Heather Linn interviewed me for her summit “The Dimensional Fork in the Road Summit”. This a fascinating conversation about moving into 5D and why are we moving into 5D now. We also discuss how the frequency of humans has changed over the last 20 years.

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Hi, I'm so excited to share this amazing episode with you. This episode has been recorded with Heather Lynn. She interviewed me and we talked about living limitlessly and serving wisely. So I was on her summit and we discussed a bunch of things about the ascension process, moving into 5D, what it means to you as a spiritual aspirant and the frequency that's been changing over the last 20 years. I really loved this interview because I felt like she asked me really good questions, good deep questions.

Melissa (01:20):

And of course it is all about Ascension, which as you know is my passion.

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I am so excited for you to listen to this fascinating interview. Much love.

Heather (02:05):

Hello, everyone. And welcome to the Dimensional Fork in the Road Summit, where we are gathering with an inspiring group of spiritual teachers, lightworkers and wisdom keepers to explore the fifth dimension and the road ahead of us. This event is designed to open space for each one of us to engage with our evolutionary choices and to offer a tangible vision as well as practical tools to forge a high frequency pathway for humanity. So stick into the sacred space with us and immerse yourself in the consciousness of the fifth dimension. Here, you will receive inspiration and guidance to move through these transitional times and anchor a fifth dimensional reality for yourself and for the planets. My name is Heather Lynn. I'm your host and the creator of this event. And I'm delighted to be here today with my guest, Melissa Feick. Welcome, Melissa. Thank you for joining us.

Melissa (03:08):

Thank you so much, Heather, for allowing me to be here. I'm excited about the topic.

Heather (03:14):

Yeah, me too. Let me just introduce you, Melissa, a little bit more formally to our audience. Melissa Feick is a writer, a spiritual teacher, an advanced intuitive who leads metaphysical workshops and spiritual retreats, providing people with a past to their authentic self. She is the best selling author of A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life, Raise Your Vibration. She is also the creator of activating Ascension classes and akashic records certifications taught through her Spiritual Expansion Academy™, which is committed to serving those who are ready to quickly expand their consciousness and raise their vibration. Melissa guides her students to experience their multidimensional selves through high frequency activations and deep metaphysical classes. She also has a regular podcast called Spiritual Expansion and Ascension™. She lives her life being guided and supporting those experiencing their individual great awakening. Melissa lives in Sedona, Arizona. Melissa's topic for today is Living Limitlessly and Serving Wisely. So Melissa, I'd like to start by asking you, how has the frequency of humans and of the earth itself changed over the last, say, 20 years?

Melissa (04:45):

We've been on this acceleration rate and what we could do as humans was limited even 20, 30, 40 years ago, energetically. But as we've moved through time and space, we have accelerated. And part of it is just an evolutionary experience. This is just an evolution that we are hitting. In 1984, there was something called the Harmonic Conversions. And that was supposedly the first activator toward this awakening process for so many, which is why so many people aren't just going on the spiritual path that we would consider. But also people who have organized religion experiences are also moving in a similar spiritual path, is how I've seen it. We're all moving in the same direction, but what's happening is that we have really gone from, you know, a horse and buggy. Then we started to move to a car.

Melissa (05:57):

Then we're in the Lamborghini. And all of a sudden we moved from the Lamborghini to the rocket ship, especially in the last maybe four or five years, especially in the last two or three years. And we just all said, let's just forget these slower things, let’s go for the fastest thing. And then the next thing is gonna be light speed. And light speed is all about jumping timelines, which I think many people are doing right now. And I'll go back to that in a minute. But when we are in this evolutionary path, we're moving up frequency-wise. And that's the only way that we can think of it because we're very linear thinkers. So we're moving from one vibration to another.

Heather (06:46):

So I love that analogy of the car, the vehicles, and then jumping to the rocket ship. It really does feel like that. So why are we moving into 5D at this point, the fifth dimension? Can you say a bit about that?

Melissa (07:01):

Yeah. Well, there's a few things that I see that are happening and this is just my awareness, what I've channeled and what I've been shown. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but we're kind of moving from duality into oneness consciousness. But the thing is, because we live in duality, which is a rare occurrence, there aren't a lot of planets that live in the duality aspect, so when we chose to incarnate here, we chose this awareness of “we're gonna experience the whole polarity, or the dichotomy, of a lot of different things.” Because when we're living oneness, we live in the light. It's definitely a different experience when we come and learn about light and dark, when we learn about good and bad. But in reality, what I've been shown is these things are not really real, right?

