Episode 030: Ultimate Sovereign Power & Boundaries by Being Fearless

Today I’m going to share what to do when you are bombarded with energy from many places. You are a sovereign being and you are not the victim to others. When you claim your sovereign power, you will notice a difference in your relationships. I take a down to earth approach to boundaries and being in your sovereign power. This is an automated transcript. Please read with the understanding there may be some mistakes. Transcription (00:02): Hi, and welcome to Spiritual Expansion and Ascension! I'm Melissa Feick, and today we're going to be talking about sovereignty. Your [...]

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Episode 005: How to be more joyful by connecting to your Spiritual Power

Episode 005: How to be more joyful by connecting to your Spiritual Power Power is part of the human experience but what does it really mean for the spiritual seeker? In this episode, I will explain the difference between spiritual power and ego power, and how to prevent the ego power from holding you back. Empower yourself to be responsible for your experience in the world, and for your own integrity. See spiritual power as an energy of compassion, love, strength connecting to our souls. Become more authentic and real. https://melissafeick.kartra.com/page/DivineLovePg https://melissafeick.com/multidimensional-healing/ [...]

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Episode 002: Relationships

Episode 002: Do You transform or walk away from certain relationships during your spiritual awakening In this episode you will receive insight into your own energy and how that affects your relationships. As a spiritual person you will want to have a deeper insight and understanding of boundaries to have healthy relationships. I will also help you see the nature of the energy exchange you have with everyone and everything in your life. You can empower yourself by taking responsibility for your triggers and actions. To grow and expand you will want to have healthier, [...]

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