Have you noticed how so many people go through life reacting to their environment? Do you find yourself reacting to the words people say, or the beliefs people have? Most of the time, you react before you even know what’s happening.

All humans react from the animal part of their brain called the R-complex and from their emotional center. This reaction isn’t rational, it happens before you’re aware or your conscious mind even knows what’s happening. Even if your reaction is internalized, it’s still considered a reaction.

These reactions cause many issues in society, but it especially messes with your relationships.

During your spiritual awakening, you may start to feel remorse, guilt or shame over how you have treated people or any reactions you experienced.

You are not going to be perfect, but your purpose is to deal with your Karmic Patterns, which keep you stuck in the illusion.

The observer is the most powerful tool you can use during your spiritual awakening to help you understand your Karmic Patterns.

Think of the observer this way. Everyone has the observer, it is part of you and it isn't attached to anything. It is your higher consciousness.

The observer could care less that you just yelled at the neighbor or cried uncontrollably at the Motor Vehicle Department. The observer is your higher you, it watches and observes without judgement.

It may be hard to comprehend the observer because you have no idea what it means to see something without judgement. Or you have glimpsed the observer, but it isn't always easy to be consistently the observer.

There is even a part of your brain that is connected to the observer. When you experience something, your brain reacts by releasing electrical and chemical impulses. Your brain has important functions which help you navigate, understand and deal with your environment.

There is one brain impulse that stands out when it comes to reactions. It is called the mirror neuron.

The mirror neurons help people learn how to do things by observation. These special brain cells become active when you watch someone else do something, it’s as if the brain believes it’s happening to you. When you observe a behavior, it creates the same neural pathways and connections you would if you were doing the behavior.

My daughter was a gymnast when she was young, and she would always watch everyone else do a skill before she tried it. She would watch repeatedly and the mirror neurons would naturally create new neural pathways. Once she tried the skill, she picked it up quickly.

If you use the observer consciously, you start to fire the mirror neurons in a way that begins to build the neural pathways in your brain, so the observer is easier to experience. Doing so will rewire your brain to connect to empathy and compassion in the face of difficult experiences.

This is important for one who is on the path of spiritual awakening, because you want to surround yourself with people and images connected to the energy of higher consciousness. As the observer, you are more likely to be aware of the conditioning you are given in society and family. This conditioning can create a less caring environment and makes us into zombies.

The observer is the being of awareness that, if you allow it, can bring you into higher states of awareness. You are open to the beingness within yourself.


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