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Claim Your Uniqueness Now

A few weeks ago, I was being interviewed in a group and I mentioned that I am not special and that none of us are special. Someone wrote in the chat “We are ALL special.” I hesitated and said “We are all ego special but energetically, we are all one. In the Oneness no one is special.” You are unique. Your vibration, energy, and divine connection are unique to you. The flower is unique, as is the coyote. The flower celebrates its uniqueness by just “Being”. And the flower and the coyote are the same since they are the [...]

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Why Are You Chasing Enlightenment?

I have been a spiritual teacher, healer and intuitive reader for over 20 years and have been on the path of personal development since I was a teenager. I have traveled to places unknown and met people unseen. I have searched for meaning, awareness and God knows what else! I have chased the dream of enlightenment, 'worked' on myself and made sure I was not taking anything 'personally'. I am so grateful to all my teachers, students, friends and everyone that has been on this journey with me. Words can't express the full gratitude my [...]

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Understanding A Relationship With Power

In my podcast this week I shared a story about how people can create a lot of drama in spiritual communities. This is because the spiritual ego can become very activated when you are on your spiritual path. No matter how you feel you will want to investigate your issues with power and empowerment. When you have a healthy relationship, understanding and subconscious programming around power you are way ahead of most. But the rest of us think we are empowered or have a healthy relationship with power, but this is under the guise [...]

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The Empowerment of Forgiveness

On my podcast, Diane Haworth, founder of the Be Love Principles, mentions forgiveness and how to use the Be Love Principles in your life. The interview was amazing and so helpful, but I wanted to expand on something Diane mentioned. At certain points along your spiritual path, you may notice some feelings of resentment or anger toward certain people. Maybe it’s a parent, a lover or the government, but no matter who you project that energy and feelings onto it’s hard to deal with. How can you transcend these moments and feelings? One way [...]

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