Melissa (08:09):

They're just our perception, “Oh, this is good. And that's bad.” Some people will say, “Well, I don't like tomatoes. They're bad.” And other people will say, “Oh my gosh, I love tomatoes. They’re really good for me.” Now, it's just a perspective, isn't it? But we come in making our perspective and ultimate truth. And I've been shown recently how we take these truths and we hold on to them. And then we cause issues within ourselves when we do that, because we become rigid and not in the flow of the universe. So we are moving into this 5D experience because we're moving into the oneness, which is the only truth. Oneness is the only truth that we really have. Everything else is just a perspective. But we're moving into this experience, but we're making choices as we go there. So we're choosing which part of the duality we want to experience moving forward.

Melissa (09:15):

And many people who are lightworkers, starseeds, whatever terminology you want to use for yourself, whatever box, we are moving into a place where we think it's all about light, or we're like, “Oh, it has to be light, but all these bad things, bad things, bad things.” So if we’re always focused on the bad and the light, then we're still in duality. And it doesn't mean that we just should be focusing on the light or just the dark. What we have to do is understand that as we're moving through, this is a process and we're going to be kind of shook up between what we would consider light and dark. It's not good or bad. And the Law of One talks about it as a negative path and a positive path, just in a polarity. There's nothing wrong with the negative and there's nothing wrong with the positive.

Melissa (10:09):

They're just two aspects of the same energy, right? So we are moving through this. A lot of people came here to help with the transition. And when we're moving to help that transition, we are making kind of a choice in our own self. And it will be a process. I don't see it happening within the next 10 years. I do see things shifting. I remember in 2012, I'd been a teacher for a very long time in 2012. Everybody's like, everything's gonna go and we're gonna just shift right into it. And I was like, yeah, no, this isn't how evolution happens. We didn't come here to experience the same thing we experienced on the other side. We came here to experience the evolutionary experience, which is very unique. We're at a unique time, which is why so many higher frequency beings chose to incarnate at this time.

Heather (11:19):

Yes. And it is that paradox in a way that in one sense, the evolution is so rapid at the moment. And in another way, it is still evolution. It is a process. It does take time. So what happens when someone isn't aware of all this that's happening and are they just swept along with the evolutionary tide? Or do we actively need to work with the Ascension? Do we make those choices?

Melissa (11:49):

So I always say that people, we're ascending, whether we know about it or not, whether we are interested or not, or whether we are involved or not. It's happening now. There are some people who are considered newer souls, I guess, for the best way to look at it on the duality plane of existence. And those newer souls, they're just moving slower along their own evolutionary path. They do not have to ascend in order for all of us to ascend. We need a percentage and the percentage isn't really large, you know, the numbers, for how I understand it. I don't wanna say it's this percent or that percent, but it's not a huge percent. It's not like 60% we need. And that's why so many people incarnated. And if they are not ready to move to the next direction, once they've gone through a few lifetimes here, they may choose to incarnate in a different planetary experience, because there are infinite amounts of dimensions.

Melissa (13:07):

We think that like this because we're such egotistical beings. And we think like, this is who we are, and we are in the best place and the best experience and, oh my gosh, it's the worst experience. Right? We're so self-centered around that. But in reality, there are other opportunities, many. And because I have so many past life memories, I've experienced a lot of memories on other planetary systems. And because of that, I kind of have an idea of what that looks like. So we're just moving along. It would just be like saying to the dog, “Well, you shouldn't be sniffing over there. That's not where you should be sniffing. You should be sniffing over here.” But that’s where the dog wants to go. So that's its choice. So we're making choices all the time about what our experiences will be here on our plane.

Heather (14:06):

Right. So for people that really want to be part of the Ascension, what can they do for their personal evolution and also to raise their frequency?

Melissa (14:18):

So what can individuals do? Well, the people who are younger souls, they have to move through their own karmic patterns. I believe that we have karmic patterns and these are patterns that are what we came here to transcend and transmute. This is what I was told a few years ago. So we don't wanna look at just one past life. It's a bigger picture experience, especially now that we're going through this very important time of the Ascension. So what I think people can do is really ask themselves, “What did I come here to transcend without spiritually bypassing?” And unfortunately it's very common to spiritually bypass because nobody wants to look at things that make them feel yucky inside. Nobody wants that. But a lot of starseeds or whatever you wanna call them, I transpose a lot of words when I say this, but higher beings who came to incarnate during the Ascension, what we have decided is that we are coming here knowing that we have to come here and take on karma. And it is not always an easy feat because we haven't had that density in a while. And then we get overwhelmed by it and we are confused by it. And the best thing we can do is say, “You know what, how can I empower myself through this?” Not power, but EMpower, through the heart, when you become heart center and empower that way. So meditation in high frequency energies is very important. I know that most of us don't like to always discipline ourselves to meditate, but that is really a good way, but it has to be high frequency.

