In this episode we are going to talk about the lies you tell yourself and how they interfere with your spiritual expansion. The lies and deceptions you tell yourself can leave you powerless and they can also be very tricky to maneuver. Learn to take your power back and become aware when you buy into other people’s deception.

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Hello, and welcome to the spiritual expansion and Ascension podcast. Your guide on this crazy spiritual journey with me, Melissa Feick, this podcast is for those who want to expand their consciousness and dive deep into the great awakening and the next paradigm shift, we'll be exploring all sorts of metaphysical and mystical topics, including timelines, parallel realities, the matrix, the quantum field manifestation, aliens, the Akashic records, and so much more it's time to raise your vibe.


Welcome to spiritual expansion and Ascension with Melissa Feick. And I'm super excited because today we are going to dive deep into the lies you tell yourself and how you regularly deceive yourself. And once we get into that, I'll get a little deeper into that. But before we do, let me just mention that I am doing a retreat in Sedona and we are moving from 3d into five D and I'm doing it in October, 2021. I have many retreats. I specifically do these retreats to activate your higher consciousness, to anchor in more of who you truly are to let go of your lower frequencies. So we do a lot of activations, clearing work,  Ascension teachings, light code work, and it's in my home. So I can keep it at a super high vibe. So if you're interested, please go to my website, and you'll see all the details under the events tab.


So now let's get into lying and deceiving yourself. This has been a passion of mine for a long time to talk about this concept. A lot of people don't talk about it because it's not something we're aware of in the spiritual communities, being spiritual people. We have this ability to transform ourselves, right? So we're here on this path to transcend and transform our lower frequencies into higher frequencies, lower energies. Sit in those lower feelings like anger, sadness, depression fear, disappointment, disconnection, basically it's separation energy, right? You're feeling separate. And that's those lower frequencies. When you feel separate, you feel a little lower vibration. When you feel oneness, you don't feel that lower vibration as much. But what happens is we start on the spiritual and many people develop a spiritual ego and we develop the spiritual ego because the ego says, okay, now you want to be this higher frequency.


You want to be like this special person or whatever. And so the ego says, I know we'll be the spiritual people. So that gives us this ego that makes us more connected to our ego. But it placates us. It lies to us and says, oh yeah, because now that you're spiritual, you don't have an ego, but it's the stealth ego. It's stealthy. It sits under the surface. It's quiet. It keeps itself under wraps, right? But what you don't understand is that you've been deceiving yourself and lying to yourself your whole life. It's just taking a different spin. So now you're lying to yourself about who you are, your identity and your spiritual ego feeds that it like feeds. It is really strong. And that energy becomes your truth. So the lies you tell yourself, become your truth. Now let's talk about what deception truly is, because that's kind of a thing that a lot of people don't talk about.


We have this thing called the, our complex, that's the brainstem, our brainstem, and that's where our fight, flight, freeze, hide is. That's where all our instincts lie in this place. And it's the first thing that develops in a child. It's in every creature that it has a brain or at least the brain that we know of. Cause we all know that everything has consciousness and we're not talking about consciousness. We're talking about brains. Cause I believe in even rocks and stones and inanimate objects have consciousnesses, but we're talking about the brain. So anything that has a brain, including a lizard, that reptilian, they used to call that the, our complex, the reptilian brain, because it's all about survival. It's all about instinct. When we're in that instinctive part of our brain, they've proven that when we see something, we respond first through our, our complex and we respond there because it's the first part of our brain that gets activated, not your feelings and not your thoughts.


And as we're we think we're these intellectual beings. Oh, I'm so intellectual that I just think everything. No, you don't. You respond, you react from that are complex because you're, energy's always scanning your environment. Am I safe? Am I safe? Am I safe? And because it's always scanning your environment, the, our complex is on higher alert and it's asking, should I run? Should I fight? Should I hide? Am I frozen here? What's the shock energy that's what's happening. So, our complex response immediately, and what we do is we respond with it. Now that response is reasonable possible for our experiences in our life. Because the first time we respond, it tells us if we are safe or not. Now what starts to happen is we start to deceive ourselves because in our hands, animal mind, right? And that are complex. We're always looking for safety.


