What I have noticed lately is that some people don’t know what Ascension means but more importantly, what it means to them!

Ascension is the natural progression form an old paradigm to a new one. Spiritual seekers aren’t the only ones who are going through the Ascension, everything (earth, Universe etc.) and everyone is.

This is your spiritual awakening of no longer being interested in the old ways of the world and creating your life filled with Love and Light.

You start to become aware that the ego and lower energies get in your way of experiencing Divine Love and feeling connected. You want to make changes and easy transformations.

Also, many have told me that they are starting to feel abandoned by the things they used to believe in. They feel that the world doesn’t match their energy anymore and that they are on the fringe of society.

Yup, welcome to your Ascension! This is when you start to realize that the old paradigm of hierarchy, control, and the ego need to be right no longer fits you!

You are the creator of this new paradigm! What do you want to create? What does your world look like in this new creation?


This is important because the intention of the new energy is what will help fuel the new paradigm! Your energy, your intention and your feelings/thoughts also fuel the new paradigm!

I would love it if you responded to this blog and let me know what you want to create and what your intention is for the new paradigm!


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