Melissa (16:22):

Don't meditate just to go find your guide, meditate in the high vibrational energy system. Also look at what your triggers are on the outside so you can recognize on the inside that you have the ability to transcend that, that you are not a victim. And that is something that we come here, as humans, unfortunately, the victimization energy is very powerful in this duality system. And, I was just in meditation this morning and they were even showing me how I use my siblings to activate my own victimization, which I've been able to move through a lot of it, but then I was like, “Oh yeah, I still use them once in a while, as my “oh see, you're are being victimized.”” So when you recognize that you are more empowered because unfortunately on this plane, victimization is something that is part of the reality here.

Melissa (17:29):

And as higher frequency beings, the more we empower ourselves through that, the more we can understand that. I actually have a series on my podcast called a Dark Night of the Soul series. And I talk a lot about that and I give a lot of tools in that. So that's a good reference for people. There's about four of them moving from those lower frequencies into the I AM presence. The other thing is to look at the I AM presence and ask yourself, “What am I resisting?” Right? Because we're always in the flow of the universe. It's what we are resisting. Most of the time, they're resisting being higher consciousness beings. We resist letting go of our ego's identity or awareness. And when we can start to recognize where we resist, we're more able to go into the flow of the world. And that's kind of the I AM presence, which is, what a lot of sages, especially Hindu gurus, they talk a lot about being in just the energy of centered ‘I AM’ without any other identity.

Heather (18:42):

Right. Okay. Thanks. A lot of really interesting ideas there. I think, as you say, so important to work with the shadow aspectas, and the victimization and karma, such an interesting idea. I've heard it said that we had the opportunity to leave the wheel of karma from the cosmic moment in December 2012. Yeah. That's right. 2012. Do you think it's possible to transcend?

Melissa (19:12):

Oh yes. Do I think it happened in 2012? If that were really the case, And I know a lot of people disagree with me on this and then that's okay. But, if that were really the case, then we wouldn't be triggered by anything. We wouldn't have issues with our parents or old abuse patterns or boyfriends or our best friends or the government. We wouldn't be triggered by anybody or anything. because karma means that we are still being wrapped in the illusionary process of this plane of existence. Now I do think that in 2012 we have the opportunity to start to really transcend the karma. But unfortunately until we move into a different frequency, we're still in that wheel of energy. But we have more availability to transcend it quicker. And that's actually what they told me about five or six years ago when I was completely downloaded with my book, A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records, because what they showed me is that it is time for us to transcend bigger patterns quicker. Bigger patterns, quicker. And I've seen many people do it. So I do think that it can happen spontaneously, absolutely. But I have really not seen a lot of people where they really are not triggered by a lot of things in their world.

Heather (20:54):

Yeah. Yes. I would agree with that. Again, it's a process. So your book, A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records, which is truly amazing by the way, has been described as one of the best Ascension tools available to humans to date. Can you tell us why? And also how reading the book can help us?

Melissa (21:19):

Yeah. So first of all, I wanna say that this book, I did not write it from a place of anything but, it was downloaded to me. I started teaching the material because that's how I flush out material. And they told me from the very beginning, you need to write everything down, write everything down. And they would say, “Bring this piece in, bring that piece in…” Back in 2011, I was at an event and they showed me how in the heart, we should be one chakra or we should be one energy system. And then I learned about the toroidal fields and then I'm like, “Oh yeah, that makes sense.” I wrote, I drew this little picture, which I'm awful at drawing, but I drew kind of like, okay, how does this work? And, and then I saw the toroidal field.

Melissa (22:03):

I'm like, okay, that's it. That's what they're saying. One energy system. So I don't wanna take credit. I wish I could, but really Spirit brought this out to the world. I was just the facilitator, right? That's what they say in that type of thing. But what I've recognized over the years is that this book and this material is very grounded and esoteric at the same time, which is kind of my thing. Mm-hmm I like to ground in and give practicality, but I speak very esoterically. So it's kind of a different take on things. A lot of people speak very esoterically and very fluffy, and then they can't ground the material in. And I believe that this is for those who are ready to really transcend some of their karma, because it's a process of looking at the bigger patterns, right?

