Family Karma and Shame, which is amazing. And then I have a bunch of guests. I have two UFO experts that I speak with, which is really amazing information.


And then I also have Vik and my friend Raquel. Vik is a transformational coach and has an amazing story. Raquel is a really phenomenal astrologer. I think her episode airs on December 7th. I think that's what it is. And then a good friend of mine from Connect and Evolve, Ben Holt, and I have a great discussion about some plant medicine. So that's what's coming up for my Awake TV show. Actually I have an episode of my podcast with Vikash Shivdasani and I also will be interviewing Ben Holtz and Raquel as well on the podcast, but those shows are specific, very specific. So Awake TV Network, Spiritual Expansion™. I'll put that link down in the show notes you get the first week free, so you can watch it for free the first week.


But let's talk about time today because I want to really explain time. The problem is that we live in a universe where time seems so important. It is in our face all the time. Haha, no pun intended. All the time it's in our face. Time to do the dishes. Oh, it's time to eat. It's time to go to the grocery store. It's time to meet my friend. It's time for my client. So we're always in this experience of time. And because of this experience, we see the world in such a linear fashion. First there's this thing, then another, then another, all comes in sequence, right? It's a sequence of time. And through time we have to go through space, right? Sometimes they'll talk about how time and space are so interconnected. But there is an energy of timelessness. So if you ever had a really deep experience and meditation where you didn't realize how long you were in meditation, that's timelessness. But we are so focused on the energy of time.


Oh, I have to wake up at this time and go do this thing at three o'clock. And I have my tea at two o'clock, it's almost like we're ruled by time. Time rules our experience here. And that is part of this matrix. The matrix of this world is all about the experience of time and space and how they work together and how we move through our experience with this time and space. I have to get up, go pick up the pen across the room and bring it back. It will take me three seconds to get up, go to get that pen, and come back to my seat. And that's that time and space connection. They are interrelated. And they are really in this matrix because this matrix is designed to create the illusion that everything is in this energy cycle of time and space and we are here to experience that. Timelessness is easy for us.


We actually know that on the other planes of existence. And I'll talk about that a little bit later. To experience this matrix, time is part of it. And what's happening now is we're actually moving from the Piscean age, the Pisces age into the age of Aquarius, right? I'll sing the song for you. Ha ha. Just kidding. I won't sing the song. I'm an awful singer, but you know, Age of Aquarius, right? That song. Yes, we're headed in that direction and that's all about connection, oneness, unity. That's a lot of what Raquel talks about in her interview with me on Awake TV on December 7th, I know I'm saying it again. But we're in this time period where things are moving, right? That's what the Ascension is. We're moving from singularity consciousness into unity consciousness. So we are sitting in this experience and we are at the precipice of the Ascension, moving from singular experience into oneness. Because right now we're experiencing linear time.


Linear time means everything is in a sequence, along a line. There's a past, there's a present and there is a future. And we are part of that matrix of linear time. And if you look at many ancient sages, they talk a lot about mindfulness and being present. Present means that you are in the present moment, you are in the now. Eckhart Tolle has a book called the Power of Now. But that information has been shared with many saints, many sages, many mystics for a long, long time. It's always about mindfulness, being present in the moment. But because we're so caught up in time, we see things in this past, present, future experience. The reason that these saints and sages and amazing spiritual teachers talk about being present in the moment is because most people live in their past or they live in their future. And they're not in the moment.


