Wait, what?”  It felt like I was waking up from a dream.  “You always make a fool of yourself when you are around those people. You know you are not smart, you should just keep your mouth shut!”  I state to myself. “Wait..”, I say.  “You are right, why do I do everything wrong?”

When you have an interior dialog that is constantly chattering away, you become so immune and complacent to it you do not realize what it is saying or what is happening.  You allow it to take over your thoughts and emotions and carry you into sadness or anger.

This is what the ego is hoping for. The ego wants you to give up your power to its words.  It is controlling and manipulative.

There are two types of power, spiritual power and ego power.  Ego power is about manipulation, it has an aggressive energy.  It is usually so loud and obnoxious that it overpowers the quieter spiritual power voice.

Have you become mesmerized by to egos voice thinking that it has all the power and holds all the cards?  Think about it for a moment.  Are you giving your power away to a part of you that is not nice, has too many negative things to say?  The ego holds you hostage either in the past story or in the fear of the future.

The ego likes stories of hurt and pain, either yours or others.  It does not matter if it makes up a story or it pretends that is a real story.  The ego has the ability to make itself the center of your subconscious attention.

Spiritual power has a quieter energy but once you are quiet enough to actually hear it, you recognize the immense power that it has.  This is why people who meditate have a type of quiet power, they are less likely to pay attention to the ego voice.

The ego is the shadow side of a fox, sly and sneaky.  The negative ego will sneak into your energy, thoughts and feelings when you are not looking.  It will infiltrate your life and before you know it you will start to manifest negative situations and experiences.

The ego will start to ask “why this is happening to me, I am a positive, good person and it must be bad luck or negative energy!”  It refuses to take responsibility for its experience which takes away all your power.   The ego feeds on fear.

One of the ways to ego gains power is to squelch spiritual power so the ego can dominate and control your experiences. It wants you to believe that the world with cars and computers is real and the subtle world of spiritual love, abundance and spiritual power is a lie.

I know I am making the ego out to be the ‘bad guy’ but it is just trying to survive so you can’t be upset about that.  This is exactly why it is important to understand the difference between spiritual power and ego power!  Ego is an infant in comparison to the soul.  In other words, we have to appreciate the egos desires without buying into its wants!  It is possible to quiet its unruly voice which helps you feel more powerful. (spiritual power)

You quiet the egos voice through meditation, mindfulness practice and just being aware that the ego is an infant and not to take it too seriously!

How do you distinguish between the ego’s power and Spiritual Power?