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Are You Attached to Lower Vibrations?

The ultimate power in surrender is when you allow the Universe (or Source, etc.) to create for you. Surrendering isn’t about giving up, it’s about no longer being attached to the outcome of anything or anyone. When you are attached the ego now has a vested interest in what happens. Your ego keeps the thoughts and emotions on high alert around the situation. For instance, you are upset that a project you are working on isn’t going well. You are upset with what you would call incompetent people or manager. Basically, you feel a [...]

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Are You Working Through Karmic Patterns?

Have you noticed how so many people go through life reacting to their environment? Do you find yourself reacting to the words people say, or the beliefs people have? Most of the time, you react before you even know what’s happening. All humans react from the animal part of their brain called the R-complex and from their emotional center. This reaction isn’t rational, it happens before you’re aware or your conscious mind even knows what’s happening. Even if your reaction is internalized, it’s still considered a reaction. These reactions cause many issues in society, but it especially messes with [...]

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Moving from Lower Consciousness to Higher Consciousness

This is a real time of change, but as we know, change doesn't always happen with ease and grace. Sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zone. This is where our higher consciousness comes in. It nudges us without judgement or expectations. Isn't that nice? Anything you do or not do isn't labeled as good or bad. You didn't do anything wrong according to your higher consciousness. You may assume our guidance is like a scolding parent, but it's not. I have had some amazing healings and experiences lately but not [...]

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Sending Love Without Being Wounded Spiritually

I just opened an email from someone who said something to the effect of, “If you are from the USA you are a thief, go away.” And then they sent a second email with something similar. When my children were little, I remember being afraid of letting others know what I did. I was afraid that they would attack me or be judgmental. I was living on the east coast of the US and people weren’t very tolerant when it came to people like me. For so long, I wasn’t forthright about what I did. If a fellow parent asked [...]

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Pitfalls of Mainstream Matrix: Time to be Empowered

Ascension is the spiritual awakening that brings us toward unity, consciousness and Divine Love, but it’s obvious that we are not there yet! This is because Ascension is a process, and we are moving from the old paradigm into a new one. Please don’t be discouraged when you are being pulled toward the old matrix of separation and fear. Currently, the Law of Polarity is fully present in the world, which means that you are experiencing the opposite poles of yourself and everything around you. Everything is dual in nature and even though love [...]

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Empowerment Through Surrender and Trust

Surrender is a word that a lot of people have difficulty with. They see surrender as something that means they're giving up their power or they're giving up their sovereignty. But surrender is really about you letting go of your control. Most likely there are times when you have issues with giving up your control. You may not even know that you're so busy trying to control your environment, control your feelings, control how people perceive you. These are the ways we can try to control our world. “I want everybody to think that I'm this kind of person, [...]

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