So in the animal kingdom, what does a rabbit do? When it feels threatened? It freezes because it wants to blend in with the environment. So it freezes. It holds its place. It doesn't move. Hoping it won't be seen. The butterfly has eyes on the back of its wings to deceive its prey. We are always looking to deceive our prey. Okay? So it's an instinct. We're looking to deceive our prey. So if we feel like we are being possibly could be attacked, you don't even need to be attacked. If we perceive it, something, anything as an attack, we will go into detail, exception. We'll start to try to hide or freeze or save ourselves. But we deceive ourselves in our lives and you'll lie to yourself because it's natural for us to deceive ourselves. Because like animals, we want to deceive our predators. It's a lie.


We tell ourselves that if we lie to ourselves or lie to us, others will be safe. Think about the teenager who lies to their parents because they think, oh my gosh, if I tell the truth, I'm going to get in trouble. So they lie. And it's easier for a child to lie than to get caught and get in trouble because it, that trouble space, they don't feel safe. We also lose ourselves in our daily lives. So we lie to ourselves. It's okay that he or she or them treat me that way. It's okay. That they treat me that way. That's a lie that we tell ourselves, well, you know, they're just going through a hard time. That's a lie. They don't need to treat you a bad way. Even if they're going through a difficult time. It's okay. There's really nothing wrong with me being angry, right?


It's not nothing wrong with me taking my anger out on everyone else. That's a lie that you tell yourself now it's okay to feel that way, but you're lying to yourself and deceiving yourself if you're making it okay that you're doing these things and hurting other people now it's okay that I cheated on my spouse, my partner, they cheat on me. I cheat on them. It's okay that I did that. That's a lie. You tell yourself, you're doing that out of jealousy, out of vindictiveness, out of anger. You want to hurt them as much as they hurt you. You're lying to yourself because you're rationalizing what you do, how you see it and how you perceive it. That rationalization is actually a deception. And it's the way our ego deceives ourself. Do people rationalize, killing each other? Yes, they do all the time. Well, they did this thing to me.


So I did that to them. It's a rationalization because the ego wants to deceive ourselves. And then what we do is we deceive ourselves and then we lie to others and to receive that. And we also hold that as sacred, because if I'm lying to other people, if I am deceiving myself, then I'm safe because I'm buying into those lies. I'm buying into that deception. But what I know in my heart, that's not my truth, but my ego lies to me about it. My subconscious lies to me about it, but it's not my truth. We think it's our truth because we rationalize it. So what we also do is we buy into other people's lies and tell us that's our truth. If we buy into other people's beliefs, then we feel safer because let's say we're in a group. And the whole group believes in Jesus as our savior, we're all going to buy into it.


And if I don't buy into it, then I'm not part of the tribe. And I might be kicked out of the tribe. So I'm going to lie to myself, even though that doesn't feel quite right in my heart and my soul, I'm going to buy into it. And I'm going to say, yes, that's true. I'm going to deceive myself. So I fit in. So I feel part of the tribe. I feel part of the wholeness because when we feel separate, we don't feel safe when we feel part of a community. And we all believe the same things. We feel safer in that environment. And it's interesting how we'll do this. So what we do is we take on the beliefs of others. We take on their deceptions, their lies, or possibly their truths. We take it on to be our own. But what we really are doing in that moment is we give our power away.


And I've seen this in a lot of communities where people are trying to convince everyone else that they should believe what, that person, beliefs, you see this in all sorts of communities, even spiritual communities. Oh, you believe that, that where you have to fight all those bad and tease out in the Astral plane. Yes. I believe that too. We all need to fight that. I can't buy into that because I know my truth around that, but it's okay. Because if you need to buy into that, that's okay. But recognize that you have to understand and know yourself, but we don't know ourselves because we're always lying to ourselves or always deceiving ourselves. We give our power away to people we think know more than we do or that they are the ones that help us understand our lives and our truth and our oneness.


