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Being Spiritually Present and Aware

This is part 3 of the awareness series. In this series, I have been sharing how I understand the observer. Your inner observer helps you become more self-aware, and your transformation is supported when you are self-aware. The most profound experience I had with the observer was about 18 years ago. I was with my mother at her house, and I said something that really upset her. She stood up and started yelling and flailing about. I started to react, but my observer spontaneously became present. In the moment, I just watched my mother [...]

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Are You Aware of Yourself?

You have so many layers, but are you aware of them all the time? Most likely you aren’t aware of your subconscious and reactive thoughts and feelings. They just come in and take over. That is where the beauty of the observer comes in. The observer is your higher consciousness, your multidimensional awareness. If you are ready to activate the next level of your spiritual awakening, you want to activate and connect to your observer. The observer has direct communication with your higher consciousness and is fully aware of the lower consciousness or ego-self. It awakens through the act of [...]

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