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Spiritual Expansion Eulogy to Old Paradigm

Has the energy been wonky for you? This is because of the Ascension and transformation that is happening. The higher vibrations come in and activate your energy and the Earth energy. This is creating a shift in the paradigm. There is a shift in consciousness, not only your consciousness but the consciousness of all the beings on the planet and the planet herself. This transformation is creating a struggle between the old paradigm and the new one.This is a time of true spiritual expansion!You are ready to live in the energy of love and abundance. But the old paradigm wants [...]

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3 Crucial Actions to Create Peaceful Relationships: Part 3

For the last few weeks, I have been sharing some information to help you navigate your relationships. I suggest you use these tools regularly. If you missed the first two steps, you will find them on my website. Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 The third action to create peaceful relationships is to Get to Know Your Energy! This is so important for people with poor boundaries! If you don’t know what your own energy feels like, how are you going to know when your boundaries are being crossed? There are only [...]

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Consciously Create Your Life

What I have noticed lately is that some people don’t know what Ascension means but more importantly, what it means to them! Ascension is the natural progression form an old paradigm to a new one. Spiritual seekers aren’t the only ones who are going through the Ascension, everything (earth, Universe etc.) and everyone is. This is your spiritual awakening of no longer being interested in the old ways of the world and creating your life filled with Love and Light. You start to become aware that the ego and lower energies get in your [...]

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3 Crucial Actions to Create Peaceful Relationships: Part 2

I was speaking with a few friends last night and we were talking about how we attract the energy that is already in our field. That means that you are attracting the repressed anger or hurt that you have been experiencing since childhood. Your relationships reflect that energy, no matter if it’s the person at work that you feel betrayed by or your mother. Every relationship gives you the opportunity to transcend your past and find peace. The first action to create peaceful relationships is to Ground and Center. That was in my last [...]

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3 Crucial Actions to Create Peaceful Relationships: Part 1

If you are like me, you have had some difficult relationships in your life. You have had people who can bring up the feelings of unlovable, sadness, anger, pain, abandonment etc. It can be frustrating to deal with people who hurt you. Most of these people are not doing it on purpose, there is something within you that allows them to treat you that way. What I mean is that your energy is a magnet. The energy you vibrate at is the same vibration that is attracted back to you. You are not a [...]

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