Melissa (23:07):

And unfortunately, most humans have the same patterns and you see this across many cultures because I've worked with people in many different cultures, many different backgrounds, you know, internationally. And what I've seen is that we all have kind of the same karma, which is interesting. It's all the same patterns. It's victimization, it's abuse, it's abandonment, it's unlovable. And all of these things are all wrapped up. And when we recognize that we are in power and we are not the victims, then we have more availability to transcend these things. And that is, I think part of what that book was for was to encourage people. And maybe they don't use the tools in the book. I'm not saying that's the only tool, but if it inspires you, if it encourages you to see the world differently, then that's the most beautiful part of it.

Melissa (24:17):

And to me, we are ascending whether we know it or not, whether we are ready for it or not, it's already happening, but we've also come here with this awareness that it's time for us to make major changes. Yes. And we cannot change the whole until you change the individual. So the macrocosm, that bigger picture of things, we can't change the government until we've changed the individual. We can't change a family's karmic dynamics until we've changed individually. We can't change the whole earth to ascend unless we have done it. Yeah. And that is part of the duality because we are all entangled and quantum mechanics talks a lot about entanglement and that fascinates me. Right? So it is proven scientifically that we are all energetically connected. Look at Candace Hurts stuff on Leaves.

Melissa (25:29):

You can look it up on the internet, and how we're all entangled. What I do affects you, what you do affects me, even if I don't know you, even if I'm not aware, because we came here as a collective consciousness. But then as we came here, the ego is part of the understanding and wisdom of this realm. And so the ego starts to develop and then the higher consciousness is trying to come in and depending on where you are with the ego higher consciousness is depending on where you are bringing the energy to the oneness. And some of us are here to experience a lot of darkness and some are here to transcend that and neither is wrong, or right. The creator of the whole universe, of the whole interstellar experience. I don't know how to explain. It's like more than just even our little realm of the galaxy. We're just here to experience. Like what would happen if this happened?

Melissa (26:42):

We're always experimenting. So if we do that on the micro level of the human, then we're doing it on the macro level of the creator. You know, “What happens if we experiment with this? What happens if we experiment with that?” And we are just part of it. We are sovereign beings and we chose to come here. So nobody forced us. I heard somebody recently say, “Well, I was forced here.” I was like, really? I doubt it very much. Maybe that's what you need to believe in order to deal with whatever's going on in your life. But in reality, we are sovereign. We are not forced to do anything, but we're making choices. And so we are entangled energetically, and we are all in this together.

Heather (27:36):

Yeah. I think that's such an important point. This notion of every individual, having a role to play, needing to play their part in our evolutionary process. And it makes a difference. So how do the Akashic Records going into that terrain in the quantum field assist with the Ascension process?

Melissa (27:58):

Well, the Akashic records on the quantum, so there are different levels to the records and the levels that are a little bit lower in the records, they're the lower records. They're really the imprint of each world. So right above in the mental plane, that's just our world records, and maybe the galaxy of the universe around us. But once we reach the records of the quantum, you're looking at the ability, because that is a living light frequency, it is a living consciousness. And when we work on that level to transcend our karmic patterns or whatever else we came here to work on, and when we work at that level, what I've seen is that we are actually rewriting the records. And that's what they told me back in the day. I was like, “What does that mean? Rewriting the records? Show me.” And then, yeah, they're literally rewriting it and what they showed me and what I've seen through client after client and class after class, is that when you transcend this, so let's say you have a major karmic experience when you're young called a trauma. And you're four years old, five years old, when you're very impressionable and imprintable, you have a major karmic experience or a major trauma. And now you're 40 years old. And you are still living that trauma. And you don't even realize. You're not even cognizant that you're reliving that trauma. Every time somebody says something to you, you react from that five year old child. And you talk about that story or you think about that story or your body feels that story because some people will say, well, I never talk about this story.

Melissa (29:53):

Well, it doesn't matter how you express the story. Don't overthink that part. We are experiencing it on some level. And what happens is even if they say, ‘I never talk about this story,’ they're still triggered when they talk about it or when it comes up in their mind. And then what happens is when we start to clear that energy in the Akashic records in the quantum field, and the whole experience gets rewritten, all the karma. A lot of times the offshoots of the karmic energy shifts. And then we go back and I'll say, well, “What about that story when you were five?” And this is almost 90% of the time I get the same, the same response, they'll go, “Wait a minute.” I said, well, is it different? And they'll go, “It's like it's there, but it doesn't matter anymore. So the story hasn't shifted because the lower records still has the imprint of that story. Does that make sense? But in the quantum fields, the story has been rewritten, so there's no more trigger in that story.