And when you're not in the moment you miss you, because you're living in your past. So let's just talk about living in our past first. Most of us live in the past because we're still bogged down by our subconscious programming. And our subconscious programming keeps us living in our past experiences in our past traumas, in our past issues, in our past hurts, hates, anger, all of that, because it's our past. But we are creating from our past every single time we hold onto that past experience. So you're not creating in the present moment if you're living in your past. And basically if you're living in your past, then your past is created in your future. Every moment you're creating your next moment. And that is one of the quotes that I have said. I made it up myself and have said it so many times over at least the last 10 years. Every moment you create your next moment. Every moment you create your next moment. So where are you right now? Where's your head? What are you thinking about? Where's your focus? Where are your belief systems? Where is your energy? Because wherever your energy is, wherever your focus is, that's what you're creating in the next moment. So basically what that means is where you're putting your energy and your focus, whether it's on your past or your future, that's what you're


creating in your future. If you are afraid, “Oh, I'm so afraid these bad things are going to happen.” So all these bad things are going to happen. People believe that. And the more energy that you put into these “bad things,” the world's going to go to crap, that is what you are creating. What you focus on is what you create. But most of the time, people think that they are creating this amazing experience because they're spiritual. But what they don't know is that they're buying into the fear-mongering, the anger, the hurt, the pain that everyone is feeling collectively and they are projecting it into the future and we're doing it together. And every moment that you're projecting that into your future, you're creating that for not just yourself, but for others as well. Every moment you're creating your next moment. That is what you want to think about. Because we live in a linear experience,


if you live in your past or worry or think about your future, then you are not in the present moment and when you're not in the present moment, you're unable to create from a place of awareness. And I call that haphazardly creating. When you create from your past or worry about your future, or you want to force your future, you actually create haphazardly. So there's no conscious connection in your creations. It's being created like you're just throwing stuff together, hoping that it will all stick and all work out. But in reality, what you're doing is you're creating difficulty from your past. You're creating your same experience over and over. And if you're worried about your future, it's only because you are still subconsciously connected to your past. And you're thinking it's about your future. But in reality, you're still recreating your past.


And every moment you're just experiencing your past over and over and you think, “Oh, I healed my relationship with my father. Oh, but I hate my male boss. I hate my best friend's husband or partner because he's an idiot.” So that person has not healed their dad issues at all. Because obviously that person doesn't like men and it shows up and then they wonder why their relationships are falling apart or that they have abusive relationships because they haven't dealt with some of their issues from their past and they're recreating it. But they'll say they've dealt with it, but they probably haven't because they wouldn't have this experience if


they healed that. And most people do live in their past. They live in their past mistakes. They live in their head like overthinking things, over thinking things about their past, or maybe they just deny their whole past, which I have seen happen many, many times. Even if you deny your past or you say, “Well, nothing bad ever happened to me, but everything bad is happening now,” you're still living in your past. You're just not aware because you're not in the present moment. And presence means that you are fully engaged and aware of the world around you without distracting thoughts of your past, without distracting belief systems about your future. You're in the present moment. And that is the energy of the surrender. And that is also the sweet spot of creation. The sweet spot of creation is living in the present moment and surrendering into that present moment, not trying to create from fear or lack or even control or trying to create from a place of your past, in any way, but from that sweet spot of being really present and surrendering. And that is what timelessness is all about.


Because if you surrender in the present moment and you are in that sweet spot of creative surrender in the present moment, that's when miracles happen. Because when you hit that sweet energy where things are flowing, where there's a movement of energy of creation without trying to live in your past or your future, that's when anything is possible. That's when miracles happen. That's when you have the availability of you becoming a higher frequency, you being the energy of love, connection and all those other things. That is the energy of living in the now. When you live in your past, or you live in your future, you're not in the now, right? That's really what this all means. So we live in this energy of linear time, but in reality, there's also a timelessness that's feasible and possible, and here, but we still are very connected to the physicality of this world.


And we see how the trees grow over the years and how their leaves fall. So there's still this timing aspect. Now we are moving away from that, which is why so many people will experience timelessness when they hit a higher state of consciousness. That timeless energy is phenomenal. And you start to recognize that it doesn't take 10 years to get something done anymore. Things happen a lot faster because we are skipping timelines. We are jumping timelines.

But before I go into jumping timelines, let's talk about the higher dimensional energies of no time and no space. When you hit higher frequencies and you live in a space beyond the earth plane, whether you want to call it heaven or the other side, or I don't know, in that energy of oneness space, when you are experiencing that on the other side, there is no time or space.


