The ultimate power in surrender is when you allow the Universe (or Source, etc.) to create for you.

Surrendering isn’t about giving up, it’s about no longer being attached to the outcome of anything or anyone. When you are attached the ego now has a vested interest in what happens. Your ego keeps the thoughts and emotions on high alert around the situation.

For instance, you are upset that a project you are working on isn’t going well. You are upset with what you would call incompetent people or manager. Basically, you feel a little out of control and the whole thing feels stuck.

Instead of ruminating over what is happening, and trying to control the situation, try to surrender it. Let me explain to you how I do this.

1. Sometimes I close my eyes. I close my eyes when it’s a BIG one!

2. I say out loud or to myself, “I surrender this situation to you, you take care of it!”

3. I then take my hand and move it from me to away from me like I am giving the energy to the universe. This is just something I like to do because the physical gesture helps me reinforce that I am giving it away.

I am not giving this away to a higher power because I am weak, it’s a form of power. For me, my intention is to give it to my higher consciousness and to the Divine Universe. I truly believe that those energies are much smarter than I am, and it knows what’s in a better flow and alignment.

Look at your life and notice where you are holding tightly onto something or someone that isn’t working anymore. Is there a friendship or a job or some other type of relationship that you need to surrender?

Instead of trying to make that person do what you want or keep the relationship, surrender it. I’m not saying end the relationship, just surrender it. Just say, you know what? This relationship is feeling kind of wonky. It’s feeling out of balance, out of harmony. I surrender it to the universe and just see what happens.

Take inventory of your life. What are you holding onto? What areas can you shift and change into the surrender energy? What are you trying to control?

What are you controlling in your life that might be a good thing for you to surrender this week? It’s going to be a fun game; it may not always feel great because you may resist it. You’re going to say, “Oh, I can’t give this up. No, no, no!”

Surrendering can be difficult. But when you clear the clutter in your physical, mental, and your emotional world, there’s more room for higher frequencies. Surrendering is also the same thing. When you surrender it, let it go, it clears the frequency, clears the energy, and leaves room for higher vibrations, which is really the key here.

Resisting, controlling, or holding on to anything is a lower vibration. Those lower frequencies take up a lot of space in your energy field and then you can’t raise your vibration.

If you want to raise your vibration, you must clear the things that you’re holding onto. Just play the surrender game, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this.

Ask yourself, what am I going to surrender this week? Maybe it’s anger at someone or blaming someone else in your life. Surrender it, give it away. Surrender is all about letting go. And when you can surrender, you empower yourself through surrender and love.

© 2022 Melissa Feick

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