On my podcast, Diane Haworth, founder of the Be Love Principles, mentions forgiveness and how to use the Be Love Principles in your life. The interview was amazing and so helpful, but I wanted to expand on something Diane mentioned.

At certain points along your spiritual path, you may notice some feelings of resentment or anger toward certain people. Maybe it’s a parent, a lover or the government, but no matter who you project that energy and feelings onto it’s hard to deal with.

How can you transcend these moments and feelings? One way is through the practice of forgiveness and surrender. But how do you do that?

Forgiveness is all about awareness, as you become aware that you are not your past you slowly start to empower yourself. But to truly be empowered you need to forgive your past, past pain, past relationships, past abuse etc.

Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow. Often, I’ve heard, “Melissa, how can I forgive my abuser who hurt me?” or something similar to that. Yes, how, and why should you forgive? Holding on to old lower energy, especially toward another hurts you more than the person you hold that grudge toward.

You are the one suffering so when you practice forgiveness you let go of the old pain stored in your energy and your body. Forgiveness isn’t a one-time thing; you may need to do this a few times to release the energy completely.

Before you start the exercise below, choose who you want to forgive. My suggestion is to start with yourself.

1. Be aware of your feelings. Becoming present with how you feel is the most important step.

  • Go into your Heart
  • Ask “How do I feel?”
  • Feel the feeling, be present with it
  • Say to yourself “It’s ok that I feel…”

2. Cut the energy ties and cords between you.

  • Energy entangles with energy and every time you think of the person or situation you develop new energy ties and entanglements.
  • Imagine the energy cords between you and the situation or the person and imagine the cords being pulled out or dissolved.
  • Don’t overthink this! Don’t give your power away to the ego that will ask “Is this working?”, “Am I doing this right?” etc.
  • Surrender and trust the process.

3. Go into your heart and feel into love

  • Connect to love
  • Make the intention that you are going to surrender the old story and feelings
  • Feel into the energy of forgiveness
  • Release the energy as you forgive

4. Do the Be Love Principles

You don’t have to survive a difficult ordeal; you can begin to understand that the catalyst is just an experience to show you where you are flowing with the universe and where you are resisting. The catalyst is your wakeup call that something within you needs to change. But you must be willing to look at it.

Find out more about Diane and her work at www.DianeHaworth.com and www.BeLovePrinciples.org

©Melissa Feick
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