And you've heard this possibly from people who have had near death experiences, where they've been medically dead for 20 minutes and they say on the other side, it seemed like they were there for years because there's not the same experience of time and space. And it has to do with frequency. The frequency that we are at is a linear time and space experience. Other dimensions don't have that. There is no time. There is no space. It is a different experience, but we get so caught up in this thing called time. We forget that we're consistently co-creating our experiences and putting it into the matrix and the matrix is projecting that back to us. And that is why I wanted to talk about time and space today, because we want to be very conscious of what we are creating in the universe. All the energy that you are putting into this matrix matters.


The thoughts and feelings matter. And I'm hearing way too many people talk about this awful thing that's going to happen to us. And look, we live in an experience where all sorts of weird things happen. Nothing is haphazardly being created. We're doing it. And we know we're doing it. We know we're consciously doing it. Even if you are not aware, your higher consciousness knows and it's trying to go, “No, no, no. Don't go in that direction. No, don't go down the anger path. No, no, there you go. Oopsees.” Okay. What can we do to help them out of their anger? Okay. We're going to bring them a book. Okay. Book falls off the shelf. You start reading it. And then you're like, “Oh, these people don't know what they're talking about. They're all stupid. Let me give him a bad review on Amazon.”


Haha. Because I've had a couple bad reviews. That's why I'm saying that. And they're all cranky. And then this beautiful book that could have helped them. They're like, “No, I don't want it.” And so they're pushing it all away. And then your higher consciousness says, oh we know we'll bring them what they want, which is the perfect partner. And then they bring you the perfect partner. And then you're like, “No, that's not my perfect partner. That's not the person. It's someone else.” And then your higher consciousness is like, okay, how can we get them out of their anger? Oh yeah, I know we're going to give them an illness or they're going to lose their job or a pandemic is going to happen. That will change them. And maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But do you see what I'm saying? We're in this together. Our higher consciousness isn't disassociating with you, even though you may disassociate with your own higher consciousness, but it's not disassociating with you and you are creating from this place of your energy and no one's going to be perfect.


so I don't want you to think, “Oh my gosh, I was angry yesterday. My higher consciousness probably hates me now. My higher consciousness is just so mad at me because I did not do something right.” No, we're all going to make mistakes and it's okay. But the more conscious you are, the more in the present moment you are, the more likely you are to recognize when something comes up for you. Now, for instance, the last week or so I had some spiritual ego come up for myself and of course my higher consciousness was, “Hey Melissa, highlight this, look at this, pay attention.” And I was like, oh my gosh, interesting. Thanks for showing that to me because I don't want to live my life haphazardly. I want to be present. And if I'm living from a place of any ego, which is normal, right? We're human. But I want to recognize it.


And it's okay. I'm not saying ego is bad, but I want to be present with it because if a spiritual ego experience comes up for me, I want it highlighted. I want to see through it because then I'm more present. And when I'm more present than I'm creating differently. And when I'm creating differently, I'm living in timelessness. I'm creating from a space of miracles, from a space of unlimited or limitless opportunities and possibilities. But if I live from a place of trying to control, then you're living in a place of time and space. And you can be in a time and space experience and still live limitlessly and timelessly. In order to create and co-create with the universe, the best thing you can do for yourself is let go of the idea of time. Meaning, it will take this long for me to get from here to there.


Now with our navigation, we know exactly what time we're pretty much going to arrive including traffic issues. But my point is recognizing that co-creation comes from a place of being present in the present moment. And time is just something that we can either speed up, jump timelines or slow down. We have the availability to do all of that. When you let go of the idea of time and live in the present moment, that's when real amazing creation happens. And that is when miracles can happen because you're not attached to when and how it will happen and how long it will take. A doctor will tell you if you take this medication, or an herbalist will tell you, you have to take this herb for this long in order to heal this situation or this issue within yourself. But it's possible to do it without that time and space, without the herb.