Heather (31:13):

You’re bbout clearing the trauma and doing the work of clearing trauma, which is obviously so important. We are actually rewriting the Akashic records in the quantum field.

Melissa (31:25):

Yes, and it's fascinating what I will see people do and what will happen. And it's just accelerated over the last couple years, as the collective consciousness is starting to understand this concept because this is all new, but so many people have bought the book, they're adding to the frequency, even if they never do anything with it, they're still adding to that frequency that we can rewrite things. We can transcend this stuff. And the more that it's being added to our collective consciousness, the faster things are happening.

Heather (32:06):

Wow. Okay. So it really is a co-creative process in that respect. Yes. Wow. So exciting. And Melissa, you mentioned in the book a vibrational leader. Can you explain what a vibrational leader is?

Melissa (32:22):

Yeah. This is something that I channeled in the summer of 2020. And because of everything that was going on, and so many of my clients were like, “I don't know what's happening and I'm just stressed” and everything else. So they showed me that it doesn't matter who our leaders are in our world. As we move through the Ascension,this is what these collective councils, this is what I call them, because I don't know what else to call them. I'll go up and there are like hundreds of councils, I feel like they're all talking to me at once. It's very interesting. And what they showed me is that we are in this place where we are supposed to be raising our frequency. So we need vibrational leaders, people who are leading through energy, through vibration, through the vibration of love, compassion, understanding, wisdom, and those leaders are going to make the change.

Melissa (33:32):

And, and I'm not saying, you know, some people say, well, this law is hurting this and that. Law's, you know, we get caught up in the mundane experience and I understand why people wanna get caught up. And I'm just gonna say this one thing. So recently, I follow someone who I really find is very high vibrational, and all of a sudden, they're talking a lot about how the government's doing this… It's got a little conspiracy-ish, right. And interestingly, I was feeling very anxious. Something was going on and my guides, they let me go through it. Of course they do. Like first they let me go through a little bit of a mini dark night of the soul. And then they said I have to be very careful, and that not just me, all of us. But they were saying it directly to me, but I always think that it's always for everyone.

Melissa (34:31):

“You have to be so careful of your frequency because you definitely are here not to show the darkness” because some people are here to shine light on darkness. But for me, I'm here to be a vibrational leader and any fear or frequency that gets in the way of that vibration will actually mess with my frequency. And I think everybody should do what they're supposed to do. And some people don't know. Follow your heart, follow the energy breadcrumbs. Follow the energy of your own soul, of your own heart. You know, I think for a while, we're gonna have to be prepared for a little bit of this dark. Some people need that to propel them into the light. And this person was saying, “But we have to come from love, but we have to come from light.”

Melissa (35:38):

But what my intuition told me and what my guidance was, for me, it is not good to hold onto any darkness, because if I'm transcending the darkness within, then anything outside of me isn't part of me unless I want it to be part of me. Right. I've worked very hard to look at every shadow and every piece that is holding me in a lower frequency. So as vibrational leaders, you are all here to be the vibrational frequency leaders. And when enough of us hit a certain frequency, then the rest can jump up. So let's say our group of, you know.. 600 people just for example purpose. So 600 people, we hit a frequency of whatever, cuz it's not, it's not as delineated as we like to think.

Melissa (36:47):

We hit a certain frequency as a collective. We don't even know each other, but energetically, we all get it. We all know each other. And we hit that frequency. And then 7,000 people get up to that frequency. So as we are the leaders in this energy, we are recreating the frequencies of this universe and we are the leaders. You do not have to. I have a friend of mine recently who said, “I feel like I'm supposed to do my spiritual work and I said, “I love you, but you are not the entrepreneurial type to do that. It takes a lot of energy. So how can you support the frequency, but kind of stay in the background because that's who you are. Don't try to make yourself into who you aren't.” She's like, you're right. I'm not the person who's in the forefront. I was like, “Well, how can you support other vibrational leaders? Because being a vibrational leader doesn't mean you have to go out and be preaching. To the world of vibrational leaders, it’s all about energy and how to be the frequency of the movement without having to shout it. I don't wanna have to shout it. I just want to be the frequency. And then you are the example. So be the energy, be love, be oneness, be connected and you are being the vibrational leader.

