This is part 3 of the awareness series.

In this series, I have been sharing how I understand the observer. Your inner observer helps you become more self-aware, and your transformation is supported when you are self-aware.

The most profound experience I had with the observer was about 18 years ago. I was with my mother at her house, and I said something that really upset her. She stood up and started yelling and flailing about. I started to react, but my observer spontaneously became present.

In the moment, I just watched my mother with no feelings or attachment to what she was saying or doing. I knew that she was just in pain and that losing my father a few years before had been difficult for her.

As I witnessed this, without reaction, my mother suddenly stopped and slowly sat down. She sighed and we sat in silence for a brief period. I felt love and compassion for her at that moment.

What happened immediately after wasn’t memorable, but ever since that event, my relationship with my mother has drastically changed. I no longer react to my mother; it was like our karma was balanced right there and then.

I am not saying this will happen to everyone, since we are all individuals, but that was my experience.

The observer is a powerful, transformative tool but, unfortunately, can be overlooked by those on the spiritual path. The observer isn’t as exciting and fancy as clairvoyancy or traveling inter-dimensionally, so many don’t even understand the power of awareness and being the witness.

As you begin to witness yourself and others without attachment, you start to awaken spiritually. It opens your connection to your higher consciousness. You begin to gain a higher perspective which you never knew was available to you. That perspective comes from you, the part of you that is in full awareness of who you truly are and the awareness of any situation.

This tool may seem like it can be easily missed or forgotten, but it is essential if you want to expand your consciousness. This tool will raise your vibration and help you create from a higher perspective. The observer gives you the perspective through the eyes of your third eye and your higher wisdom of your crown chakra. Your observer is an empowering source of energy to see through the illusion and see through the eyes of Divine Love.

The witness empowers you to move beyond your ego's projections and anchor in more of your higher consciousness. Without the observer, you react from your subconscious ego programming.

Here is your practice for next week. This can be done while you are sitting quietly or in a meeting or when you are having dinner with a group of friends. It doesn’t matter, but it should be a regular experience.

For a few minutes, connect with your observer. You do this by pretending that you are watching the world around you like you would a movie. It’s not special, you are going to witness other peoples’ conversations, be aware of their mannerisms and just observe without judgment.

You want to be present with yourself and your experiences. Remind yourself that you are watching without judgment or criticism. You can pretend you are observing the world by looking through your consciousness just behind and a little above the crown of your head. But you aren’t going to leave your body.

You can also journal or make a list of what it felt like to be the observer now or in the past. Enjoy the process!


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