Right? So we buy into these lies all the time and I don't want to give my power away anymore. So how do you buy into other people's deceptions? I'm going to give you a story about that. My daughter was about 10 years old and she's actually a type one diabetic and she's been a diabetic for most of her life since she was seven. So we were in the doctor's office. She has to go to the endocrinologist to get her medication because without it she'd die. And I'm not really a doctor person. So I don't really trust doctors. And I don't really believe in their deceptions and their lies. I just don't believe in them. So we were seeing a new doctor and the doctor said, oh no, you have to give your child the flu shot. It's so important. The flu shot is so important.


Everyone has to give their child the flu shot. You should have your flu shot. Everybody should have their flu shot. And she was talking me into the flu shot. She said, oh, my husband, he's a doctor. And he did this huge article on how important it is to get the flu shot. And that that flu shot is everything in the world. And without it, you're going to crash and burn basically. And I told her that I do certain things to help the immune system. And I believe in supporting my daughter's immune system more than giving her things, two more things to fight off in her life. She doesn't need any more fighting. And this doctor was so insistent and she did it in front of my daughter, which bothered me a lot because my daughter, as we were driving home, she said to me, mom, do you think that I should get that flu shot?


And I said, I don't know, honey. I just don't know. And because I just didn't know in that moment, the woman felt convincing and she was very powerful in the way she spoke about it. And then I got home and it was really bothering me. So I really sat in my space and I went to my heart and I took some breaths and I just checked in with me and I realized, no way, am I giving my daughter a flu shot? There's no way I never gave my children a lot of shots. Even when they were young, I was very clear on how any shots that they did take, how it was given when it was given. I did it very methodically. I didn't follow the shot schedule even back in the old days before this was really prevalent. Nowadays, people talk about it all the time, but when my kids were born in the late nineties and early two thousands that wasn't a thing.


People didn't talk about not getting shots or doing the shots more methodically and paying attention to what the child's immune system is doing and everything else. They didn't talk about that back then. But I knew about that because I read some pamphlets on it. That's all I had in those days. There was no internet. So basically what I did was I was like, whoa, no way, am I giving my dog the flu shot? We've never had flu shots before. I'm not going to start now. And I had all these supplements and other things that I did for my children to help them develop a great immune system. And, honestly, to this day, both of my kids, they don't get really sick because their immune system's pretty tough. So anyway, I was like, wow, I was buying into that. Doctors lies. Those were lies because it wasn't my truth.


Maybe it was that doctor's truth. And I honor that, that, okay, that's your truth dude. Great, fantastic. But it wasn't my truth, but I almost bought into that truth because I wasn't in my power. And when I checked in my truth was hell no, am I giving my daughter the flu shot? So last thing she needed, and I know how to support her physically, mentally, and emotionally. And that's what I was there to do. I'm going to support my daughter in whatever way I can. So basically you buy into other people's lies or truth and you buy into your own lies and truths. You're constantly lying to yourself. And this means that you don't know your truth and you don't know your power. I recently had someone question my thoughts around boundaries and he was telling me, you know, you really shouldn't have boundaries.


I don't know why you need to keep these boundaries so strong and that's not good to have. And there is no such thing as people taking away your energy and you shouldn't believe in all of that. And I was like, wait a minute. And I started to question myself and I felt like I was being gaslighted. If that's the term gaslighting. I felt like I was being coerced into believing what they believed. And I said to him, I said, I feel like I'm defending myself. And I knew in that moment, like if I'm defending myself, then I'm not in my power and I'm not holding true to me. And I was starting to buy into what he was saying. And then I actually let things happen that I didn't feel comfortable with because I felt like I couldn't put up a boundary.


