As you navigate the odd energy of 2020 and experience the light codes activating the earth are you noticing the signs of transformation? The galactic alignments and higher frequency light codes are activating and shifting the planet and all those who reside upon it. We are witnessing the Ascension the mystics have been talking about for years, the shift is here.

And what would the Ascension be without the Universe showing us these codes in physical experiences? A new comet was discovered as we are experiencing an acceleration in our spiritual awakening and raising our frequency!

This new comet is called Comet Swan!!

Ok, wait… comet swan??? The spiritual and energetic significance of this is dimensional. It doesn’t matter how it was named! This is all about how the old world moving into a new world.

Let us reference Animal Speaks by Ted Andrew.

The swan is all about awakening the True Beauty and Power of Self.

The swan is a powerful and ancient totem. This is the symbol of awakening to your inner beauty (higher consciousness) and “the ability to bridge to new realms and new powers”.  Truth- I’m so excited inside I can hardly contain myself.

Swans are sacred to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. This is exactly the energy consciousness we are moving into, the heart consciousness.

Thank you, Ted.

There are black and white swans which represent the shadow and the higher self- the two sides of the human self, higher consciousness, and ego.

Comets are connected to death and rebirth, moving from old into new. Letting go of the past, old beliefs, old sacrifice, old Karma to usher in the new frequencies that are intensifying the Ascension process.

This is a time of major transformation on a global level. You are here to witness the massive global transformation in consciousness. Yes, the old energy is trying to hold on, afraid of losing its grip on the human psyche.

But you know better, you see past the danger the words create. You see past the fear into the eye of massive change. You are not afraid to look because you came here at this time to be the energy of the shift, of the Ascension. That means you are holding a frequency the earth and the whole galaxy needs!

The historic significance of this time with not go unnoticed by the Galactic Ascension Alliance. This shift in consciousness is your lover and your friend. When you hold this energy within your heart and soul you see past the illusions and fear.

We are activating specific light codes that are seen in the night sky. They are shifting the collective consciousness of the earth dwellers, upgrading the energy of love and compassion. You are the energy; you see the truth and all we ask is that you open your heart and perceive the world through your open heart.