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Learn how to trust your intuition

Trust in yourself and your higher guidance is the fastest way to develop and sharpen your intuition.  When you have trust you are able to let go of the fear that holds you back from listening to your intuition. If you are worried that you will get the answer wrong it will keep you in a state of non-movement and non-trust.  Learning to trust your inner voice or feeling will help you start to trust yourself which will assist you in moving forward and make changes in your life. Most of the time it is the fear of change and [...]

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Jan 1 Master Prosperity Attunement

We will start the new year off right with this online high vibrational attunement and meditation. Instead of focusing on a new years resolution we will raise your vibration so you may create a life of prosperity. This attunement will be a multidimensional connection to the universal masters and galactic beings of prosperity. During the attunement on this full moon you will experience: a clearing of old energy vibrations, thoughts, and feelings around resisting prosperity and abundance a healing and clearing of ancient codes of lack and fear an attunement to the galactic vibration of love & abundance an alignment of [...]

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