Now, of course, I think you should do whatever you want. And of course, keep on your medicines. I'm not telling you not to, but my point is that if you believe that it will take this much time for something to happen, then you are living still in the matrix of “time and space control me” instead of the matrix that we are putting forward, that what we create is timelessness and we can create whatever we want and jump timelines quickly. And I have seen a lot of that in my life and other people's lives where people are jumping timelines, when they had a trajectory in one direction in this situation and all of a sudden they find themselves doing something totally different or experiencing something very different. They've jumped a timeline, it looks the same. Things around them look the same. The people around them look the same, but they're not the same.


So they jumped the timeline. Now let me just have a little side note about timeline jumping in timelines. There's this opportunity that you can stay on the same path and trajectory or change it. And there are ways to consciously change your timelines, but most people try to do that from their ego sense. And that's why they're not able to jump timelines because they're doing it from needs, wants, desire, 3D experiences, because to jump a timeline, you have to live in timelessness. You have to be more present in the moment, in the now, and less attached to the past or future. And actually the best way to jump a timeline is to not be attached to it at all, not even the least bit, being more present in the moment.

Now let's just go a little bit into divine timing, divine timing. A lot of people will talk about divine timing being when everything is in alignment. That's when you meet your perfect partner. “We were all there together and it was divine timing.” Or when you meet your amazing business partner or you have this amazing experience with a really cool person, all of that can be divine timing. And I used to be a little wonky around divine timing. And I think that, and I'm not saying I'm right, but my sense is that there's no one ticking off boxes, but if you haven't met your perfect partner and you agreed on the other side that you are going to meet by 2022, and it's almost there, there's a good chance you'll meet your perfect partner or let's say a compatible partner. And it's because you're living in a place of being present and then there's divine timing as well. But if you had agreed that you'd both be at this frequency when you meet and you're not there yet, you may not meet them.


Right? So divine timing is an idea that we had on the other side, but it isn't always exact timing. So it may not be in perfect time. “We said we'd meet on December 1st, 2019, at three o'clock, at the Starbucks.” It wasn't quite like that, but we have more of a fluid time on the other side and because of that, sometimes the divine timing, we miss it. And that's okay too because it doesn't mean you miss the whole opportunity. It just means that it wasn't in frequency with you. It wasn't a vibrational match. And let's just be honest. Everything really comes down to: What is the energy you're putting out there and how are you creating? And that is actually how miracles happen because you're either jumping a timeline or you are in a divine timing experience or you're co-creating. And just because you have a miracle happen, like I've had all sorts of interesting experiences where there was no time and space to explain what really happened.


For instance, I had literally $5 fall from the sky and I am not even kidding. There was no one around. It literally fell down at my feet. It was amazing how it happened out of nowhere, out of nowhere. And then later that same day I had a $10 bill do the same exact thing. It literally fell at my feet. And I was like, “Where did this come from?” And somebody was near me and they were like, “Don't tell me it happened again.” And they were like, “How Melissa? How come money is just falling at your feet?” And I kind of laughed, but yeah, it literally happened like that. And I've also had all sorts of things like sunglasses show up that weren't in the same place. It's a long history of those types of things. But that's a miracle to me. People assume a miracle means that they healed themselves or somebody was healed from something.


A miracle is any time that you live beyond space and time. Anytime you live beyond the confines of this matrix of time and space, of linear experiences, that's a miracle. Because in the physical universe, it's impossible for it to happen. In the physical universe, a $5 bill doesn't just fall at your feet, literally from the sky. So I encourage you to live more in the present moment. Be more aware of what energy you are putting out into the matrix. Be aware of who you are being in each moment. And what are you creating? Are you creating from your past? Fear of the future or desires in the future? Or are you co-creating from your heart space and creative energy in the present moment? And then you can jump timelines and live in a place of miraculous experiences.

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