Has the energy been wonky for you? This is because of the Ascension and transformation that is happening. The higher vibrations come in and activate your energy and the Earth energy. This is creating a shift in the paradigm.

There is a shift in consciousness, not only your consciousness but the consciousness of all the beings on the planet and the planet herself.

This transformation is creating a struggle between the old paradigm and the new one.

This is a time of true spiritual expansion!

You are ready to live in the energy of love and abundance. But the old paradigm wants you to be a victim and to suffer. The old paradigm is creating a lower frequency and you may be tapping into that energy at times.

This has nothing to do with political systems or corporations, it is all about energy.

Energy follows energy, which means what you focus on is what comes back to you. You are the leaders of the new paradigm, so own it and claim it! Let the old paradigm go and connect with your higher consciousness so you can commit to transcendence.

Here are some tools to help you do this.

  • Go into your heart (not your head) and ask who do I want to be today? And embody that today!
  • Go into your heart and connect with the energy you want to put forward or be today. And embody that today!
  • Expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of this world and this paradigm.
    • Through deep healing and clearing out old patterns and hooks into the old paradigm or your old issues.
    • Through high vibrational meditations.
    • Journaling about what you want to leave behind. This is what you don’t want to bring into your future.
    • You can also go through my new Deep Healing for Your Ascension Course.

Last night, my friends and I did a full moon ritual. We wrote a eulogy to an aspect of ourselves. And then we burned it in the fire.

It is a very powerful ritual that my guides gave me when I was going through the darkest part of my divorce.

At that time, I did a eulogy to the wife, my marriage, and the family unit. It helped me see all the amazing things those identities gave me and now they are gone and, instead of fighting to keep them, I need to completely let them go.

I would suggest that you do a eulogy to an aspect or an identity of yourself.

You can use these words once you write out your eulogy and burn it in a fire. The energy of the release is so powerful!

“Goodbye old paradigm, I am making space for my upgraded energy system, and you don’t fit in it anymore!”

There may be aspects of your life that may feel challenging, but maybe it’s something you need to let go of. The fastest way to experience spiritual expansion is to make room for higher vibrations like Love and Oneness.

So let go of some paradigm that no longer fits you today and expand your consciousness a little more.


© 2022 Melissa Feick

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