Support and Coaching

What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

A Spiritual Entrepreneur is a heart-centered person who is starting up or owns a spiritually conscious business. They are interested in service to all and their intention comes from a place of love and compassion. The Spiritual Entrepreneur may own a sole proprietor business, a partnership or a company that is growing on so many levels.

Melissa works with the conscious business owner to help them see what is missing in their business, how they can achieve substantial business growth both in the bottom line and with their brand. She does this through private and group sessions

Since Melissa is an exceptional, highly trained intuitive it is easy for her to see your blind spots and all the areas you need to focus on in order to achieve your business goals. She can assist you in releasing the success/failure patterns, reorganizing the structure of your business, find your niche and brand and help you with employee relations.

Melissa offers a free 30 minute consultation to anyone interested in her services. This way we can see if we can work together to create the life and business your soul desires!

Individual Coaching Sessions

The New Spiritual Entrepreneur

We will meet one on one and build a business plan from the ground up. We will work together to find your strengths, passion and purpose to develop the best business for you! My way of doing this is different because I can use my intuition and knowledge to your advantage. I find that many people starting a business in the spiritual, wellness and coaching field try to create something they see or hear other people doing. What really works for the heart centered Spiritual Entrepreneur is that they work from where they are and create a spiritually conscious business that resonates with their soul. We will create the steps which will build the business model and foundation that best reflects your energy and skills.

The Established Entrepreneur

We will look at all the aspects of your business and decide what areas need to be addressed first. The structure is created once we have the information in place. I find that many established Entrepreneurs have areas that lack a coherence and focus. I will intuitively connect to those areas and create a Business Plan and work with you individually to assist you in growing your business and removing the blocks that are keeping your business small.

Release of Success/Failure Pattern

If you notice your business growing and then slowing down or if you feel fear coming up when you think about an increase in your business ventures or income you may have a success/failure pattern. This pattern usually comes from the belief system of your family and culture. I have some wonderful tools that can help you overcome this pattern and open up the energy in you and your business so the flow of opportunities and income is consistent and expansive.

Brand Creation

One thing I have found is that it is best to be consistent with your brand so you keep the flow of energy in the same direction. Creating a brand is really about aligning your business with your Soul energy of “All That You Are”. Once you align your business with your True Self so many opportunities become available to you!

We will work together to connect to your most authentic brand and create a high vibrational brand that will attract the perfect clientele!

Intuitive Business Counseling

This counseling is for the individual that is unaware of what direction to go their life. They know they are unhappy working for ‘The Man’ and want out but they have no idea what direction to focus. I will use my intuition and your skills to find the right direction to focus. We come here to do so many different things and many times we are looking for a job or business that is more in alignment with our soul. I can assist you in find that job and creating a game plan to do just that.

Reorganization of Business and Brand

When we create a business we start with an idea and certification and just start being of service to the world. Once we become more established our business hits a stale spot and we do not know where to go from there. We feel that there is a stuck energy but we have trouble distinguishing what will help us through this road block.

Many times I have found that the Spiritual Entrepreneur has grown but their business is still stuck in the 80’s. (I will show you the picture of my 80’s hair) We will work together to reorganize and maybe rebrand your business to perfectly reflect you and your energy.

Niche Creation

A niche is the perfect client for you and your business. Most of our businesses are not a mainstream niche so we have to narrow down what your niche is and who your avatar is. This helps you be able to qualify your leads in a short period of time so you know whether they are worth your time or follow up.

We will find your specific target market and your target customer. This is especially important if you are going to network meetings. We will focus on your niche market, which customer is your ideal client and how you can help them. This will save you time and money marketing to the wrong people.

Manifesting Success in your Business

I find that manifesting and energy are more important to a spiritually conscious entrepreneur than anything else! If you are manifesting something that is not in alignment with you or your business you will spin your marketing wheels. We will work on tightening your manifestations to the perfect creation and manifestation for you and your business. I know that manifesting is very important for all businesses but many of us are focusing and manifesting haphazardly. I will walk you through the best manifesting techniques and assist you in manifesting the business growth you want and desire!

My soul purpose is to support the spiritually conscious businesses to be more successful and help them be of service to the greater good of the world.