And again, I gave away my power. I take full responsibility. It wasn't that person's responsibility to show me my power. It wasn't that person's responsibility to make me feel like I knew my truth. That's on me. 100%. That's on me. But what I'm saying is that I bought into what he believed for a moment. And then I was like, yeah, no, I need to believe myself. What's my truth. Where's my power? And it's okay that I faltered in that moment because it really gave me an awareness of how easily that can happen. Because as an impasse, now we're going to go into the empathic thing as an empath. And we're so easily persuaded and are genetically because we pick up on everybody else's energies and feelings and thoughts that it's easier for us to believe. That's our thoughts. Those are our beliefs. Those are our feelings, but they're not.


And most likely you've been taking this on since your childhood, everyone else's thoughts and beliefs. So of course you don't know your truth because your truth isn't you, your truth is everyone. Else's beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Whew, that's powerful. And that's detrimental and that's draining, right? We are taking on all, everyone else's energy. And when we take on everyone else's energy, we miss a part of ourselves. We miss our truth, our pure essence truth, our higher consciousness truth. What are you missing when you buy into other people's lies, you're missing you in the equation. You're missing your own heart space, your own intuition, your own belief systems. So when in your life have you deceived yourself, think about that as a child, you deceived yourself that it's normal for people to abuse you. And now you're an adult and you're still deceiving yourself.


In that way. You bought into your family's belief systems around abundance or greed. Huh? There you go. You're wondering why you don't have abundance because you believe greed is disgusting, but the universe is abundant. There's so much abundance and love and creation. So what you're doing is you're deceiving yourself that you can create, you think of abundance. It's just about money. Abundance is 100% about creation. So you limit your creations all the time by believing in your family's lack or greed issues or abundance issues. So where are you deceiving yourself? Where have you bought into your own deceptions and where do you buy into other people's deceptions in lies? Because if you understand where you see other people's lies, where you deceive yourself and you're not being in your own power and truth, then you're going to see your power. Because if you are always deceiving yourself, you're deceiving yourself on a really deep level and it's subconscious and therein lies the issue.


It's so subconscious. You don't even know it's there. Now we find these places within ourselves, these deceptions, these lies because that's the ego subconscious programming. We can't be true to ourselves if we're constantly lying to ourselves. And we can't know our truth, if we're lying to ourself, can we, we can't know what our own truth is. How do I know that my truth is hell no, to vaccinations for my little children? How did I know that? Honestly, I had to reinforce my truth in that. So what are your core truths? I know my core truth is my freedom. I need to be free. I don't like a lot of boxes or like having to do certain things. If I choose to do it today, I do it. If I don't do it tomorrow, I don't. I need that freedom because for me, freedom is my truth.


That is my core truth. The other part of my own personal core truth is spirituality. That is my core. My core truth is the freedom of spirituality. That's what I love about spirituality is there's a freedom to that. And then what's another core truth of mine. Integrity. When you truly walk your walk and talk your talk, I see this often where people so easily create this verbiage and these things that they talk about and say, but they don't really embody that energy. And when they don't embody it, I see it. Unfortunately, I see it really clearly. And there's no judgment in that, but I want to walk my walk and talk my talk. So I'm going to be honest with myself. How am I honest with myself? I tell myself the truth. I don't lie to myself. So like the other day when I met this person and they were telling me about boundaries and how I shouldn't have any, I was honest with myself.


Wow. You really gave your power away. Girl, get back with the program, be in your own truth. Stand in you. I didn't have to tell this person this. I didn't have to tell them off and tell them what they did. No, I'm not interested in that because I was lying to myself. Do you understand that I was lying to me and that's more important because when you lie to yourself, you deceive yourself. That's more important to be honest with yourself, than honest to anyone else in the world. My loves, please. Don't deceive yourself, pay attention to when you're lying to yourself. And when you're deceiving yourself and please subscribe and leave a review and show us with your friends much love.