Heather (38:23):

Wonderful. So holding that frequency is so important and being careful what you plug into and tune into.

Melissa (38:30):

Yeah. But look, we're all gonna get wonky because we chose to be humans. So if you have a moment, like I just said, like my mini dark night of the soul for like two and a half days. When that happens, you go, “Oh, okay. So what is it that I'm feeling? What is really going on underneath, because that will help you transcend.

Heather (38:55):

Right. Okay. Melissa, do you have a very quick tool that you can share with the audience to raise frequency, you know, on a busy day or you're feeling stressed and you just need to take a moment, raise your frequency. Is there something you can share?

Melissa (39:10):

Yes. I love to share this. I think that what happens is we get too caught up in the emotional bombardment, especially cuz most spiritual people are empaths. We get bombarded with not just other people's feelings, but our own feelings sometimes because that trigger will trigger our own feelings. And then we're feeling that feeling and our own. So we get a little overwhelmed sometimes with that. So what I always ask people to do is to close their eyes. Even after the fact, like, let's say you had an emotional experience in the middle of the day, at work, and you just can't right then and there or something happens like an accident or something right then and there, you just have to deal with whatever’s going on. But later to love yourself through that, take a moment, close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths.

Melissa (40:04):

One of the things I teach in my book is to clear all the thought forms around your head. So in other words, get rid of all the clutter and then go into your heart and just ask yourself, “How did this experience, how did it make me feel?” And then be present with the feeling most people go through the day and they have no idea how anything made them feel. And then five days later they're still feeling yucky because they didn't move through the feeling and it gets stuck. And that's what happens. I see it all the time in people's energy fields. They get stuck. The feelings get stuck in the energy field. And so do thoughts. They get stuck around the energy body and I've watched thoughts, you know, thoughts like, “oh my gosh, I have to do the laundry,” that thought just Peters out.

Melissa (41:02):

Like I always see it like a little puff of smoke. It just kind of just spirals out and puffs out. But then you have a thought that has a lot of emotional charge behind it. So like, “Oh my gosh, she said that thing to me.” And that pushed me. Right. So that pushes that energy, that thought expands. It goes into the energy field and then expands outward. It's very interesting. Very, very interesting how it does that. So I would say, Go and feel your feelings and meditate. I mean,when I feel a feeling, I go, “Oh, I'm feeling really angry. I’m angry right now and it's okay. I'm feeling really sad and it's okay, why am I doing that? I'm letting my body relax into it. And it's okay that I'm feeling that.” We think as light workers, we're supposed to be like, “oh, light, light,” but it's not always possible. It's okay. I'm human. It's okay to be human.

Heather (42:18):

Great. Thank you Melissa. Yeah, I love that. I mean, these simple tools are often just the most powerful things for staying in a higher frequency. So we need to end off now, but I wanna just ask you before we do so, what's next for you, Melissa? Have you got another book in the pipeline that we can look forward to or anything else you wanna share with the audience?

Melissa (42:42):

Yeah. One of my new loves is definitely my podcast. So that's been a lot of fun. I also have a TV show on Awake TV. It will be on smart TVs soon. So this show is aired on AwakeTVnetwork.com and there is a lot of great, amazing information there. And I'm doing my second season there. And then I'm in the middle of writing my second book on manifestation in the Akashic records on the quantum field. So I'm so excited about that. Yeah. And I'm always creating a lot of classes. I'm actually now gonna be creating a class, I'm almost done with it, on really doing some evolutionary process in the chakras, because I think that a lot of us do like this basic chakra work and I actually created a teaching and a specific meditation to really work on the chakras for Ascension.

Heather (43:55):

Wonderful. Thank you. Well, people can head on over to your website, which is on the page and have a look at your work. And that all sounds very exciting. And I know you have a wonderful free gift for our audience. It's a channeled meditation, which is called Open to Divine Love and Receive the Abundance of the Universe. And people can also just scroll down beneath this video and claim that free gift, which sounds really lovely. So, Melissa, I just want to say, thank you. It's been such an inspiring conversation, really uplifting. Actually, I feel like my frequency raised just by talking to you here. So thank you so much.

Melissa (44:41):

Thank you. I appreciate you being here and I love the topic, so I appreciate that you let me join you.

Heather (44:48):

Oh, it's such a great pleasure. And I really also want to say thank you to our beautiful audience for co-creating the summit because it wouldn't be anything without all of you watching. To end off, I'm just sending love and light out to everybody. And thank you.

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